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INOKIM LIGHT 2 Super User Manual page 34

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A word from the designer
Congratulations on your new INOKIM Light.
When I started the design of the MYWAY and INOKIM brand, I envisioned a
world where the car would be a secondary vehicle and such lightweight PEVs
will be elevated to become a primary vehicle for daily commuters.
After six years of design and development and four years of sales of MYWAY
Quick, we released the INOKIM LIGHT
faster and easier folding / unfolding great riding experience together with an
outstanding design appearance.
We created LIGHT
We are excited to reveal the INOKIM LIGHT, the most lightweight vehicle in
the INOKIM range and the best riding experience you will ever have. We have
created the LIGHT
Enjoy, ride carefully and return safely back home.
Riccardo Nimrod Sapir
to be an integrated part of your life.
so you, the rider, can seamlessly integrate it into your daily
which offered an even lighter vehicle,

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