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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    MX-C310 MX-C311 MX-C380 MX-C381 Technical Handy Guide APRIL 2015 CONTENT Product Specification HDD Replacement Procedure Updated Product Options EEPROM Replacement Procedure Consumables Firmware & Print Driver Revision Updated Initial Setup Test Simulation Colour Calibration Trouble Codes Maintenance Job Log Error Codes...
  • Page 2 Paper Weight: Output Capacity: 250-sheet (Face down) Warm-up Time: 90sec or less Resolution (Equivalent): 600x600dpi (copy) / 1200x1200dpi (Printer) MX-C310/311: Copier 512MB, Printer 512MB (Max 1.5GB) Memory: MX-C380/381: Copier 512MB, Printer 1GB (Max. 2GB) 80GB HDD Capacity: STD (60g/m -105g/m...
  • Page 3 Mac OSX 10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4.11, 10.5.x, 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 10.10.x with MX-PKX5 (STD on MX-C311/381 only) Sharp Printer Administrator Utility, Status Monitor Bundled Utility Software JPEG, TIFF, PRN, PCL (Std) JPEG, TIFF, PRN, PCL, PDF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, PS...
  • Page 4: Product Options

    Paper Feed Unit A MX-CSX2 Paper Feed Unit B MX-AMX1 MX-UN01A / UN05A Application Integration Module Sharp OSA-Network Scanner Tool (1 / 5 license kit) MX-AMX2 MX-UN10A / UN50A Application Communication Module Sharp OSA-Network Scanner Tool (10 / 50 license kit) MX-AMX3...
  • Page 5 MX-CSX2 500 x1 sheet paper feed unit B Requires MX-CSX1 MX-BTX1 Business card feeder MX-FN12 Finisher MX-PKX5 PS3 Expansion Kit for MX-C310/380 only STD on MX-C311/381 MX-PUX1 XPS expansion kit MXARSMX3 is required MX-ARSMX3 Expansion memory board For MX-PUX1 AR-PF1...
  • Page 6: Consumables

    CONSUMABLES SHARP CONSUMABLES Product Code Description Approx. Life MX-C38GTB Black Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) MX-C38GTC Cyan Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) MX-C38GTM Magenta Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) MX-C38GTY Yellow Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) PROCESS UNIT: MX-C38GVB Black Developer Cartridge...
  • Page 7 CONSUMABLES SHARP MAINTENANCE Product Code Description Approx. Life MX-C31RT Paper Feed Roller Kit 100k (approx.) MX-C31MR Manual Feed Roller Kit 100k (approx.) MX-C31DF DF Roller Kit. 100k (approx.) SERVICE ROTATION: MX-C31U1 Primary Transfer Belt Unit 120k MX-C32FU Fusing Unit 230V...
  • Page 8: Initial Setup

    INITIAL SETUP SHARP Adjustments highlighted in PURPLE are automatic when using Advanced SRU consumables:- DEVELOPER SET-UP Install CMYK Developer - Auto Developer Adjustment (Sim 25-02) should execute automatically. Toner Installation must be performed after Auto Developer Adjustment is completed. Clean LSU Dust Proof Glass.
  • Page 9 INITIAL SETUP SHARP Manual Adjustment:- Sim 50-10 BK MAG (inside dimension) to 240mm. Sim 50-10 Image Off Centre Adjustment. Sim 50-05 Printer Lead Edge & Void Adjust. IMAGE SKEW & COLOUR REGISTRATION Sim 61-04 Image Skew Adjustment (Rough Adjustment). Sim 50-22 Colour Registration/Skew &...
  • Page 10 INITIAL SETUP SHARP PERIPHERAL / OPTION CONFIGURATION FAX OPTION – MX-FXX3 AR-MM9 Install 8MB Fax Memory to MFP PWB (SLOT E). Use Sim22-10 to check MX-FXX2 & AR-MM9 are recognised. Sim 66-02 Fax SW Setting (Destination). Sim 66-10 Fax Memory Clear (For Extended Memory).
  • Page 11: Colour Calibration

    COLOUR CALIBRATION SHARP Automatic Colour Calibration - FACTORY MODE Note: When adjusting colour balance before or after routine maintenance, always use the recommended paper (Mondi 90gsm or equivalent) for optimum image quality. DEFAULT COLOUR BALANCE SETTING: Sim 63-11 [for Engine]...
  • Page 12 COLOUR CALIBRATION SHARP MANUAL COLOUR DENSITY ADJUSTMENT: Sim 46-21 [for Engine] Sim 67-25 [for Printer] Adjust CMYK (15 points) for Copy & Printer Modes. PRINTER DENSITY CHECK: Sim 64-05 [PCL Printer] Sim 64-06 [PS Printer] HIGH DENSITY PROCESS CONTROL: [Execute]...
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    Maintenance [All] & [Colour] Counters have reached the specified limits Starting Powder: The following starting powder should be applied to the relevant consumable item during maintenance:- Starting Powder OPC Drum Primary Transfer Belt MX-C310/311 UKOG-0312FCZZ UKOG-0123FCZZ MX-C380/381 [Stearic Acid] [Kynar Starting Powder]...
  • Page 14 MAINTENANCE SHARP Replacement Schedule Note: Auto DV Adjustment (Sim 25-02) and Developer/Drum Counter Clear (Sim 24-05 & 24-07) are executed automatically when the relevant consumable unit is replaced (Advanced SRU). Description Process Section - Cyan, Magenta & Yellow: (or when the colour maintenance counter has reached the specified life).
  • Page 15 MAINTENANCE SHARP Maintenance Schedule (Cont’d):- Transfer Section: Replace Secondary Transfer Roller Unit (MX-C38U2). Sim 22-01 Check TC2 Unit, TC2 RN Unit Range & TC2 DY Unit Day Counters have been reset automatically (normally Sim 24-04) Note: When MX-C31U2 (Primary Transfer Unit) is used, the Secondary Transfer unit counters are reset automatically.
  • Page 16 MAINTENANCE SHARP 120K Maintenance Schedule (Cont’d):- Paper Feed & Transport: Check/Clean/Replace PF Rollers (check tray counter using Sim 22-09):-  Paper Feed Roller Kit (MX-C31RT).  Manual Feed Roller Kit (MX-C31MR).  SPF Feed Roller Kit (MX-C31DF).
  • Page 17: Operating System Support Updated

      SRDM Notes: MX-PKX5 is required (MX-C310/380 only) – Standard on MX-C311/381. MX-FXX3 is required. Supported on Windows OS only therefore, operation is not guaranteed. Supported using NetBIOS over TCP/IP & NTLM v1 only therefore, operation is not guaranteed.
  • Page 18: Coin Vend Interface

    COIN VEND INTERFACE SHARP All MX series machines have a coin vend interface located on the PCU Main PWB. The vending device activates various signals to indicate paper sizes and operation. Connector Manufacture: JST ( Connector Type PND series Connector Part Code (Wire Side)
  • Page 19 COIN VEND INTERFACE SHARP Connector Signals Pin No. PCU PWB (CN10) + 24v CV_B/W_COPY CV_COUNT CV_START CV_CA CV_COLOUR_ COPY CV_COLOUR1 CV_STAPLE CV_COLOUR0 CV_DUPLEX CV_SIZE0 CV_SIZE1 CV_SIZE2 CV_SIZE3 Colour Signals Colour Mode (CL-COLOR1) (CL-COLOR0) Full Colour Others (Single/Two Colour) Paper Size Signals...
  • Page 20: Firmware Upgrade

    FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP USB Device: 1. Insert the USB memory device containing the firmware file into the main USB Port. 2. Enter Simulation 49-01. Note: “If no USB device is detected, an error message will be displayed. 3. Browse and select the correct firmware file by using the following methods:- For MXC310/380 series only: ...
  • Page 21 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP  If all firmware (including peripherals) require updating, select ALL by pressing the OK key.  Using the Navigation Key , select Execute & Yes to commence the update. For MXC311/381 series only:  Select the folder containing the MXC311/381 firmware file by using the touch screen LCD display:- Example shown:- Folder <DIR>...
  • Page 22 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP  Select the MXC311/381 firmware file. Example shown:- Filename 0102F100rom.sfu  The current and the new firmware version(s) will now be displayed:-  Select the required firmware that requires updating (example shown: ICU Main & ICU Boot). Press Execute & Yes to commence the update.
  • Page 23 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP 4. Firmware update progress (and remaining time) should now be displayed:- 5. Once the firmware update has completed successfully:-  For MXC310/380 series, power cycle the MFP.  For MXC311/381 series, press OK (the MFP will reboot automatically).
  • Page 24 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP Network (Web Page) 1. Open a web browser and enter the following URL :- http://ipaddress/service_login.html or http://ipaddress/service_account.html Example: Note: If User Authentication (username & password) is enabled, open the device webpage and “login” using the service username and password (as below):- 2.
  • Page 25 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP 5. Press Execute to start the firmware update. Note: Once the machine has entered “service download mode”, the update will commence and the progress will be displayed 6. When the firmware upgrade is complete, click Reboot to execute a remote restart of the machine.
  • Page 26: Firmware Recovery

    [Menu] key to enter Firm Update (Boot Mode):- 3. Insert a USB memory device containing the Firm Update MX-C310/381N firmware file (SFU) into the USB slot, From USB Memory and press the [OK] key. 4. Using the [UP] and [DOWN] keys, navigate and select Firm Update the required firmware SFU file .
  • Page 27 FIRMWARE RECOVERY SHARP Firmware Recovery Procedure [Method 2]:- 1. Power off the machine. 2. Using a PC, copy the firmware file onto the root directory of the USB memory device. 3. Rename the firmware file to “emupdate_f1.sfu” Example shown: 0100F100rom.SFU renamed to emupdate_f1.sfu 4.
  • Page 28: E-Manual Update

    E-MANUAL UPDATE SHARP 1. Using a PC, copy the E-Manual Update directory onto the root of a USB memory device (as shown). Caution: When copying the E-Manual firmware/directories onto the USB drive, do not change the folder hierarchy or files.
  • Page 29 E-MANUAL UPDATE SHARP 4. The current and updated version should then be displayed:- 5. Press Execute to commence E-Manual upgrade. Update File Checking and a progress of the update will now be displayed:- 6. Once the update is complete, press OK to exit simulation mode.
  • Page 30: Hdd Replacement Procedure

    The MX-C310-381 series utilises a SATA HDD therefore, the HDD units from MX3501/7001N series cannot be used (PATA). Caution: For MX-C310/381 series, the main program is now stored on the HDD therefore, if a “Main Program Error”, E7-03 or U2-05 & U2-50 trouble occurs, perform the following action:- Main Program Error: This error indicates that the main program is corrupted on the HDD.
  • Page 31 HDD REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE SHARP 3. When VERSION CHECK: IcM UNUSUAL message Version Check appears (indicating main program error), press the IcM:UNUSUAL [Menu] key to enter Firm Update (Boot Mode):- 4. Insert a USB memory device containing the Firm Update MXC310/381 firmware file (SFU) into the USB slot, From USB Memory and press the [OK] key.
  • Page 32: Eeprom Replacement Procedure

    EEPROM HANDLING PROCEDURE SHARP WARNING: Never execute Sim16 to clear U2 trouble WITHOUT investigating the root cause of U2 trouble by using the following procedure:- 1. Ensure to follow ESD procedures (using an earth strap) while handling the PWBs as EEPROM data may become corrupted due to static charge.
  • Page 33: Mx-C310 [WHQL] [WHQL] Sharp UD [WHQL] [WHQL] Notes: * Supports Windows XP, Vista & Server 2003 only. ** Supports Windows Vista only. For the latest Firmware and Print Driver version(s), please refer to the SHARP Support Website.
  • Page 34: Test Simulation

    TEST SIMULATION SHARP The following pages contain information regarding test simulations. For a detailed description for each test simulation, please refer to the MX-C310/311/380/381 Service Manual. Entry Code: Scanner Self Test High Voltage Operation & Test Scanner operations test Transfer setting and output Scanner sensor check Duplex Operation &...
  • Page 35 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Data Print Mode & Check Sensor Operation & Test Print jam/Trouble data print mode Tray sensor check (main) Data print mode (paper feed) Bypass Operation & Adjustment Data Counter & Clear Bypass tray width adjustment Jam/trouble counter clear...
  • Page 36 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Copy & Image Density Adjustment Image Position Adjustment Colour copy density adjustment Lead edge/copy position adjustment B/W copy density adjustment Lead edge/copy position adjustment value Colour scanner density adjustment (calculation) B/W scanner density adjustment Printer lead edge adjustment (sub scan)
  • Page 37 TEST SIMULATION SHARP MFP Data Setting HDD Operation & Test Controller soft switch setting:- HDD format (excluding system & SW6-1 Ethernet Speed Auto operation manual area) negotiation:- Job completion list deletion (with job log) 0 = Enabled, 1 = Disabled...
  • Page 38 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Fax Control Settings & Adjustments Printer Settings & Adjustments Register dial number for Sim 66-14/15/16 Printer NVRAM clear Adjust/check the time dial pulse (10bps) Printer half tone auto adjustment Adjust/check the time dial pulse (20bps) Printer half tone colour adjustment...
  • Page 39: Trouble Codes

    TROUBLE CODES SHARP PCU ROM abnormality PWB information SUM error. SCU ROM abnormality MFP combination error (Firmware/PWB) MFP PWB ROM error MFP-PCU combination error I/F version discrepancy (MFP-PCU) MFP EEPROM sum check error I/F version discrepancy (MFP-SCU) Scanner connection trouble.
  • Page 40 TROUBLE CODES SHARP Auto toner density level trouble C Compensation Thermistor open trouble Auto toner density level trouble M (TH_UM_AD1) Auto toner density level trouble Y Thermistor open (TH_EX1) Process Thermistor breakdown Thermistor open (TH_EX2) Toner density sensor trouble K...
  • Page 41 TROUBLE CODES SHARP Fuser motor lock trouble SCU PWB EEPROM check sum error. DV motor trouble K PCU PWB EEPROM read/write error. DV motor trouble CMY PCU PWB EEPROM check sum error Transfer unit lift trouble Secondary transfer separation trouble Fusing pressure release trouble.
  • Page 42: Job Log Error Codes

    JOB LOG ERROR CODES SHARP PRINTER Error Job Log / Status Monitor Message Comment 0101 Print job is complete. 0102 Print and store job is complete. 0103 Store job is complete. (Account code exceeded the limit) 0104 Print job is complete.
  • Page 43 JOB LOG ERROR CODES SHARP PRINTER Error Job Log / Status Monitor Message Comment The requested job is printed, but could (Document filing: Selected folder does not 0232 not be stored in the selected folder exist)The job is stored to the default folder.
  • Page 44 JOB LOG ERROR CODES SHARP PRINTER Error Job Log / Status Monitor Message Comment 0251 The requested job could not be (Folding Unit: Incorrect paper size) completed correctly due to the following 0252 reason: 0257 (Incorrect paper size) The requested job could not be...
  • Page 45 JOB LOG ERROR CODES SHARP PRINTER Error Job Log / Status Monitor Message Comment 040B (Retention printing: No function) 040C (Other error) (PS is not available) Please check the print 040D driver. 040E (Account code exceeded the limit) 040F (Selected input tray: No function)
  • Page 46 JOB LOG ERROR CODES SHARP PRINTER Error Job Log / Status Monitor Message Comment (B/W or Auto job is sent when Document 0440 control pattern is set to always print in colour.) 0445 (Incorrect paper size) 0446 (Incorrect paper type)
  • Page 47: Jam Cause Codes

    JAM CAUSE CODES SHARP Sensor Location: MX-FN12 Finisher:...
  • Page 48 JAM CAUSE CODES SHARP MAIN ENGINE & DESK Code Description Code Description PPD1 not-reached JAM APPD1_N PPD1_N3 APPD1 not-reached JAM (Paper feed tray middle stage) PPD1 not-reached JAM APPD1_S PPD1_N4 APPD1 remaining JAM (Paper feed tray lower stage) PPD1 not-reached JAM...
  • Page 49 JAM CAUSE CODES SHARP MAIN ENGINE & DESK (Cont’d) Code Description Code Description POD1_N SIZE_ILG POD1 not-reached JAM Size illegal JAM Cassette 1 paper feed JAM (CPFD1 POD1_S TRAY1 POD1 remaining JAM not-reached JAM) POD1 JAM Cassette 2 (Paper feed tray upper...
  • Page 50: Repair Hints

    MFP firmware to v01h03.F1 Function before the copy start button higher) and change the following Soft Switch control:- is pressed, especially within a Sharp Sim 55-03, SSW 1-5 OSA environment (MX-AMX3)? 0: Auto Clear function disabled (current specification).
  • Page 51 REPAIR HINTS SHARP TROUBLE CODES E7-06 trouble, only when the MX-FXX3 Upgrade the MX-FXX3 Fax Firmware to v01.03.P2 (or higher) Fax option is installed. Remove the High Voltage Unit and check that the Main F2 trouble codes and/or Pulling Charge Electrode Plate (PG Section 30, Item 30) for CMY Toner/Developer (loss of density).
  • Page 52 REPAIR HINTS SHARP GENERAL/MISC The strength of the upper fuser bearing has been increased Upper fuser bearing breaks, resulting and the diameter of the upper fuser roller changed. to smudges on output pages Install MX-C32HK kit. Warming up on the display and not coming to ready status can be caused by improper installation of the Drums or DV Units.
  • Page 53 SMTP Authentication: ON User Name should be same as the Reply Email Address. Note: IMAP is not supported on the current Sharp MFPs therefore only SMTP protocol can be used. The correct port for SMTP with SSL enabled is 587 for Office 365 email.
  • Page 54 Conflicting IP Address with another device/pc on the Zeroconfig appears on NIC status page network – re-assign IP Address. Upgrade the Sharp Printer Driver to the following versions PPD2_PRI jams, only when using the (or higher):- Citrix Universal Printer.
  • Page 55 Ensure OUTSIDE AUDITOR is configured to None. even though MXAMX3 is enabled. Sharp OSA trial mode that supports most functions can be Is it possible to activate a trial mode enabled by executing Sim 26-74 - (restricted to approx...
  • Page 56 Printer installation under Mac OSX 10.10 MX-FN12 COP2099 Staple Unit & Staple Cartridge listing COP2087 Sharp Remote Device Manager [SRDM] v1.5 MX-C311/381 COP2053 Rom version upgrade (including revision history) COP2044 Registry growth when using an auto created printer under a citrix or terminal services environment.
  • Page 57: Technical Bulletin Index 56 Updated

    TECHNICAL BULLETIN INDEX SHARP Reference Description Model COP1581 Upgrade of PAU5 (Version 5.3.0) COP1573 Measures to prevent the LSU shutter spring (A) becoming caught COP1566 Improvement against double feeding from the desk units MX-CSX1/2 COP1565 Caution when transporting or moving machine(s)
  • Page 58: Document Reference

    Information contained within this guide is subject to change without prior notice. This Handy Guide is not a substitute for the official Sharp Service manuals. It is for use by Sharp qualified service technicians with the intention of improving the efficiency of Sharp MFP Devices.
  • Page 59: Notes


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