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Haier D1000 User Manual

Haier D1000 User Manual

Cdma 1x dual-band cdma 800/ 1900 mhz
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Users' Guide
Thanks for purchasing Haier mobile phones, which are a combination of the
essence of high technology, stylish designs and a plenty of functions. They
are expected to bring endless funs to your life.
Before the use of Haier mobile phones, please read this users' guide and keep
it carefully for further reference. This guide serves as an operation guide
instead of a quality warranty. Qingdao Haier Telecom Co.,Ltd reserves all
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 They are expected to bring endless funs to your life. Before the use of Haier mobile phones, please read this users' guide and keep it carefully for further reference. This guide serves as an operation guide instead of a quality warranty.
  • Page 2 CONTENTS Important notes FCC SAR 1. Parts of the Phone 1.1 Screen lcons 1.2 Install battery and UIM card 1.3 Charge battery 1.4 Switch on/off 1.5 Dial a number 1.6 End a call 1.7 Redial a number 1.8 Make an international calls 1.9 During a phone call 2.
  • Page 3 2.1.2. 2 New Search 2.1.3 Multicopy 2.1.4 Groups 2.1.5 Erase All 2.1.6 Speed Dial 2.1.7 Memory state 2.1.8 My number 2.2 Messages 2.2.1 Write Message 2.2.2 Inbox 2.2.3 Outbox 2.2.4 Draft 2.2.5 Templates 2.2.6 Erase Msgs 2.2.7 Voice Mail 2.2.8 Settings...
  • Page 4 2.2.9 Multimedia Box 2.3 Call Logs 2.3.1 Missed 2.3.2 Received Call 2.3.3 Dialled Call 2.3.4 Erase Lists 2.3.5 Call Timers 2.4 Tools 2.4.1 Schedule 2.4.2 Alarm Clock 2.4.3 Calculator 2.4.4 Tip Calculator 2.4.5 Stop Watch 2.5 Settings 2.5.1 Ringers 2.5.2 Profiles 2.5.3 Display...
  • Page 5 2.5.4 Security 2.5.5 Call Setup 2.5.6 Phone Info 2.5.7 Key guard 2.5.8 Network Service 2.6 Amusement 2.6.1 Kong Ming 2.7 TATA Zone 3. Input method . Maintenances and repairs . Trouble shooting...
  • Page 6: Important Notes

    Important notes Please follow the following rules before you use the phone. Otherwise, it may result in dangers or make you violate laws. Follow traffic regulations Do not use the mobile phone without hand-free settings while driving. Please stop your car before you want to use your phone.
  • Page 7 FCC SAR This chapter addresses the safety guidelines and precautions to follow when operating your phone. Please make sure to be aware of all the details about the safety to operate your phone in the way that you are supposed to. Before operating your phone, please be aware of all the safety details.
  • Page 8 Read This Information Before Using Your Handheld Portable Cellular Telephone EXPOSURE TO RADIO FREQUENCY SIGNALS Your wireless handheld portable telephone is a low power radio transmitter and receiver. When it is ON, it receives and also sends out radio frequency (RF) signals. In August 1996, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) adopted RF exposure guidelines with safety levels for handheld wireless phones.
  • Page 9 ANTENNA CARE Use only the supplied or an approved replacement antenna. Unauthorized antennas, modifications, or attachments could damage the phone and may violate FCC regulations. 1* : American National Standards Institute. 2* : National Council on Radiation protection and measurements. 3* : International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection.
  • Page 10 If you must use the phone while driving, please use one-touch, speed dialing, and auto answer modes. An airbag inflates with great force. DO NOT place objects, including both installed or portable wireless equipment, in the area over the airbag or in the air bag deployment area. If in-vehicle wireless equipment is improperly installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could result.
  • Page 11 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from RF energy. However, certain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your wireless phone. PACEMAKERS The Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends that a minimum separation of six (6" ) inches be maintained between a handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference...
  • Page 12 POSTED FACILITIES Turn your phone OFF where posted notices so require. OTHER SAFETY GUIDELINES AIRCRAFT FCC and Transport Canada Regulations prohibit using your phone while in the air. Turn your phone OFF before boarding an aircraft. BLASTING AREAS To avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your phone OFF when in a "blasting area" or in areas posted: "Turn off two-way radio".
  • Page 13 PRECAUTIONS Your Handheld Portable Telephone is a high quality piece of equipment. Before operating, read all instructions and cautionary markings on (1) AC Adaptor (2) Battery and (3) Product Using Battery. DO NOT use this equipment in an extreme environment where high temperature or high humidity exists.
  • Page 14 WARNING! Read this Information before using CAUTIONS In August 1996 the Federal Communications Commossion (FCC) of the United States with its action in Report and Order FCC 96-326 adopted an updated safety standard for human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC regulated transmitters. Those guidelines are consistent with the safety standard previously set by both U.S.
  • Page 15 THIS MODEL PHONE MEETS THE GOVERNMENT 'S REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Communications Commission of the U.S.
  • Page 16 W/Kg;and when worn on the body with the back of the unit to the user is 0.716W/Kg.(Body worn measurements differ among phone models,depending upon available accessories and FCC requirements.While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions,they all meet the govement requirement for safe exposure.
  • Page 17: Parts Of The Phone

    1. Parts of the Phone The illustration below shows the main components of your phone. (in the text boxes in the picture below, type in names of the major components) Receiver Up/down key LCD screen Soft key Soft key Send WXYZ PQRS # key...
  • Page 18 (type in descriptions of the phone's components in the table below) Description Up/down key Use up/down to navigate in menus Send key Use this key to dial, or answer a call End key Use this key to end a call, or turn power on/off Soft key (left) Use this key to select or confirm something Soft key (right)
  • Page 19 Icon Description Indicate the strength of rssi Indicate the alarm is set Indicate the level of battery Indicate call forward enabled Indicate the phone is in a call Indicate new message's arrival Indicate new urgent message Indicate voice mail Indicate phone is in roaming Indicate all kinds of phone mode No ring Ring...
  • Page 20: Install Battery And Uim Card

    1.2 Install battery and UIM card Install the battery aim the protruding part at the bottom of the battery at the bottom of phone. push the top part of the battery to the phone and press down the lock until it is locked. Take out the battery Switch off the phone, push up the lock at the bottom of the battery to uplift the top of the battery and separate with the main machine.
  • Page 21: Charge Battery

    Take out UIM card take out the battery after switch off your phone. uncover the sheet metal and take out the UIM card. install the battery 1.3 Charge battery Connect the charger with power supply. Insert the plug of the charger into charging connector of the bottom of the phone. The rolling of the electric quantity bar indicates that the phone begins to charge.
  • Page 22: Switch On/Off

    3. Do not pull out the plug of the charger during the charging to avoid harming of the phone and charger. 1.4 Switch on/off Pressing and holding can switch on/off the phone. If you have set PIN code, please enter PIN when switch on your phone. Input PIN code You can set protection code (PIN CODE) in order to prevent random using of your phone by others.
  • Page 23: Dial A Number

    If you make a wrong input, you can press to reenter numbers. Three continuous wrong inputs of PIN code will lock the UIM card. If this circumstance appears, please contact the UIM card suppliers. Note: Do not touch the wire in unnecessary conditions after the phone is turned on. Otherwise, it will affect the call quality and make the phone consume so more energy.
  • Page 24: Make An International Calls

    1 if characters are shown on the screen presses to return to the idle mode. 2 press to display the latest call list. 3 press up/down keys of navigation key to view the telephone numbers and display the needed names and numbers. 4 press to dial the displayed numbers.
  • Page 25: Operation Of Menu

    2 Operation of menu 2.1 Names Names is a list of your contacts. Each name can contain three phone numbers, address, email, URL, and note. 2.1.1 Using the Keypad to Enter Information you can use keypad to enter something. There is a cursor, which looks like | , at the right side of current character.
  • Page 26 numberic keys to input numbers. To enter uppercase or lowercase letters # several times until abc is displayed at the top-right corner of the screen, then you can input lowercased letters. # several times until ABC is displayed at the top-right corner of the screen, then you can input uppercased letters.
  • Page 27 3.Press the left soft key to confirm. To change the language Settings in main menu Display Language the language you want. 5.if you set your phone to another language which you cannot read, you can press 5,3,3 after entering the main menu, then select the correct language.
  • Page 28: Editing Names

    2.1.2 Editing Names list Names in main menu List New 1.At the main menu, select Names . 2.Select new . 3.input the contact name, press Save 4.choose [mobile], press change save after editing Search Names in main menu Search 3.enter the full name you want to search, press Find...
  • Page 29: Multicopy

    2.1.3 Multicopy With the copy function, allows you copy items in the mobile phone entries in UIM card memory to phone memory and vice versa. All Copy: you can copy all of the UIM card memory entries to phone memory and vice versa. Choice Copy: You can select one or more of the recorded list to copy it.
  • Page 30: Speed Dial

    2.1.6 Speed Dial Names in Main Menu Speed Dial one short number (the index is the short number) , press Options soft key Set Entry in Option menu one contact one phone number, save it to speed list Default Speed Number: 1# 1500 - Voice Mail;...
  • Page 31: Messages

    2.2 Messages This chapter introduces the usage of Short Message and Ring Tone. Using Short Message You can use Short Message function to send and receive message,There is an inbox and an outbox in you phone, each messages can contain a maximum of 150 characters, you can send the message now or later, etc.
  • Page 32: Inbox

    2. Insert templates You can insert templates when composing an SMS message. 3. Send to many To send this message to multi-user. Press Option to select number interface. Press Select Send\Select One\Select All\Cancel All to send this message. 4. Insert Number Press Select to choice a phone number from contacts.
  • Page 33: Outbox

    messages to view. While you view the message press to enter the following options: Reply: you can reply the selected message. If you wand to reply the message, press key to entry the Edit Interface. Press key to send the message after finished it. Forward: to forward the selected and edited message.
  • Page 34: Draft

    the desired option press to view the details of the messages and press to open a message and to enter the following options as the 2.2: Forward, save address, copy to phone box and erase. 2.2.4 Draft Store the messages which you save. 2.2.5 Templates Allows you to set the no more the 20 quick texts, 11 texts can not be edited and Chinese or English displays, the other 9 texts can be edited and only either Chinese or English display.
  • Page 35: Erase Msgs

    2.2.6 Erase Msgs Inbox Erase the entire messages in the inbox folder 2. Outbox You can delete the entire messages in the outbox folder. 3. Erase all To delete messages in the mobile phone and SIM card folder 2.2.7 Voice Mail The network determines whither this function is affective or not.
  • Page 36 the send message or un-send message at the memory space is not be full state. 2. Auto Delete Allows you select On or Off option. If you select 'On' option, you can delete the send message or un-send message at the memory space is be full state. 3.
  • Page 37: Multimedia Box

    6. Priority With the function allow you to select general or emergency. 7. Voice Mailbox Select menu Voice Mailbox # Enter Voice mailbox number, then press Save key. 8. Broadcast 1.Select menu Broadcast Service 2.Select On/Off to enable/disable broadcast message service. 9.
  • Page 38: Call Logs

    2.3 Call Logs 2.3.1 Missed With the function, you can view the current missed calls (no more than 30 messages). You can save and view this saved number and also to send the message and dialing to the selected number. Please refer to the submenu of the recent calls.
  • Page 39: Erase Lists

    The recent calls submenu Details: You can save the number to the phone or view the details of the phone number. Send message: you can send a message to the phone number. Call: call this number. Erase: erase the selected text. Erase All: erase all the text.
  • Page 40 Display the time used by the last call. 3. Outgoing Display total time used by all outgoing calls since the timer was reset. 4. Reset Timer This function clears all call history and resets the history timers 5. Total Airtime...
  • Page 41: Tools

    2.4 Tools Phone tools menu includes schedule, alarm clock, calculator,tip calculator. 2.4.1 Schedule You can use schedule to associate an alert with an event. The Time entry in 12 hour format only. To add a schedule Tools from main menu Schedule add new 4.edit the date, then press OK to save.
  • Page 42: Alarm Clock

    2.4.2 Alarm Clock To set the alarm time Tools in main menu Alarm Clock the option 4. select set in Option 5.set alarm time, then press Done To turn on/off the alarm Tools in main menu Alarm Clock the option Enble or Disable in Option...
  • Page 43: Tip Calculator

    5.Enter another number. 6.Select the option item. 7.Select = operator to get the result. 2.4.4 Tip Calculator To calculate a tip Tools in main menu 2.Select Tip Calculator , and enter bill amount. 3.Select the 'Next'. Rate 5.Press left soft key, and get the result. Option soft key.
  • Page 44: Settings

    2.5 Settings To personalize your phone, you can select ring tones, volumes, alerts, display, call setup, password, phone information, network service. 2.5.1 Ringers Can select different ring tones, can set ring tones for calls with or without caller id, restricted calls.
  • Page 45 the Ringer volume 1.Select Volume menu item. 2.Select Ringer menu item. 3.Select one level from High , High Med , Med , Med Low Low . then select to save. the Key Beep 1.Select Volume menu item. 2.Select Key Beep menu item.
  • Page 46 Setting alert for Service Change When the alert for Service Change is enabled, it means that every time your phone loses service, or changes from its carrier to a different carrier, an alert will be sound. 1.Select Alerts menu item. 2.Select Service Change menu item.
  • Page 47 When an alert for Call End is enabled, when a call is ended (either by the caller, or ithe call is dropped), an alert will sound. 1.Select Alerts menu item. 2.Select Call End menu item. 3.Select to enable Dropped Call alert. Fail on Outgoing When the alert for Fail on Outgoing...
  • Page 48: Display

    2.5.3 Display Customizing your display by creating a banner, adjusting the backlight, selecting the language for display text, etc. Creating a display banner 1.Select Display menu item. 2.Select Banner menu item. 3.Editing the banner 4.Select to save banner. Setting backlight Setting the timer for the backlight.
  • Page 49: Call Setup

    Login Security 1.Select Security menu item. 2.Enter the password, and the default password is 0000 . Changing lock code 1.Select Change code menu item. 2.Input new password. 3.Confirm password Reset to default 1.Select Reset to Default menu item. 2.Select soft key to reset to default. Call Restriction Call restriction provide methods for the user to restrict the operations of originating outgoing calls, accepting incoming calls or viewing phone book.
  • Page 50: Phone Info

    2 Voice privacy The function allows you set the voice privacy mode in enhanced. 3. Auto Redial 1.Select Call Setup menu item. 2.Select Auto Redial menu item. 3.Select an option, and then save or back. 4.Answer Call 1.Select Call Setup menu item.
  • Page 51: Network Service

    2.5.8 Network Service 1.Divert Call 1.Select Network Service menu item. 2.Select Divert Call menu item. 3.Select a option then press select soft key. 2.Call Waiting 1.Select Network Service menu item. 2.Select Call Waiting menu item. 3.Select Disable Enable...
  • Page 52: Amusement

    2.6 Amusement 2.6.1 Kong Ming If you have saved the former game record, you can choose start game or resume game, or select game to start it again. 1. Start Game 2. Resume Game 3. Select Games 4. Instructions Using up (2), down (4), left (4), right (6), those four keys to move the red square to select the chess.
  • Page 53: Tata Zone

    2.7 TATA Zone This function is a kind of network value added service of CDMA. Press enter key to come into the sub-menu of this function under the alert condition. Only your R-UIM card supports this kind of function, you can use it. Different UIM cards are vary in menu name and content.
  • Page 54: Input Method

    3.Input method This mobile phone used the eZi input method. When using your mobile phone there will be many times that you will need to input text e.g.sending messages ,entering names into the Phonebook , editing the greetings message ,editing Browser settings ,etc. There are 5 input methods: 1.Number(123):To provide input number.
  • Page 55: Maintenances And Repairs

    4. Maintenances and repairs Your mobile is in fine designing and elaborate manufacture. Please use your phone carefully and maintain it. The following suggestions can help you extend the useful life of your phone: Put your phone and the fittings in the place where children cannot reach. Keep your phone dry.
  • Page 56 Please contact professional maintenance personnel to repair your phone if your phone and its fittings are in trouble. Use the batteries and fittings manufactured by Haier Company. The use of other fittings may cause dangerous accidents and make all guarantees null and void.
  • Page 57 automatically. You can charger a battery both in on/off mode. Table mode charger: Connect the power source with one side of the original traveling charger. Inserting it into span of table mode charger that it connects with the plug of mobile phone, the green light of the indicator light is on;...
  • Page 58: Trouble Shooting

    5. Trouble shooting If there are troubles when using your phone, please refer to the following table. If there are still questions, please dial Haier service telephone to solve. Abnormal Trouble reasons Means of settlement circumstance 1.Using mobile phone in bad signal area,...

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