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Share Pictures In Smartphone App - Silvercrest SWK 360 A1 User Manual


Table of Contents
3. You will find a download address in this text document. Open the url and download the
4. Open the camera's Wi-Fi. Search its account on computer and click link.
5. Open application "XDV360.exe",it will show connecting.
6. Once connection is successful,the application window will show the main
interface.The operation is same as smartphone APP.
 Video Transcoding
For saving and sharing the videos, users need to transcode the previous videos.
1. Find and open the video files in the folder path.
2. Choose the mode you need, then click icon"
" for saving.
3. If users want to share the video with VR drag effect to Youtube or Facebook, you
should choose the last VR transcode mode "
" and save it. The saved filename is

Share Pictures In Smartphone APP

For IOS user:
1. Connect your phone to the internet via Wi-Fi.
2. Open APP "XDV360" and click "
", then enter the offline mode.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents