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Troubleshooting - AEG KME561000M User Manual

Microwave combi-oven
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Danger of electrocution!
Disconnect the fuse before
you replace the lamp.
The lamp and the lamp glass
cover can be hot.
Always hold the halogen
lamp with a cloth to prevent
grease residue from burning
on the lamp.


Refer to Safety chapters.
12.1 What to do if...
You cannot activate or oper-
ate the oven.
The oven does not heat up.
The oven does not heat up.
The oven does not heat up.
The oven does not heat up.
The oven does not heat up.
The oven does not heat up.
The lamp does not operate.
It takes too long to cook the
dishes or they cook too
1. Deactivate the appliance.
2. Remove the fuses from the fuse box
or deactivate the circuit breaker.
The top lamp
1. Turn the lamp glass cover
counterclockwise to remove it.
2. Clean the glass cover.
3. Replace the lamp with a suitable 300
°C heat-resistant lamp.
4. Install the glass cover.
Possible cause
The oven is not connected
to an electrical supply or it is
connected incorrectly.
The oven is deactivated.
The clock is not set.
The necessary settings are
not set.
The automatic switch-off is
The Child Lock is on.
The fuse is blown.
The lamp is defective.
The temperature is too low
or too high.
Check if the oven is correctly
connected to the electrical
supply (refer to the connec-
tion diagram if available).
Activate the oven.
Set the clock.
Make sure that the settings
are correct.
Refer to "Automatic switch-
Refer to "Using the Child
Make sure that the fuse is
the cause of the malfunction.
If the fuse is blown again
and again, contact a quali-
fied electrician.
Replace the lamp.
Adjust the temperature if
necessary. Follow the advice
in the user manual.

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