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Pepperl+Fuchs OHV100 Quick Start Manual

Handheld reader.
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Handheld reader


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Pepperl+Fuchs OHV100

  • Page 1 FACTORY AUTOMATION QUICK START GUIDE OHV100-F222-R2 Handheld reader...
  • Page 2 OHV100-F222-R2 With regard to the supply of products, the current issue of the following document is applicable: The General Terms of Delivery for Products and Services of the Electrical Industry, published by the Central Association of the Electrical Industry (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik und Elektroindustrie (ZVEI) e.V.) in its most recent version as well as the supplementary clause: "Expanded reservation...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    OHV100-F222-R2 Contents Purpose of this Quick Start Guide ........... 5 Product Description ..............6 Use and Application ................... 6 Indicators and Operating Controls .............. 9 Scope of Delivery ..................10 Accessories....................10 Storage and Disposal ................11 Installation ................12 Installing/Removing the Cable..............
  • Page 4: Purpose Of This Quick Start Guide

    OHV100-F222-R2 Purpose of this Quick Start Guide Purpose of this Quick Start Guide This quick start guide contains basic instructions for operating the device. However, the manual takes priority over the quick start guide.
  • Page 5: Product Description

    Do not point the handheld reader at people. Do not look directly into the optical unit on the handheld reader. The OHV100 handheld is a compact handheld reader for all common 1-D and 2-D codes. Special technology to prevent glare allows the device to accurately read codes on highly reflective surfaces.
  • Page 6 OHV100-F222-R2 Product Description Using the Vision Configurator software, rule sets can be created for formatting read results without the need for extensive programming work. This facilitates integration into ERP systems. Data is transferred via USB or RS-232, depending on which connection cable is selected. With its robust housing and IP54 protection, the handheld reader is ideally suited to heavy-duty industrial use.
  • Page 7: Indicators And Operating Controls

    OHV100-F222-R2 Product Description Indicators and Operating Controls Function indicator 10-pin connector socket Trigger button Optical unit...
  • Page 8: Scope Of Delivery

    OHV100-F222-R2 Product Description Scope of Delivery Check the packaging and contents for damage. Check if you have received every item and if the items received are the ones you ordered. Handheld reader OHV100-F222-R2 Brief instructions Accessories Designation Description V45-G-2M-PVC-ABG- Connection cable for USB connection, approx. 1.8 meters...
  • Page 9: Storage And Disposal

    OHV100-F222-R2 Product Description Designation Description OHV-BRACKET Table mounting bracket Vision Configurator Configuration software for camera-based sensors When using OHV handheld readers, you can download the software free of charge from Storage and Disposal Keep the original packaging. Always store and transport the device in the original packaging.
  • Page 10: Installation

    OHV100-F222-R2 Installation Installation Installing/Removing the Cable Installing the Cable 1. Hold the end of the cable with the RJ50 plug and insert the plug into the RJ50 socket underneath the handle. 2. Make sure that the cable audibly snaps into place.
  • Page 11 OHV100-F222-R2 Installation Removing the Cable 1. Insert a thin object such as a straightened paper clip into the hole at the bottom of the handle at the side. 2. Carefully pull the cable complete with RJ50 plug out of the handle.
  • Page 12: Establishing A Usb Connection

    OHV100-F222-R2 Installation Establishing a USB Connection Establishing a USB Connection 1. Insert the USB plug on the connection cable into a free USB port on the PC. This step can be carried out even during operation. 2. To switch on the handheld reader, hold down the trigger button for approx. two seconds.
  • Page 13 OHV100-F222-R2 Installation 5. Switch on the PC. Once you have switched on the PC, the handheld reader will switch itself on automatically. 6. When the handheld reader is successfully connected, an audible signal will be emitted and the handheld reader will vibrate.
  • Page 14: Operation

    OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Operation Reading Codes The handheld reader reads both very small 2-D codes (e.g., Data Matrix codes) and larger 1-D codes (e.g., barcodes). The handheld reader offers a field of vision comprising two areas that can be read at the same time. This covers a read range between 4 cm and 31 cm.
  • Page 15 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Reading Codes The handheld reader registers itself with other devices as an input device or keyboard. Before you read a code, start or activate the application to which the read result is to be transferred. 1. To read the code, hold the trigger button down.
  • Page 16: Keyboard Mode

    OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Keyboard Mode Activating Keyboard Mode Read the following code using the handheld reader. M10200_01 The function indicator on the handheld reader briefly lights up green. Data is transferred using a US English keyboard layout by default. If data is not transferred correctly in keyboard mode, modify the keyboard layout.
  • Page 17 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Microsoft Windows English (US) English (US International) English (GB) M10460_02 M10469_01 M10471_01 German (Germany) German (Switzerland) French (France) M10463_02 M10466_02 M10462_02...
  • Page 18 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation French (Belgium) Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Latin America) M10461_02 M10472_01 M10465_02 Russian Japanese M10418_02 M10464_02...
  • Page 19 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Apple OS X and iOS English German (Germany) German (Switzerland) M10419_02 M10421_02 M10422_02 French Spanish Italian M10420_02 M10424_02 M10423_02...
  • Page 20: Activating A Suffix

    OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Activating a Suffix In order to add a suffix to a read result, read the respective code with the handheld reader. Suffixes Code Description Suffix comma Adds a comma to the end of the read result. M10131_01 Suffix space Adds a space to the end of the read result.
  • Page 21 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Code Description Suffix enter (USB Adds an input character to the end of the read result. connection) Use this code when the handheld reader is connected to the PC via the USB interface. M10134_01 Suffix ENTER (RS-232 Adds an input character to the end of the read result.
  • Page 22: Operation Using A Bracket

    OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Code Description Suffix TAB (RS-232 Adds a tab character to the end of the read result. connection) Use this code when the handheld reader is connected to the PC via the RS-232 interface. M10323_01 Suffix erase/none Removes all suffixes.
  • Page 23 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation If using the OHV-BRACKET, the handheld reader is set ex works in such a way that motion detection is automatically activated when the handheld reader is inserted into the bracket, and automatically deactivated when the handheld reader is removed from the bracket. However, you are able to change this setting.
  • Page 24 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Motion detection on when in bracket Activates automatic activation of motion Motion detection off when out of bracket detection when the handheld reader is inserted into the OHV-BRACKET. M10403_02 Motion detection on Activates motion detection regardless of whether the handheld reader is in the OHV-BRACKET fixture or not.
  • Page 25 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation Optimize motion detection Optimizes motion detection for bright for bright environments environments. M10014_03 Optimize motion detection Optimizes motion detection for dark for dark environments environments. M10015_03...
  • Page 26 OHV100-F222-R2 Operation No motion detection delay Sets the start delay for motion detection to 0 ms. M10016_03 500 ms motion detection delay Sets the start delay for motion detection to 500 ms. M10017_03...
  • Page 27 Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 · USA Tel. +1 330 4253555 E-Mail: Asia Pacific Headquarters Pepperl+Fuchs Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. 199003130E Singapur 139942 Tel. +65 67799091 E-Mail: 254420 TDOCT-2954DENG Subject to modifications • Copyright Pepperl+Fuchs • Printed in Germany 11/2015...

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