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Troubleshooting - Causes And Corrective Measures; Working Advice - Bosch AL 1815 CV Original Instructions Manual

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allowable charging temperature range is reached, the battery charger automatically
switches to rapid charging.
Flashing Red Battery Charge Indicator 2
A flashing red battery charge indicator 2 indicates a different mal-
function of the charging procedure, see section "Troubleshooting –
Causes and Corrective Measures".
Troubleshooting – Causes and Corrective Measures
AL 1815 CV: Continuous lighting of the battery charge indicator 3
AL 1830 CV: Continuous lighting of the battery charge indicator 3
Flashing red battery charge indicator 2
AL 1815 CV / AL 1830 CV: No charging procedure possible
The battery is not attached (correctly)
Battery contacts
Battery pack defective
Battery charge indicators 3 or 2 do not light up
Mains plug of battery charger not plugged
in (properly)
Socket outlet, mains cable or battery
charger defective

Working Advice

With continuous or several repetitive charging cycles without interruption, the charg-
er can warm up. This is not meaningful and does not indicate a technical defect of the
battery charger.
A significantly reduced working period after charging indicates that the battery is
used and must be replaced.
Bosch Power Tools
Corrective Measure
Attach battery to charger correctly
Clean the battery contacts (e.g. by
inserting and removing the battery
several times) or replace the battery
Replace the battery
Insert mains plug (fully) into the socket
Check the mains voltage; have the
battery charger checked by an authorised
after-sales service agent for Bosch power
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1 609 92A 2KK | (24.2.16)



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