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Partial, scrolling
or incorrectly
displayed image
(For notebooks)
The screen of the
computer is not
displaying your
Image is unstable
or flickering
Image has vertical
flickering bar
Image is out of
Image is stretched
when displaying a
DVD title
For an incorrectly displayed image:
Follow the steps for item 2 (above) to adjust
the resolution of your computer.
Press the toggle output settings. Example:
[Fn]+[F4], Compaq [Fn]+[F4], Dell [Fn]+[F8],
Gateway [Fn]+[F4], IBM [Fn]+[F7], HP [Fn]+[F4],
NEC [Fn]+[F3], Toshiba [Fn]+[F5]
If you experience difficulty changing resolutions or
your monitor freezes, restart all equipment
including the projector.
If you are using a Microsoft
notebook: Some notebook PCs may deactivate their
own screens when a second display device is in use.
Each has a different way to be reactivated. Refer to
your computer's manual for detailed information.
If you are using an Apple
notebook: In System Preferences, open Display and
select Video Mirroring "On".
Adjust the "Tracking" to correct it. Refer to the
"Image" section for more information.
Change the display color depth settings on your
Use "Frequency" to make an adjustment. Refer to
the "Image" section for more information.
Check and reconfigure the display mode of your
graphics card to make it compatible with the
Make sure the lens cap is removed.
Adjusts the focus ring on the projector lens.
Make sure the projection screen is within the
required distance of 3.3 to 29.7 feet (1.0 to 9.1
meters) (XGA series) / 3.3 to 25.2 feet (1.0 to 7.7
meters) (WXGA series) / 3.3 to 24.6 feet (1.0 to 7.5
meters) (1080p series) / 3.3 to 24.0 feet (1.0 to 7.3
meters) (WUXGA series) from the projector. Refer to
the "How to get a preferred image size by adjusting
distance and zoom" section for more information.
When you play a DVD encoded in anamorphic or 16:9
aspect ratio you may need to adjust the following
If you play a 4:3 format DVD title, please change the
format to 4:3 in the projector OSD.
If the image is still stretched, you will also need to
adjust the aspect ratio. Set up the display format to
16:9 (wide) aspect ratio on your DVD player.
If you play an Letterbox (LBX) format DVD title,
please change the format to Letterbox (LBX) in the
projector OSD.
OS based

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents