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Maintenance And Storage; Recycling And Disposal; Service And Support; Troubleshooting Guide - Honeywell QUIETPRO QP100Ex User Manual

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14 Maintenance and storage

Ensure to mate all connectors with connector caps when not connected to a cable to prevent water and dirt
from entering the connector. Verify that there are no foreign objects, dirt or water inside cap or connector before
mating. Water and dirt inside connectors may influence performance of the equipment and cause permanent
Store the unit in a dry place. When the unit needs to be stored for a longer period of time, this should not be
done at high (above 25°C / 77°F) or low (below -20°C / -4°F) temperatures as this may reduce the performance
of the battery.
Clean the unit using a moist cloth and small brush. Do not use solvents or other chemicals as they may harm
the unit. Do not use sharp object on any parts of the unit or its accessories. Gently tap the earpieces and
control unit to dislodge dirt and foreign objects.
Leave the eartips assembled on the transducers to prevent damage to the sound tubes. If the unit has become
wet, let the unit dry before the connector caps are assembled. If the equipment is exposed to salt water, rinse
with fresh water as soon as possible. Allow headset to dry well before use.

15 Recycling and Disposal

The use of the WEEE Symbol indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste.
By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help protect the environment. For more de-
tailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local authority, your household/
industrial waste disposal service provider, or the distributor from whom you purchased the product.

16 Service and Support

If your product needs service, please contact the distributor from whom it was purchased, or one of our
service partners.

17 Troubleshooting guide

Below are solutions to some problems that could be experienced with your QUIETPRO. The problems that
may occur can vary dependent on the configuration of the unit.
My unit does not start up (no audio or indicator lights) or shuts off soon after start-up:
• Make sure that you press and hold [CONFIRM] for at least 2 seconds to turn on.
If you release the button too soon you will experience that the unit shuts off.
• Make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged.
• Make sure that the headset connector (both male and female) is free from dirt and
that it is mated properly.
• If a broken headset is connected to the control unit, the unit will not start up. Connect another
headset to the control unit and try to restart the unit.
• If a broken external microphone is connected to the control unit through the headset, the unit will
not start up. Disconnect the microphone from the headset and try to restart the unit.


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