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GreenWorks 2600202CT Owner's Manual

20"13a snow thrower.
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20"13A Snow Thrower
Owner's Manual
Read all safety rules and instructions carefully before operating this tool.


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  • Page 1 20"13A Snow Thrower 2600202CT Owner’s Manual TOLL-FREE HELPLINE: 1-888-90WORKS (888.909.6757) Read all safety rules and instructions carefully before operating this tool.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Contents ..........................2 Product specifications ......................2 Safety information ........................ 3 Symbols ..........................6 Electrical ..........................8 Know your snow thrower ....................10 Assembly ..........................11 Operation ........................... 16 Maintenance ........................21 Troubleshooting ......................... 24 Warranty ..........................25 Exploded view / Parts list ....................26 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 20"13A SNOW THROWER Motor ....................
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION I M P O R T A N T Read the operating and service instruction manual carefully. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the equipment. • Walk. Do not run. • Verify that the power tool is not in contact with anything before turning it on. •...
  • Page 4 SAFETY INFORMATION iii) Repair any damage before restarting and operating the power tool. • Store Idle Power Tool Indoors – When not in use, power tools should be stored indoors in dry, locked-up place out of reach of children. • Maintain Power Tools With Care –...
  • Page 5 SAFETY INFORMATION W A R N I N G ( P R O P O S I T I O N 6 5 ) Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling and other construction activities contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Page 6: Symbols

    SYMBOLS Some of the following symbols may be used on this product. Please study them and learn their meaning. Proper interpretation of these symbols will allow you to operate the product better and safer. SYMBOL DESIGNATION/EXPLANATION Voltage Current Frequency (cycles per second) Time Double-insulated construction Alternating current...
  • Page 7 SYMBOLS The following signal words and meanings are intended to explain the levels of risk associated with this product. SYMBOL SIGNAL MEANING DANGER Indicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. WARNING Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 8: Electrical

    ELECTRICAL DOUBLE INSULATION Double insulation is a concept in safety in electric power tools, which eliminates the need for the usual three wire grounded power cord. All exposed metal parts are isolated from the internal metal motor components with protecting insulation. Double insulated tools do not need to be grounded.
  • Page 9 ELECTRICAL W A R N I N G Keep the extension cord clear of the working area. Position the cord so that it will not get caught on lumber, tools, or other obstructions while you are working with a power tool. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury.
  • Page 10: Know Your Snow Thrower

    KNOW YOUR SNOW THROWER Read this operator's manual and safety rules before operating your snow thrower. Compare the illustration in Figure 2 to your snow thrower in order to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Handle bar Bail Lever Safety switch...
  • Page 11: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS UNPACKING • Carefully remove the product and any accessories from the box. Make sure that all items listed in the packing list are included. • Inspect the product carefully to make sure no breakage or damage occurred during shipping. •...
  • Page 12: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS W A R N I N G Do not allow familiarity with this product to make you careless. Remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict serious injury. W A R N I N G Do not use any attachments or accessories not recommended by the manufacturer of this product.
  • Page 13 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS ASSEMBLING THE DISCHARGE CHUTE (See Figure 4) • Push the chute deflector (1) until the latching tabs (2) on either side click into the slots (3) and the posts (4) on either side click into the keyed holes (5). Fig.
  • Page 14 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLING THE CHUTE CONTROL ROD (See Figures 5-8) • Position the discharge chute (1) so that it faces forward. NOTE: Align the arrow (2) on the discharge chute with the arrow on the housing.(Fig. 5) • Align the holes (3) on the upper chute control rod (4) with the holes on the lower chute control rod (5).
  • Page 15 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS • Ensure that the handle (9) of the chute control rod points upward, and insert the rod into the keyed hole (10) in the back of the housing. (Fig. 7) • Firmly push the rod into the keyed hole in the back of the housing until it snaps into place. •...
  • Page 16: Operation

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STARTING THE SNOW THROWER W A R N I N G Avoid accidental start-ups. Verify that the operator is in the starting position when using the snow thrower. In order to avoid serious injury, the operator and unit must be in a stable position when starting the snow thrower.
  • Page 17: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS USING THE CORD RETAINER (See Figure 10) This snow thrower is equipped with a cord retainer (1) in order to prevent the extension cord from disconnecting from the power cord while the snow thrower is in use. The cord retainer hangs from the cord guide bar.
  • Page 18 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ADJUSTING THE DISCHARGE CHUTE AND CHUTE DEFLECTOR (See Figure 11) W A R N I N G If there is a gap between the discharge chute and the chute deflector, snow and anything else that can be picked up by snow thrower may fly in the direction of the operator. Thrown objects could cause serious personal injury.
  • Page 19 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS UTILIZING THE LED LIGHTS (See Figure 12) • To utilize the LED lights (1) for night time snow removal, activate the LED light switch (2). NOTE: After you have finished using your snow thrower, remember to turn off the light switch. Fig.
  • Page 20 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING TIPS W A R N I N G If the snow thrower hits a foreign object while it is in use, the object could be thrown in the direction of the operator or a bystander. Thrown objects could cause serious personal injury. Keep the area to be cleared free of all foreign objects that may be picked up and thrown by the impeller.
  • Page 21: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE SERVICING Servicing should be performed by a qualified technician. Replacement parts for this snow thrower must be identical to the parts that they replace. If repairs are necessary, contact the Toll-Free Helpline, at 1-888-909-6757. Note: Identify the left and right sides of the snow thrower when standing in the normal operating position. W A R N I N G If the extension cord is plugged into the Snow Thrower, the snow thrower could start accident ally while the operator is performing maintenance on it, which could cause serious personal...
  • Page 22 MAINTENANCE REPLACING THE IMPELLER (See Figures 1-9) 3. Remove the 5 screws and 1. Remove the 5 screws and 2. Remove the nut. side wear pad that secure the side wear pad that secure the right side cover. left side cover. 6.
  • Page 23 MAINTENANCE STORAGE • Run the snow thrower for a few minutes in order to melt any snow that may be left on the snow thrower. • Wipe the snow thrower off with a dry cloth before storage. This will help prevent ice building up on the unit and parts freezing.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Make sure the bolts are correctly installed The handle is not in The bolts are not properly through the handle bars. Check to see if the position. seated. hand knobs are tight. Refer to Assembling the Handle section in this manual.
  • Page 25: Warranty

    (4) years against defects in materials, parts or workmanship. GREENWORKS™, at its own discretion will repair or replace any and all parts found to be defective, through normal use, free of charge to the customer. This warranty is valid only for...
  • Page 26: Exploded View / Parts List

    EXPLODED VIEW / PARTS LIST ITEM NO. PART NO. DESCRIPTION 332041205-2 Left side cover 32205877 Screw 329151205 Belt 32203100 Screw M5x15 3290250 Washer 311011206 Front cover assembly 341021205-4 Rear cover 361011210T Motor 332101210 Motor clamp 3410801 Wire clamp 3290135 Split pin 311031206 7"...
  • Page 27 EXPLODED VIEW / PARTS LIST ITEM NO. PART NO. DESCRIPTION 333021205BD Middle handle 34120227 Cord retainer 32215301A Screw 341131205-4 Bracket for the chute control rod 32219121 333011483AB Lower chute control rod 311041206 Handle bar assembly 3320643 Hitch pin 333021483 Upper chute control rod 311051206 Handle for chute control rod 31102467-2...
  • Page 28 EXPLODED VIEW / PARTS LIST ITEM NO. PART NO. DESCRIPTION 311011206 Front cover assembly 332061205 Link block 341171205 Impeller 339011205 Right driving block 34109100-12 Drive wheel 32217100 Washer 311111205 Left side plate 332111205 Bushing 339021205 Left driving block 332011206 Motor support 6-10 341011205BK Front cover...
  • Page 29 EXPLODED VIEW / PARTS LIST 28-5 28-15 28-16 28-14 28-6 28-7 28-17 28-18 28-13 28-1 28-2 28-8 28-9 28-10 28-19 28-11 28-12 28-3 28-4 28-5 ITEM NO. PART NO. DESCRIPTION 311041206 Handle bar assembly 28-1 34136486-2 Safety switch button 28-2 33401229A Spring 28-3...
  • Page 30 Greenworks Tools PO Box 1238 Mooresville, NC 28115 TOLL-FREE HELPLINE: 1-888-90WORKS (888.909.6757) Rev: 02 (06-09-17) Printed in China on 100% recycle material...

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