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HP FlexFabric 12500 Series Configuration Manual: Configuring Irf Bridge Mac Persistence

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Configuring IRF bridge MAC persistence

By default, an IRF fabric uses the bridge MAC address of the master device as its bridge MAC address.
Layer 2 protocols, such as LACP, use this bridge MAC address to identify the IRF fabric. On a switched
LAN, the bridge MAC address must be unique.
To avoid duplicate bridge MAC addresses, an IRF fabric can change its bridge MAC address
automatically after its master leaves. However, the change can cause transient traffic disruption.
Depending on your network condition, enable the IRF fabric to preserve or change its bridge MAC
address after the master leaves. Available options include:
irf mac-address persistent timer—Bridge MAC address of the IRF fabric is retained for 6 minutes
after the master leaves. If the master does not return before the timer expires, the IRF fabric uses the
bridge MAC address of the new master as its bridge MAC address. This option avoids unnecessary
bridge MAC address change due to a device reboot, transient link failure, or purposeful link
irf mac-address persistent always—Bridge MAC address of the IRF fabric does not change after
the master leaves.
undo irf mac-address persistent—Bridge MAC address of the new master replaces the original one
as soon as the old master leaves.
If ARP MAD or ND MAD is used, configure the undo irf mac-address persistent command to enable
immediate bridge MAC address change after a master leaves.
If VRRP load balancing is used, configure the irf mac-address persistent always command to prevent
the IRF bridge MAC address from changing. For more information about VRRP, see
Configuration Guide
If two IRF fabrics have the same bridge MAC address, they cannot merge.
To configure the IRF bridge MAC persistence setting:
Enter system view.
Configure IRF bridge MAC
Retain the bridge MAC address
even if the master has changed:
irf mac-address persistent always
Preserve the bridge MAC address
for 6 minutes after the master
irf mac-address persistent timer
Change the bridge MAC address
as soon as the master leaves:
undo irf mac-address persistent
High Availability
By default, the IRF fabric's
bridge MAC address is retained
permanently even after the
master leaves.


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