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Electrical Connections; Start-Up; Use; Turning The Appliance On/Off - Bosch Tronic 1000T ES 30 User And Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank tronic 1000t series; tronic 2000t
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If the pressure at the cold water inlet is
superior to that of 80% of the maximum
pressure of the appliance at, ie: 6,4 bar:
▶ Install a reducing valve (Fig. 10).
The safety valve will trigger every time
the water pressure in the appliance
exceeds 8 bar ( 0,5 bar). A facility for
draining the expelled water must be

Electrical connections

By electrical discharge!
▶ Before working on the electrical
components, firstly cut the power,
(fuse, circuit breaker or other).
All adjusting devices, verification and safety mechanisms were
submitted to a rigorous test in factory and are ready to work.
Electrical protection!
▶ The appliance should dispose of an
independent connection to the DB
board (electric board), protected by a
30 mA differential circuit breaker and
The electrical connection must be realized in
accordance with the current country laws
regarding electrical installations.
▶ Connect the appliance via a socket with earth connection.


▶ Verify that the appliance has been correctly installed and
▶ Open the water inlet valves.
▶ Open all the hot water taps in order to ensure all the air is
out of the connections.
▶ Control the tightness of all the connections and ensure that
the appliance fills to its full capacity.
▶ Connect the appliance to the electric current.
▶ Inform the customer of any user information of the
appliance and handling.
Tronic 1000T / 2000T


Fig. 11
User interface
[1] Functioning indicator
[2] Temperature selector (models with temperature
CAUTION: The first start-up of the appliance
must be carried out by an authorized
technician, which will provide the user with
all the necessary information to the best
working and handling of the device.

Turning the appliance on/off

Turn on
▶ Plug the appliance to a socket with earth connection.
Turn off
▶ Unplug the appliance.

Setting the DHW temperature

Once the water has reached the selected
temperature level, the appliance stops
heating up (the indicator switches off).
When the water temperature is below the
desired value, the appliance re-starts the
heating cycle (the indicator switches back
on) until it reaches the desired temperature

6.2.1 Models without temperature selector

The water outlet temperature is factory preset to the value
indicated in tables 6, 7 and 8.

6.2.2 Models with temperature selector

The water outlet temperature can be regulated until 65 °C.
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