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Samsung DW80H9940US/AA Service Manual page 50

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n3 (nC)
48 _ Troubleshooting
- Runs the circulation motor(BLDC: 2600 RPM, AC motor: Low).
A nozzle does not
- If the normal water level is detected, "nC" is displayed. If the low water level is detected, "n3" is displayed.
inject water.
- The "lower all" runs for 1 minutes → the "Middle up" runs for 1 minutes, change the order of operation..
- Circulation motor (BLDC : 3400 RPM, AC motor : LOW) runs.
- Heater is On after pump has been running for 10 seconds, when the normal water level is detected.
- If the low water level is detected, Heater off
Heater Error
- If the heater runs for 3 minutes, the heater is automatically turned off.
- If the temperature is equal to or higher than 60 , the heater is turned off.
- When starting, the dispenser runs for 1 minute.
- The lower all runs for 3 minutes → The middle up run for 3 minutes
- The circulation motor runs (BLDC: 2600 RPM).
- RPM display after operation circulation motor.
Distributor function
- Each time press the Normal key, it is possible to change the rpm. (1200 ~ 3400rpm)
- Each time press the Heavy key, it is possible to change position of distributer.
(1:Middle + Upper → 2:Lower Right→ 3:Lower All → 4:Lower Left)
- The circulation motor runs (BLDC: 3400 RPM, AC motor: High).
Distributor function
- The synchronous motor runs by alternating the location between lower right and lower left at 1 minute intervals.
- Runs the vent motor and the thermal actuator of the dryer unit.
- Turbidity sensor detect turbidity data.
The Dry Fan motor
does not work.
- Turbidity data displayed.
- If reference voltage can not be reached after sensing, occurs E3 error
Over level water Error
- Runs the drain pump for 60 seconds (25 seconds on / 2 seconds off).
Drain Error
- If drain is not complete(Measuring power consumption drainage), occurs 5E error
- When drain is complete, display nP

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