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Samsung DW80H9940US/AA Service Manual page 56

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Error Type
Error mode
Half load error
54 _ Troubleshooting
Checking method
1. Check the connections for the Distributor Motor and Micro
Switch connectors.
2. Check whether the coil in Distributor Motor is conductive.
: Remove the connectors before measuring.
3. Check the position sensing operations when turning the
Micro Switch on and off.(Use n5 Service test mode.)
Check the conduction between the brown wire and the
Violet wire.
Micro switch On: Short
Micro switch Off: Open
- Micro Switch sign alters in ON/OFF state.
- It is NG if keep in ON or OFF state for 120 seconds.
* Do not supply with water and test.
4. Adjust Cam A'ssy and Find the faulty.
5. Check whether half load is operating normally.
- Check the half load operation
Normal : 110 ~ 120V
- Check the operation of Distributor Motor Relay.
: Check the operating voltage between the 3pin(Brown) wire
of the Main PBA CN201 connector and the 1pin(Black)
wire of the Main PBA CN101 connector
Normal : 110 ~ 120V (while operating)
6. Check the Power Relay.
Corrective actions
- Reconnect the Distributor Motor and Micro Switch connectors.
- Faulty: Replace the Distributor Motor.
- Faulty: Replace the Micro Switch for sensing positions.
- Normal: Replace the valve distributor and CAM switch.
- Faulty: Replace Cam A'ssy.
- Faulty: Replace the Main PBA assy.
- See the "Power Relay error".

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