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Weight & body composition - heart rate and pulse wave velocity - daily report
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Product description

(1) Display
(4) Micro USB port

Scales screens description

You can select a number of screens to be displayed on your Nokia Body Cardio:
Weight: Displays your weight. This screen cannot be disabled.
Fat Mass: Displays your percentage of fat mass.
Water: Displays your percentage of water.
Bone mass: Displays the weight of your bones.
Muscle mass: Displays the weight of your muscles.
: Displays the weather for the day.
Heart Rate: Displays your heart rate.
Weight Trend
: Displays a graph with your last 8 weight measurements.
: Displays the number of steps you did the previous day.
1, 2
: Displays the amount of NikeFuel you earned the previous day.
1, 3
You can disable or change the order of these screens as you like after you install your
Nokia Body Cardio. Otherwise, they will appear in the default order. Refer to
screen order" on page 27
This screen can only be used if you set up your Nokia Body Cardio in Wi-Fi
You either need to own a Nokia® tracker, or to use the in-app tracking of the
Nokia Health Mate® app to display your number of steps on this screen. If you don't
have a Nokia® tracker, tap the Activity widget at the top of your Timeline in the
Nokia Health Mate® app and tap Activate now. Your mobile device will then start tracking
your steps.
You need to have a Nike+ account to see the amount of NikeFuel you have on this screen.
Nokia Body Cardio
v3.0 | July 2017
(2) Electrodes
(5) Pairing and units button
for more information.
(3) Feet
"Changing the
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents