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Wi-Fi Connecting - Silvercrest SWK 360 A1 User Manual


Table of Contents
the folder named "Photo".Movie Clips are stored in the folder named "Video".
3.Copy the files to the chosen directory in the computer.

Wi-Fi Connecting

Download and install APP in Pad or smartphone, you can operate camera remotely.The
functions include shooting, setting the camera and preview photos or videos, it will be
more convenient to control.
Step 1: Download the APP "XDV360".
Search and download APP named "XDV360" from "Apple App Store "or "Google Play
".Then install it on your Pad or smartphone.
Step 2: Open camera's Wi-Fi.
Press Wi-Fi button,the screen will appear icon
.Waiting for at least 5 seconds,Wi-Fi
information will show on the screen. Wi-Fi account:X360_XXXX,password:12345678.At
this time ,the Wi-Fi indicator light will turn red and flicker.
Step 3: Connect camera's Wi-Fi
Open Wi-Fi search on smartphone or Pad.Search camera's Wi-Fi account.Input the
initial password "12345678".Then click to link.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents