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Led Indicators - FIBARO Home Center 2 Manual

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To start using FIBARO System Home Center 2, please connect the device to power and LAN sockets, as shown below.
1. Unscrew left side panel
HC2 back
2. Take side panel off
3. Connect wires as shown
on figure below
WARNING! Do not turn Home Center 2
on without RECOVERY pendrive.
4. Connect Home Center 2
Connect power cable to the mains, and network cable
to LAN socket in your router (Home Center 2 requires an
outside router).

LED Indicators

POWER - power ON
LAN - HC2 connected to Ethernet
INTERNET - HC2 connected to Internet
Z-WAVE - communication within Z-Wave network
RECOVERY - Recovery Mode active
HC2 front
5. Start Home Center 2
Start Home Center 2 with a POWER button and wait approx.
2 minutes for the device to start. Correct connection will be
signalled by diodes 1, 2, 3 (see the glossary below).
6. Log in to Home Center 2
Go to, then download and install
FIBARO Finder designated for your operating system. Run
the FIBARO Finder and click „Refresh". List of Home Center
2 available within your local network will appear.
Select Home Center 2 by recognizing it by its serial number
(the number is on the plate on the bottom of the casing) and
click „Connect". After successful connection login page will
appear in the browser.
Choose your language, then log in with default credentials:
Login: admin
Password: admin
Select Configuration from the main menu. Scroll down to the
bottom and click Start upgrade. When a new software is
installed, log back in.
7. Download mobile app
LEARN MODE [blinking slowly] - new device being
added to the Z-Wave network
LEARN MODE [blinking] - device being deleted from
the Z-Wave network
LEARN MODE [blinking quickly] - device has been
UPDATE - New software version available for
SERVICE - Software update in progress

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