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Troubleshooting - Sony STR-ZA3100ES Operating Instructions Manual

Multi channel av receiver.
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The following troubleshooting page covers frequently asked
Visit the Help Guide for detailed examples.
You can search by a keyword using the online troubleshooting guide.
If you still cannot find a solution, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
The top of the receiver is hot.
Phenomenon is specific to this amplifier. This is not a malfunction.
If "Control for HDMI" or "Network Standby" is set to "On," or
"Standby Through" is set to "On" or "Auto," the power for zone 2
is turned on, the top of the receiver may become hot even while
the receiver is in standby mode. This condition occurs because
current is flowing in the internal circuits of the receiver, and this is
There is no picture or an unclear picture appears on the TV screen
or monitor, regardless of type of picture.
Select the appropriate input on the receiver (pages 10, 11).
Set your TV to the appropriate input mode.
Make sure that cables are correctly and securely connected to
Depending on the playback equipment, equipment may need to
be set up. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the
Set "HDMI Signal Format" of the selected HDMI IN jack except HDMI
IN 6 (GAME) jack (for STR-ZA3100ES/STR-ZA2100ES only) to
"Standard format" in the "HDMI Setup" menu.
Specific type of image is not output or corrupted.
HDMI output
The output of the HDMI video signals of the receiver may be set
to "OFF." In this case, select "HDMI OUT A" or "HDMI OUT B"
using the HDMI OUT button on the receiver (page 10) or HDMI
OUTPUT button on the remote control (page 11).
Sony recommends that you use an HDMI authorized cable or
HDMI cable made by Sony. Be sure to use High Speed HDMI™
cables with Ethernet. Premium High Speed HDMI™ cable with
Ethernet is required for 4K/60p 4:4:4 8 bit and 4K/60p 4:2:0 10
bit, etc.
4K image
Depending on the TV or video equipment, 4K images may not
be displayed. Check the video capability and setting of your TV
or video device. Also, make sure to connect to the receiver to an
HDMI input jack of a TV or video equipment supporting 4K. You
have to connect an HDMI cable to an HDMI jack that supports
HDCP 2.2 when you use a playback device for 4K resolution
video content, etc.
There is no sound, no matter which equipment is selected, or only
a very low-level sound is heard.
Check that the speakers and equipment are connected correctly.
Check that both the receiver and all equipment are turned on.
Check that MASTER VOLUME control is not set at –∞ dB. Try to set
it at about –40 dB.
Check that SPEAKERS is not set to "OFF" (page 10).
Try pressing the input button on the remote control to select the
equipment of your choice.
HDMI input
Depending on the playback equipment, equipment may need to
be set up. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the


Table of Contents

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