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Windows Pc Application - Silvercrest SWK 360 A1 User Manual


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Step 4: After connection is successful, the Wi-Fi indicator light will keep red.Open APP
"XDV360" on the smartphone or Pad.You can take photos,record videos, playback files
and set the camera parameters on phone.
Step 5: Press Wi-Fi button will exit Wi-Fi.

Windows PC Application

For this camera, once you insert memory card and turn on the camera, there will be a
text document written on the TF card automatically.
1. Connect camera to a computer through the supplied USB cable, then turn on the
camera. The screen will display"USB Mode","PC Camera","Charging Mode". Press
Up/Down button to choose"USB Mode",then press OK button to enter USB mode.
2. Open [My Computer] or [Windows Explorer]. A"Removable Disk" appears in the drive
list. Double-click the "Removable Disk" icon to view its contents as below. Double click
the "WindowsManual".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents