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Emi/rfi - Pride Hurricane PMV Owner's Manual

Pride mobility hurrican pmv owner's manual.
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WARNING! Laboratory tests have shown that electromagnetic and radio frequency waves
can have an adverse affect on the performance of electrically-powered mobility vehicles.
Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference can come from sources such as cellular phones, mobile two-
way radios (such as walkie-talkies), radio stations, TV stations, amateur radio (HAM) transmitters, wireless
computer links, microwave signals, paging transmitters and medium-range mobile transceivers used by emergency
vehicles. In some cases, these waves can cause unintended movement or damage to the control system. Every
electrically-powered mobility vehicle has an immunity (or resistance) to EMI. The higher the immunity level, the
greater the protection against EMI. This product has been tested and has passed at an immunity level of 20 V/M.
WARNING! Be aware that cell phones, two-way radios, laptops, and other types of radio
transmitters may cause unintended movement of your electrically-powered mobility vehicle
due to EMI. Exercise caution when using any of these items while operating your mobility
vehicle and avoid coming into close proximity of radio and TV stations.
WARNING! The addition of accessories or components to the electrically-powered mobility
vehicle can increase the susceptibility of the vehicle to EMI. Do not modify your PMV in
any way not authorized by Pride.
WARNING! The electrically-powered mobility vehicle itself can disturb the performance
of other electrical devices located nearby, such as alarm systems.
NOTE: For further information on EMI/RFI, go to the Resource Center on If
unintended motion or brake release occurs, turn the PMV off as soon as it is safe to do so. Call Pride at
800-424-8205 to report the incident.
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E M I / R F I


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