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Points For Attention - Silvercrest SWK 360 A1 User Manual

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Points For Attention

1. The waterproof depth of this camera is 2 meters within 10 minutes.
2. The camera should be stored in cool environment indoors. It can not be stored in high
temperature higher than 45
C and the time can not be longer than 2 hours.
3. For using under the water, please check if the battery cover and jack/card slot cover
are tight.
A. For battery installation.
1) Install the battery as per picture a. Please make sure the direction is right.
2) Press the battery gently to install it in place.
3) Check if the battery is installed in place.The battery place should be lower than around
waterproof frame of the battery box.(picture b)
4) Check if the waterproof slicone is damaged and if there is any attachments. Clean it
carefully before using under water each time. Then close the battery cover.(picture c)
5) Install the battery cover and press gently in place.
6) Check if the lock is in place, make sure the center of the lock is on the same straight
line with the two pits of battery door as shown in picture d.



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