Cleaning And Maintenance; Cleaning Your Nokia Body Cardio; Charging The Battery; Updating Your Nokia Body Cardio - Nokia body cardio Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your Nokia Body Cardio

You can clean your Nokia Body Cardio using a cloth dampened with water. If water is not
enough to clean it, you can also use crystal vinegar.
The use of any detergents or cleaners may cause irreversible damage
to the coating that protects the electrodes used to measure your body

Charging the battery

You can check the battery level of your Nokia Body Cardio by going to My devices >
Body Cardio from the Nokia Health Mate® app. If the battery level reaches 5% or less,
we advise that you charge the battery. To do so, connect your Nokia Body Cardio
to a power source using the USB cable provided with the scale.
Charging the battery can take up to five hours. You can press the button on the side
of the scale while it's charging to check the battery level.
Note that you shouldn't use your Nokia Body Cardio while it is charging.

Updating your Nokia Body Cardio

We regularly offer updates so that you can benefit from the latest features we add
to our products. When new internal software is available, it is automatically installed
without any prompt from the Nokia Health Mate® app if your scale is installed in Wi-Fi.
However, you can check if updates are available and force their installation whenever
you want. To do so, perform the following steps:
1. In the Nokia Health Mate® app, go to My devices.
Nokia Body Cardio
v3.0 | July 2017
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents