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Adjusting The Projector Screen; Adjusting The Projector Volume; Changing The Osd Settings - Lenovo Mini Projector Quick Start Manual

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Adjusting the projector screen

To get the best image quality, adjust the projector screen by doing the following:
1. Adjust the size of the projector screen by changing the distance between the screen
and the projector.
2. Focus the image by rotating the focus ring.
3. Keystone correction is performed automatically by default. If it does not work, do the
a. Go to the Settings tab on the OSD menu, and then change the keystone setting.
See "Changing the OSD settings".
b. Do one of the following:
• If you have changed the keystone setting to be automatic, keystone correction
will be performed automatically.
• If you have changed the keystone setting to be manual, press the up or down
arrow button to perform keystone correction manually.

Adjusting the projector volume

To adjust the projector volume, press the left or right arrow button.

Changing the OSD settings

To cater to your preferences or needs, change the OSD settings by doing the following:
1. Press the menu button to display the OSD menu.
2. Press the four arrow buttons to select and adjust the settings on the Display or
Settings tab. Then, press the OK button to apply the changes.
3. Press the back button to exit the OSD menu.



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