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Hardware Troubleshooting - Yale Real Living YRL210 Installation And Programming Instructions

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Hardware Troubleshooting

Cycle lock in both the locked and unlocked positions. If problems are found:
Door is binding
a. Check that door and frame are properly aligned and door is free swinging.
b. Check hinges: They should not be loose or have excessive wear on knuckles.
Latch will not deadlock
a. Check for sufficient clearance of the latch within the strike-side jamb. Correct this by
increasing the depth of the pocket for the latch.
b. Check for misalignment of latch and/or strike which may be preventing latch from
properly entering the strike. With the door open, extend and retract the latch; if it is
smooth, check the strike alignment.
Latch does not extend or retract smoothly
a. Latch and strike are misaligned, see above.
b. Check the backset of door relative to adjustments already made to latch
c. Verify proper door preparation and re-bore holes that are too small or misaligned.
d. Verify keypad wire harness is routed under the latch (see Fig. A).
e. Verify latch is installed with correct side up (Fig. A).
Changing Lock: Replacing Cylinder
To Remove cylinder:
See installation Step 6 "Installing Exterior Lever" and reverse appropriate
actions to remove the exterior lever handle and cylinder.
To install new cylinder:
A. Follow appropriate actions of installation Step 6 "Installing Exterior Lever"
to replace the cylinder and exterior lever handle.
B. Test operation of new cylinder and key by following "Testing Operation".
Interior of Door
Rev D
Figure A

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