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AKG C1000S User Instructions page 6

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Attenuation selector switch
Selector switch 1 on the left-hand side of the microphone enables you to
increase the mic level by 10 dB to enable distortion-free recording of very loud
sound sources and in close proximity to sound sources. This attenuation
prevents the microphone output level from exceeding critical control limits,
particularly at low frequencies, in miniature transformers that are used in
mixing desk inputs, for example.
Bass-cut selector switch
Rumble or wind noises, etc., may cause distortion at the lowest frequencies,
but these can be reduced by simply using the switchable bass-cut. The bass-
cut also counteracts the proximity effect that can occur when the microphone
is only a short distance (less than 15 cm) from the sound source.
Status LED
This LED indicates the current battery status:
 LED flashes momentarily when switching ON and then extinguishes: Battery
is OK.
 LED lit constantly: Battery life of about 60 minutes remaining.
When you use the microphone with phantom power, the Status LED will not be
On/Off Switch
The microphone provides an on/off switch with no audible click. In the Off
position, the batteries are not used.
Switch the microphone off when it is not in use, thus prolonging the battery life.

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