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Repairing Paint Damage - Whirlpool ACM102XF0 Use & Care Manual


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3. Remove the front panel. (See "Cleaning the front
panel" on page 6.)
4. Remove the side curtains. Slide curtains out to fullest
width. From the back side, remove the Phillips-head
screws which attach the curtain to the cabinet
See Figure 10.
5. Remove slotted-hex head screws
holding top
See Figure 10.
6. Remove slotted-hex head screws (C) on sides of
See Figure 10.
7. Remove the cabinet from the air conditioner. Watch
out for the sharp metal fins on the front and rear coils.
8. Wrap the fan motor
capacitor connections
electrical control panel
and compressor terminals
in plastic film and make sure no water or other
liquid gets inside any of these parts. It could damage
the insulation and cause serious mechanical problems.
See Figure 11.
9. Carefully clean and hose out the base
evaporator coil (G), and condensate pan
Clean at least once a year or more often if the con-
denser and evaporator coils and pan collect dirt, sand,
leaves, insects, or algae. Also, clean if you detect an
odor coming from the air conditioner.
See Figure 11.
Remove the plastic film from the motor and electrical
Replace the cabinet on the air conditioner and reattach
the front panel.
12. Plug in the power cord.
It is a good idea to wait 24 hours before starting
the air conditioner again. This allows time for all areas
to dry out.
Check once or twice a year for paint damage. This may
occur, especially in salty environments (near oceans, etc.)
or where rust is a problem. If needed, touch up with a good
grade enamel paint.
To reduce paint damage during the winter, install
a heavy-duty cover on your air conditioner's cabinet. For
information on ordering a heavy-duty cover see page 11.

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Table of Contents

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