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GE HWDCD3988(3)P/TSD User Manual

2.4ghz digital cordless telephone with dual mode call id
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2.4GHz Digital Cordless Telephone
with Dual Mode Call ID
User manual
Thomson Telecom
46, Quai Alphonse le Gallo,
92648 Boulogne Cedex, France
is a trademark of General Electric company used under license to Thomson Inc.
Indianapolis, IN 46290
Model: HWDCD3988(3)P/TSD
(Rev. 0
Printed in China


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for GE HWDCD3988(3)P/TSD

  • Page 1 Dual Mode Call ID User manual Thomson Telecom 46, Quai Alphonse le Gallo, 92648 Boulogne Cedex, France is a trademark of General Electric company used under license to Thomson Inc. Indianapolis, IN 46290 Model: HWDCD3988(3)P/TSD (Rev. 0 06-21 Printed in China...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS..............2 BATTERY SAFETY PRECAUTIONS................3 Installation.......................... 3 1. Inserting the batteries..................... 4 2. Connecting the Base Station and Power Plug ............4 3. Connecting the charging station ................5 Handset and Base Layouts .................. 5 LCD Display ......................6 Getting Started .....................
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

  • Page 4: Battery Safety Precautions

    13. Avoid using a telephone (other than a cordless type) during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electrical shock from lightning. Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak. IMPORTANT: Because cordless phones operate on electricity, you should have one phone in your home that isn’t cordless, in case the power in your home goes out.
  • Page 5: Inserting The Batteries

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you completed the Handset battery installation first, before you plug in the Base Adaptor. 1. Inserting the batteries Open the battery compartment by sliding the cover down. Insert two AAA batteries in the compartment, ensuring correct polarity. The handset does not work if the wrong batteries are inserted.
  • Page 6: Connecting The Charging Station

    3. Connecting the charging station Insert the power plug in the socket on the rear side of the charging station. Insert the power plug at the other end in the power outlet. The charging station is now ready to operate. The base station and charging station have no power switch.
  • Page 7: Lcd Display

    MENU / ▼ Menu / down key CID key / Up key / ▲ INT / OK INT / OK key Cancel / Mute key Speaker key Redial / Pause key External call key. Flash /Memory key Asterisk / lock key Hash key Page key In-use LED:...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Mute icon Key lock icon Aerial icon ▲ Up arrow ▼ Down arrow 3 Getting Started Install and Charge the Battery Pack Open the battery cover by gently pressing down on the top of the cover while sliding it down. Plug the battery pack into the battery compartment and close the compartment.
  • Page 9: Pre-Dialing

    If call timer has been set to ON, then after 8 seconds of no further key press, the call timer counter will display. It starts counting from ‘00: 01’ when off hook. To terminate the call, press [ ]. The last call time will remain for 2 seconds.
  • Page 10: Receiving External Call

    shown on the display, indicating the ‘Change to DTMF’ command is sent out. Adding the digit ‘d’ is also possible in pre-dial buffer. Receiving external Call When receiving an external call, all handsets will ring. The “EXT’ icon and the handset LED will flash. Base In-use LED will flash according to the ring cadence.
  • Page 11: Three Party Conference

    Three party conference When an external call and an internal call are both established at the same time and one of them is on hold, the initiating handset can start a three-party conference by pressing and holding [#] for 2 seconds. When an external call has been established between external caller and one handset, user can press [ ] on...
  • Page 12: Battery Charging

    Battery charging When a handset is initially started up (reloading the batteries or charging up from empty batteries), the battery will be fast charged for 3 hours. During a normal usage scenario, when a handset is used and is put on cradle, the battery will be fast charged for at about 15 minutes.
  • Page 13: Summary Of All Menu Functions

    Summary of all menu functions All the selectable items are listed as follows: (Note: at any time, only one item can be shown on the display) 1 - C A L L L O G 0 1 - J A C K 1 - D E L E T E 2 - S A V E 3 - D E L E T E...
  • Page 14: Edit An Entry In The Phone Book

    User may enter a name of up to 10 characters. During name entering, user may press [C/ ] to clear the last input character. Press [INT/OK] to confirm the name entered. If no character is entered but press [INT/OK] to confirm, a warning tone will prompt.
  • Page 15: Changing The Name For The Handset

    If level 0 is selected, the ‘No Ring’ icon will be shown. Press [INT/OK] to confirm the selection. To change the melody, choose either ‘EXT Ring’ or ‘INT Ring’ for external or internal incoming call. 10 normal ring tone melodies can be selected. User may change the ring melody by pressing [MENU/ ] or [...
  • Page 16: Change Dtmf/Pulse Dialing

    Change DTMF/Pulse Dialing The DTMF or pulse dialing mode can be selected by choosing ‘Dial Mode’ from the base setting menu. After selecting, the current dial mode is shown; Press [ ] or [MENU/ ] to select DTMF or pulse dial mode.
  • Page 17: Caller Id Operation

    prompted to change the display language. A total of 3 languages can be selected. Press [MENU/ ] or [ ] to select the desired language. Press [INT/OK] to confirm or press [C/ ] to abort. 6 Caller ID operation Incoming call indication If the network provider sends out CLIP information, some information will be shown Sometimes, the service provider does not send out the...
  • Page 18: Message Waiting Management

    is left, the earliest MISSED call information will be displaced. Except for the number that can be stored, some ‘Absent reason’ will also be stored in the call log. Message waiting management Two kinds of message waiting are considered: VWMI ON and VWMI OFF.
  • Page 19: Dial Back On Call Log

    ‘CALL LOG’ to enter the call log first. During viewing any type of call log, press [ ] and the viewed number will be dialed out. During viewing ‘missed’ or ‘received’ caller ID, press [INT/OK] to operate it. Three kinds of operations are provided: ‘Delete’, ‘Save’...
  • Page 20: Caller Id Incomplete

    Caller ID incomplete The unit displays this message if it detects anything other data message than valid Caller ID information during the silent period after the first ring. This message indicates the presence of noise on the line. Telephone Solutions No dial tone Check installation: -- Is the base power cord connected to a working...
  • Page 21: Memory Dialing

    a soft cloth or an eraser. See solutions for “No dial tone”. Replace the battery. Memory Dialing Did you program the memory location keys correctly? Did you follow the proper dialing sequence? Make sure the tone/pulse setting is programmed correctly. Did you reprogram numbers into memory after a power outage or battery replacement? Cause of Poor Reception...