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Chapter 7. Troubleshooting - Lenovo ThinkPad Stack User Manual

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Chapter 7. Troubleshooting

Problem: The projector cannot be turned on by pressing the power button.
Solution: Ensure that the projector is sufficiently charged or is charging with the ac power
Problem: The projector icon indicator is on, but the focus wheel does not work.
Solution: The projector might be in the standby mode. To awake the projector, quickly
press the power button on the projector. The focus wheel works when the power button
LED is solid on.
Problem: The projector is turned on, but it takes too long to enter the Home page.
Solution: The projector needs about 25 seconds to enter the Home page. To solve the
problem, restart the projector.
Problem: The HDMI in function does not work.
Disconnect the HDMI cable and reconnect it to the computer and projector.
Set the projector to the HDMI in mode again.
Problem: The projector Wi-Fi function does not work.
Solution: Ensure that the projector is in the Wi-Fi mode.
Problem: The Bluetooth device cannot connect with the projector through Bluetooth.
Solution: Ensure that you have followed the correct pairing steps and enabled the
Bluetooth function on the Bluetooth device.
Problem: The projector is stacked with the Bluetooth speaker, but there is no audio
output from either device.
Solutions: The audio output is switched from the projector to the Bluetooth speaker.
Ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is turned on and paired with the projector
Ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is not stacked with a router.
Press the play/pause button on the Bluetooth speaker.
Problem: There is noise in the Bluetooth speaker.
Solution: Ensure that:
The Bluetooth speaker is correctly stacked with the projector.
The projector has sufficient power. Otherwise, charge the projector through ac
power adapter or correctly stack the projector to a power bank.
Problem: There is no audio output in the HDMI out mode.



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