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Instructions Before Using Your Projector; Accessing Other Manuals - Lenovo Mini Projector Quick Start Manual

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Instructions before using your projector

Your Lenovo
mini projector is designed for projecting images and playing audio or
video files. Do not use your Lenovo mini projector for home lighting.
For more important information regarding this projector, refer to the Safety, Warranty,
Environment, Recycling Information Guide and Important Product Information Guide. To
access the two guides, refer to "Accessing other manuals".

Accessing other manuals

• The Safety, Warranty, Environment, Recycling Information Guide comes with this
• The ideacentre 610S Quick Start Guide comes with this manual.
• For the computer models preinstalled with the Windows
Important Product Information Guide has been preloaded onto your computer. To
access this manual, do the following:
1. Open the Start menu and then click or tap Lenovo Companion.
2. Click or tap Support → User Guide.
• For the computer models that have not been preinstalled with the Windows 10
operating system, download the Important Product Information Guide. See
"Downloading manuals".
Downloading manuals
All latest electronic manuals are available on the Lenovo Support Web site. To ensure
that you have up-to-date information on your computer, download the latest electronic
manuals from the following Web site:
10 operating system, the



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