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Faq - Haier U10 User Manual

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If any problems are encountered while using the cell phone, please solve them
with reference to following items. If the problems still exit, please contact
dealers or service provider immediately.
"Enter PIN code" appears on the screen:
Enter valid PIN code of your SIM card. Please contact network service operator
immediately if you do not know the code.
"Enter PUK code" appears on the screen:
Your SIM card will be locked if you enter wrong PIN code for three times. To
unlock your SIM card, you have to enter PUK code. Please contact network
service operator immediately.
"Insert SIM card" appears on the screen:
Make sure SIM card is correctly installed. Check if SIM card works properly. It
may have defects or faults. If so, hand it over to network service operator.
"Not in service area. Network failure." is displayed.
Check signal intensity indicator. If there is no signal, you may be in the basement
or network blind area in a building. Please move to other locations to receive
signal. Another situation is that you are not covered by network. You can ask
your network service operator to provide network coverage.
Poor sound quality, echo or noise makes communication difficult:
Hang-up your phone and dial again. Network service operator may connect you
to a line with better communication quality.
Standby time declines:
Signal at your location is weak so that the cell phone has to search signal for a
long time. When you don't want to answer any call, please power off for a time
being. It is also possible that the battery has been used for a long time and
approaches its life-span. In this case, please replace the battery.
Cell phone fails to boot:
Check battery volume or charge the battery. Try to power on while charging. If
your cell phone is put off for a long time, the battery is likely to discharge
excessively. You cannot power on it in this case, and the phone will give no