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Pride Hurricane PMV User Manual

Hurricane pmv.
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Exeter, PA
St. Catharines, ON


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   Summary of Contents for Pride Hurricane PMV

  • Page 1 Exeter, PA St. Catharines, ON 1-800-800-8586
  • Page 2 PMV. Your Hurricane: Body Color _______________________________ Serial # Purchase Date _____________________________ Options Your authorized Pride Mobility Products Corporation provider: Name___________________________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________________ Phone___________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    VI. BATTERIES AND CHARGING .................... 16 VII. OPERATION ..........................20 VIII. COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS....................22 IX. DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY ..................24 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES ....................27 XI. BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING ..................... 28 XII. CARE AND MAINTENANCE ....................29 XIII. WARRANTY..........................31 HURRICANE PMV Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 4 If you do not feel capable of safely following any of the instructions and recommendations pertaining to your Hurricane PMV, please contact your authorized Pride provider. Copyright © 2000 Pride Mobility Products Corp.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Exeter, PA 18643-2694 If you experience any problems with your Hurricane PMV that you are not able to solve, or if you do not feel confident in your ability to perform any of the instructions contained in this manual, please contact your local Pride provider.
  • Page 6: Safety

    Safety must always come first. If you are uncertain about a situation, avoid it. Feel free to use your Hurricane PMV on lawns or in park areas, but avoid tall grass. Packed gravel, such as in driveways or on roads will not present a problem, but avoid loosely packed gravel or sand.
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    The controlled tests show that, when you approach an incline, it is best to lean forward. See figures 2 and 3. This shifts the center of gravity of you and your Hurricane PMV toward the front of the PMV for improved stability.
  • Page 8 ! Do not carry passengers on your Hurricane PMV under any circumstances. ! Never drive your Hurricane PMV across the side of a hill or diagonally up or down a hill; do not stop, if possible, while driving up or down an incline.
  • Page 9: Emi/rfi

    ! Whether or not the Hurricane PMV is in motion. An affected Hurricane PMV’s movement can be erratic. It may move by itself or come to a sudden stop. Further- more, it is possible for EMI/RFI to unexpectedly release the brakes on a Hurricane PMV. Some intense sources of EMI/RFI can even damage the control system.
  • Page 10 ! Be aware of nearby transmitters, such as radio or TV stations and hand-held or mobile two-way radios, and try not to come close to them. For example, if you are in a Hurricane PMV with an immunity level of 20 V/m, you should remain at least three feet from a hand-held two-way radio and ten feet from a mobile two-way radio.
  • Page 11: Specifications

    Batteries: (two batteries are required per scooter): 12 volt, 40 AH 32.5 lbs. each. 12 volt, 32 AH 25.0 lbs. each. Lock pin and lever system 6 in. Ground Clearance Optional Accessories Cup holder, rear basket, rear bumper, dust cover, flag Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 12 S P E C I F I C A T I O N S 25 " - 28 " 8 " - 12 " 80˚ 1 " 17" - 21" " 6 " FIGURE 5. HURRICANE DIMENSIONS " " 18 " 43" 24"- 28 " Turning Radius 25 " Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 13: Description

    Throttle Control Lever This lever allows you to control the forward speed and the reverse speed of your Hurricane PMV up to the maximum speed you preset with the speed adjustment dial. Place your right hand on the right handgrip and your left hand on the left handgrip.
  • Page 14 The image of the hare represents the fastest speed setting. See figure 6. Key Switch To turn the Hurricane PMV on, fully insert the key. To turn the Hurricane PMV off, pull the key out. See figure 6. 4 mph - 8 mph Switch This switch limits the Hurricane PMV’s top speed to either 4 or 8 mph.
  • Page 15: Onboard Battery Charger

    “rest.” Push in the reset button to reset the breaker. If the breaker trips frequently, you may need to charge your batteries more often. You may also need to have your Hurricane PMV dealer perform a load test on your Hurricane PMV’s batteries.
  • Page 16: V I . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G

    Hurricane PMV’s batteries for 8 to 14 hours after daily use. ! If you use your Hurricane PMV once a week or less, charge its batteries at least once a week for 12 to 14 hours at a time.
  • Page 17 What type and size of battery should I use? We recommend deep-cycle batteries that are sealed and maintenance free. Both Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) and Gel Cell are deep-cycle batteries that offer similar performance in your Hurricane PMV. Do not use wet-cell batteries, which have removable caps.
  • Page 18 It may take a few days for the temperature of your Hurricane PMV’s batteries to stabilize and adjust to their new room or ambient temperature. More importantly, it takes a few charging cycles (a partial drain followed by a full recharge) to establish the critical chemical balance that is essential to a deep-cycle battery’s peak performance and...
  • Page 19 V I . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G For prolonged storage, you may wish to place several boards under the frame of your Hurricane PMV to raise the PMV off of the ground.
  • Page 20: Operation

    ! Gently release the throttle lever to decelerate and come to a complete stop. The electric brake automatically engages when your Hurricane PMVcomes to a stop. ! To move in reverse, use your thumb to gently push the left throttle lever to disengage your Hurricane PMV’s brakes and move rearward.
  • Page 21 4. Carefully get out of the seat and stand to the side of your Hurricane PMV. 5. You may, if you wish, leave the seat facing to the side to facilitate boarding your Hurricane PMV the next time you are going to operate it.
  • Page 22: Comfort Adjustments

    Release the seat height adjustment lever when the seat reaches the desired height. SLIDING SEAT The Hurricane PMV is equipped with a sliding seat that is SEAT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT LEVER operated like an automobile seat. You can reposition the SEAT ROTATION LEVER seat forward or rearward.
  • Page 23: Armrest Width

    You can also fold the armrests up or down to make getting on and off FIGURE 11. HIGH-BACK SEAT HEADREST the Hurricane PMV easier. See figure 12. ARMREST HEIGHT LOOSEN KNOBS TO ADJUST ARMREST WIDTH You will need the following tools to adjust the height of the armrests: 5/32in.
  • Page 24: Disassembly And Assembly

    PMV. You can disassemble the Hurricane PMV into six pieces: the seat, the front frame, the rear frame, the rear shroud, and the batteries. You can also remove the utility tray if necessary. Place the PMV in an area where you have sufficient clearance to move the parts around.
  • Page 25 I X . D I S A S S E M B L Y A N D A S S E M B L Y BALL DETENT PIN 9. Unplug both battery harnesses and lift both batter- ies off of the Hurricane PMV. See figures 17 and CAUTION! Failure to unplug both battery harnesses and the control...
  • Page 26 6. Push the frame lock levers back to their locked (downward) position. 7. Plug the large, white, 9-pin, plastic harness from the front section of the Hurricane PMV into the mating plug extending from the electronic controller module on the utility tray. See figure 15. The two orange dots present on both plugs should be adjacent to each other and enable quick plug mating.
  • Page 27: Optional Accessories

    O P T I O N A L A C C E S S O R I E S For information concerning these accessories, see your authorized Pride provider or call Pride Mobility Products Corporation at 1-800-800-8586 CUP HOLDER DUST COVER...
  • Page 28: Basic Troubleshooting

    2. Have your dealer perform a load test of both batteries. 3. Have the two motor brushes cleaned and replaced if necessary. If you experience any problems with your Hurricane PMV that you are not able to solve, immediately contact your provider for proper information, maintenance, and service.
  • Page 29: Care And Maintenance

    M A I N T E N A N C E Your Hurricane PMV was designed to require a minimal amount of care and maintenance. If you have any doubts about its care or operation, you may schedule inspection and maintenance at your authorized PMV provider.
  • Page 30 ! Be sure to keep these areas free from moisture. In the event that these components are exposed to moisture, let them dry thoroughly before attempting to operate your PMV again. STORAGE ! This is an electronically-controlled motorized vehicle. Do not store the Hurricane PMV where it may be exposed to inclement weather. Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 31: Warranty

    # Battery fluid spillage or leakage # Abuse, misuse, accident, or negligence # Improper operation, maintenance, or storage # Commercial use or use other than normal ! Labor, service calls, shipping, and other charges incurred for repair of the product. Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 32 The warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Please fill out the warranty card and mail it to Pride. Doing so aids Pride in providing you with the best possible technical and customer service. Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 33 N O T E S Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 34 N O T E S Hurricane PMV...
  • Page 35 182 Susquehanna Ave. Exeter, PA 18643 1-800-800-8586 *INFMANU3282* INFMANU3282/RevA/April2000...

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