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Safety Notes - Bosch AL 1815 CV Original Instructions Manual

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Use the battery charger only when you fully understand and can perform all functions
without limitation, or have received appropriate instructions.

Safety Notes

This charger is not intended for use by children
and persons with physical, sensory or mental lim-
itations or a lack of experience or knowledge.
This charger can be used by children aged 8 and
above and by persons who have physical, sensory
or mental limitations or a lack of experience or
knowledge if a person responsible for their safety
supervises them or has instructed them in the
safe operation of the charger and they under-
stand the associated dangers. Otherwise, there is
a danger of operating errors and injuries.
Supervise children during use, cleaning and
maintenance. This will ensure that children do not
play with the charger.
Only charge Bosch lithium-ion batteries with a ca-
pacity of 1.5 Ah or more (4 battery cells or more).
The battery voltage must match the battery
charging voltage of the charger. Do not charge
non-rechargeable batteries. Otherwise there is
danger of fire and explosion.
Keep the battery charger away from rain or moisture. Penetration of
water in the battery charger increases the risk of an electric shock.
 Keep the battery charger clean. Contamination can lead to danger of an electric
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