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Operation - Miele CVA 4066 Quick Manual

Cva 406 series
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Double portion
^ When using beans, a double portion of coffee or espresso can be selected.
Tap OK a second time, while the display reads "2 portions?".
Interrupting preparation
^ Tap OK when you see "Stop" in the display.
Beverages with milk
^ Fill the stainless
steel milk con-
tainer approx. 1"
- 1 ½" (2 - 3 cm)
from the top with
cold milk.
Preparing coffee and espresso from ground coffee
^ Pull the storage
drawer out.
Setting serving sizes (espresso, coffee, hot milk and milk froth)
^ Place the desired
cup under the
main dispensers.
Select the de-
sired drink.
^ Close the lid.
Be sure it is
seated correctly.
^ Press and hold
OK until the dis-
play reads "Prog.
the amount".
^ Lift open the funnel lid, a.
^ Place one spoonful of ground coffee
into the funnel, b, and close the lid.
^ Follow the instructions in the display.
^ Tap OK again
once the cup is
filled to your de-
sire. "Save" ap-
pears in the dis-
^ Open the appli-
ance door. Hang
the milk con-
tainer inside the
^ Program Hot wa-
ter with the hot
water dispenser
and the hot water
touch control (in-
stead of the OK
touch control).



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