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System Utilities; Phoenix Bios Setup Utility - Acer Aspire X1301 Service Manual

Acer laptop user manual
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System Utilities

Phoenix BIOS Setup Utility

BIOS setup is a hardware configuration program built into the system's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).
Since most systems are already properly configured and optimized, there is no need to run this utility. You will
need to run this utility under the following conditions.
When changing the system configuration settings
When redefining the communication ports to prevent any conflicts
When modifying the power management configuration
When changing the password or making other changes to the security setup
When a configuration error is detected by the system and you are prompted ("Run Setup"
message) to make changes to the BIOS setup
NOTE: If you repeatedly receive Run Setup messages, the battery may be bad. In this case, the system
cannot retain configuration values in CMOS. Ask a qualified technician for assistance.
BIOS setup loads the configuration values in a battery-backed nonvolatile memory called CMOS RAM. This
memory area is not part of the system RAM which allows configuration data to be retained when power is
turned off.
Before you run the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility, make sure that you have saved all open files. The system
reboots immediately after you close the Setup.
NOTE: PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility will be simply referred to as "Setup" or "Setup utility" in this guide.
The screenshots used in this guide display default system values. These values may not be the same
those found in your system.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2

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