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Menu Volume; Menu Language; Hear-through; Digital Active Noise Reduction (anr) - Honeywell QUIETPRO QP100Ex User Manual

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3.3 Menu volume

It is possible to change the volume of the voice feedback. To do this, enter the menu and go to "Advanced
System Setup" – "Menu Volume". Press [CONFIRM] and then adjust the volume using the Volume [+] and [-]

3.4 Menu language

Two alternative languages for the voice feedback are stored in the unit. To change language enter the menu
and go to "Advanced System Setup" – "Menu Language". Cycle through the language options using the
[MENU] button and press [CONFIRM] to select the language you wish to use.

4 Hear-Through

The system uses the outer microphones to pick up ambient sound. The sound is then analyzed in the unit
and reproduced on the inside of the eartip at a safe level (below 85 dBA). The volume level of the hear-
through is adjustable and weak sounds can be reinforced. During normal operation (i.e. when not operating
the menu) use a short press on the [+] button to increase and [-] button to decrease ambient sound level
step by step. Press and hold the [+] button to go to maximum and [-] button to go to minimum ambient
sound level. A long beep indicates that the maximum or minimum level is reached.

5 Digital Active Noise Reduction (ANR)

QUIETPRO uses digital ANR to improve attenuation. With the ANR activated, the inner microphone captures
the noise signal and from this the electronics generate the appropriate signal through the loudspeaker in
order to emit an inverted sound wave. The result is a reduced noise level. ANR works best in low frequency
noise environments. QUIETPRO will only activate ANR when the noise level is sufficiently high.
The ANR calibration takes place during system start-up and this process adapts the ANR algorithm to your
ear and the way the eartips are inserted. If the fit test fails during start-up, the ANR is disabled. The only way
to achieve a successful ANR calibration is to adjust the fit of the eartips and re-start the system. The user
initiated (through the menu) fit test will not enable ANR. It is possible to disable the ANR function through the
menu. Go to "Advanced System Setup" – "ANR Options" to turn the ANR function on or off.
! CAUTION ANR may generate high sound pressure levels in the ear if calibrated incorrectly. To avoid this,
always switch the unit off before inserting the eartips. If during use, the position of the eartips
changes significantly in the earcanals, the calibration may no longer be valid and the system
needs to be restarted. Refer to section 2.3 for further fitting instructions.

6 Indicator Lights

The indicator lights are there to support the user interface. They are used according to different principles
depending on their purpose:
• Green/yellow/red as in low/medium/high for noise dose (see section 10)
or high/medium/low for battery status (see section 11.1).
• Green pulsing to signal that a user action succeeded.
• Yellow pulsing to signal that an action is running, such as fit test (see sections 2.4 and 8).
• Red pulsing to signal a warning. All warnings are accompanied by an explanatory voice message.
• All three colors will flash as the unit is turned off.


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