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Care And Maintenance - Pride Hurricane PMV Owner's Manual

Pride mobility hurrican pmv owner's manual.
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X I . C A R E A N D M A I N T E N A N C E
Your PMV requires a minimal amount of care and maintenance. If you do not feel confident in your ability to
perform the maintenance listed below, you may schedule inspection and maintenance at your authorized Pride
Provider. The following areas require periodic inspection and/or care and maintenance.
If equipped with pneumatic tyres, always maintain a proper 30-35 psi tire pressure.
WARNING! It is important that 30-35 psi tire pressure be maintained in pneumatic tyres at
all times. Do not underinflate or overinflate your tyres. Low pressure may result in loss of
control, and overinflated tyres may burst. Failure to maintain 30-35 psi tire pressure in
pneumatic tyres at all times may result in tire and/or wheel failure.
Regularly inspect your PMV's tyres for signs of wear.
If your PMV is equipped with pneumatic tires and you have a flat tire, you can have the tube replaced. If your
PMV is equipped with a solid tire insert, either the solid insert or the entire wheel must be replaced depending on
model. Contact your authorized Pride Provider for information regarding replacement wheels for your PMV.
WARNING! Wheels on your PMV should only be serviced/replaced by an authorised Pride
Provider or qualified technician.
WARNING! Completely deflate pneumatic tires before dismantling the rim or attempting
WARNING! When changing a tire, remove only the center lug nut, then remove the tire. If
any further disassembly is required, deflate the tire completely or it may explode.
Bumpers, tyres, trim, and the tiller boot can benefit from an occasional application of a rubber or vinyl conditioner.
WARNING! Do not use a rubber or vinyl conditioner on the PMV's vinyl seat or tire tread, as
they will become dangerously slippery.
Use a damp cloth and mild, non-abrasive cleanser to clean the plastic and metal parts of your PMV. Avoid
using products that may scratch the surface of your PMV.
If necessary, clean your product with an approved disinfectant. Make sure the disinfectant is safe for use on
your product before application.
WARNING! Follow all safety instructions for the proper use of the disinfectant and/or cleaning
agent before applying it to your product. Failure to comply may result in skin irritation or
premature deterioration of upholstery and/or PMV finishes.
Make certain that the terminal connections remain tight and uncorroded.
The batteries must sit flat in the battery wells.
The battery terminals should face the rear of the PMV.


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