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Panasonic KX-TDE100 Configuration Manual

Onsip ( junction networks) sip trunks pbx platform: kx-tde series; kx-ncp series.
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OnSIP ( Junction Networks) SIP Trunks
Configuration Guide
PBX Platform: KX-TDE/NCP


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    OnSIP ( Junction Networks) SIP Trunks Configuration Guide PBX Platform: KX-TDE/NCP 3/21/2013 Rev1...

  • Page 2

    It does not describe the purpose and use of all configuration options on the virtual SIP Gateway card. For those details, see the KX- NCP500/1000 and KX-TDE100/200/600 Programming Manual for Virtual SIP CO Line Card and the KX-TDE100/200/600 and KX-NCP500/1000 Manuals available from Panasonic reseller...

  • Page 3

    Architecture Overview The following diagram illustrates simple VOIP networks connecting the TDE/NCP PBX: The Case of OnSIP Setup: OnSIP will provide its services over the Public Internet Default GW MPR IP Address VOIP IP Address 3/21/2013 Rev1...

  • Page 4

    Basic V-SIPGW16 Settings for OnSIP Trunks 1-Install the PBX Maintenance console into your PC The maintenance console should be available to certified dealers; Dealers can get the latest version of the UPCMC from (UPCMC version or higher) 2- Connect to the PBX Start the UPCMC Click Connect and choose the method of connection using either LAN , RS- 232, or Modem to Connect to your PBX for interactive configuration...

  • Page 5

    Go to 1-Configuration, 1-Slot, move your mouse over the MPR card and select the card property Make sure that the default gateway should be the end router LAN IP address Make sure that you have a valid DSP-VOIP LAN address 3/21/2013 Rev1...

  • Page 6

    3- Installing V-SIP W16 card Go to 1-Configuration, 1-Slot, move your mouse towards the IPCMPR virtual shelf and click on select shelf Highlight the V-SIPGW16 card from the cards list in the left side Drag the VSIPGW16 card into the trunk portion of the virtual shelf by using the PC mouse lift button 3/21/2013 Rev1...

  • Page 7

    Release the Mouse lift button and click Yes on the dialogue box Take the V-SIPGW16 card OUS in order to be able to enter the following settings 4-Configuring the VSIP-GW16 card a- Shelf Property settings: Move the computer mouse over the VSIPGW16 card and choose Shelf property 3/21/2013 Rev1...

  • Page 8

    OnSIP SIP Trunks do NOT require additional settings of the shelf property, The Default settings of the shelf property should be kept for OnSIP SIP trunk Click Apply and then OK to exit the shelf property settings screen. b- Card Property settings: Move the computer mouse over the VSIPGW16 card and choose Card property Click on Common settings DNS Server IP address method is Manual...

  • Page 9

    These addresses are just sample. Please use your ISP provided information Click Apply and then OK Click Cancel on the card property- Virtual SIP gateway screen to exit this screen c- Port Property settings: Move the computer mouse over the VSIPGW16 card and choose port property OnSIP [username]

  • Page 10

    2- Provider name= OnSIP 3- SIP Server Name= “ ” 4- SIP server port number =5060 5- SIP service Domain = “[username]” example : where panasonic is Username provided by OnSip 6- Subscriber number = 1234567890 (OnSIP Account DID/BTN) Account tab:...

  • Page 11

    Voice/Fax Tab: Changes from Default settings: 1- 1 Codec Priority = G.711u 2- 2 Codec Priority = G.729a 3- 3 Codec Prioirty = G.711a RTP/RTCP Tab: Same as default T.38, T.38 Option Same as default Same as default Supplementry services: Changes from Default settings: 1- CNIP (Receive) = Yes ( All Channels, Basic and Additional)

  • Page 12

    Essential PBX Configuration: Please locate your DID information in the OnSIP Welcome letter/account Portal To Assign the DID numbers destinations, Go to 10-3.CO & Incoming Call DID table onsip SIP trunks Activation keys: 1- The DSP card installed onto the PBX MPR Card has preinstalled number of SIP trunks activation keys (DSP4 and DSP16 have 4 IP trunks and DSP64 has 16 IP trunks) 2- To obtain additional activation keys, you need to purchase the appropriate...

  • Page 13

    Fax or Modem communication require additional POTS or PSTN lines to be connected to the Panasonic PBX in order to provide service reliability . Most of OnSIP VOIP services are provided over Best Effort internet which can adversely affects Fax /Modem Transactions that are time sensitive and depend on accurate Tone detection for successful operation.

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