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Whirlpool ACM102XF0 Use & Care Manual page 10


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The unit
on and off too much,
or does
not cool
Check if . . .
Then . . .
The air conditioner is
Check the cooling capabi!ities of your room air conditioner. Room air conditioners are not
not properly sized for
designed to cool multiple rooms.
your room.
The filter is dirty or
Clean the filter. See page 6.
obstructed by debris.
The inside evaporator
Clean the inside evaporator and outside condenser coils. See page 8.
and outside condenser
coils are dirty or
obstructed by debris.
There is excessive
Use a fan to exhaust heat or moisture from the room. Try not to use heat-producing
heat or moisture
appliances during the hottest part of the day.
(open container
cooking, showers,
etc.) in the room.
The louvers are
Install the air conditioner in a location where the louvers are free from curtains, blinds,
furniture, etc.
The outside tempera-
Do not try to operate your air conditioner when the outside temperature is below 65".
ture is below 65".
The temperature of
the room you are
trying to cool is
extremely hot.
Allow extra time for the air conditioner to cool off a very hot room.
Windows or doors to
Close all windows and doors.
the outside are open.
The Exhaust Control
Set the Exhaust Control to CLOSED for maximum cooling.
is set to OPEN.
The Thermostat is
not at a cool enough
Adjust the Thermostat to a cooler setting by turning the knob clockwise.
Turn Fan Control to HIGH.
The air conditioner is
Install your air conditioner in a more shaded window.
installed on the sunny
side of your house.
Then . . .
not properly leveled.
The air conditioner
should slope slightly
downward toward the
Level the air conditioner to provide a %" downward slope toward the outside (1/2 bubble
on a carpenter's level [or 1.4 degrees]) to ensure proper drainage. See the Installation
Instructions for an illustration. Reposition or shim the cabinet as necessary.
Do NOT drill a hole in the bottom of the metal base and condensate pan.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents