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Manual And Auto Range; Power-Up Options - Fluke 3000 FC Manual

Wireless multimeter
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3000 FC
Users Manual

Manual and Auto Range

The Product can be set to manual or auto range. In
autorange, the Product sets the range so the input is
shown with the best resolution. Manual range lets you set
the range.
When you turn on the Product, it is set to autorange and
Auto shows on the display. To set the Product to manual
range, push .
You cannot change range when the Product is in
the MIN MAX AVG record mode or in display
hold mode. If you push  in one of these
modes, the Product beeps twice to alert you to
an invalid operation.

Power-Up Options

To set a power-up option, hold down the button shown in
Table 2 while you turn on the Product.
Table 2. Power-Up Options
Power-Up Option
Turns off the beeper.
Turns off sleep mode. POFF briefly shows
on the display.
Turns off 2 minute backlight timeout. LOFF
shows in the display for a second.

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