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Philips VOIP321 User Manual

Philips user manual telephone voip321.
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User manual

Charge the handset(s) for 24 hours before use !



Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    User manual Charge the handset(s) for 24 hours before use !
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Important information What’s in the box Your VOIP 321 Icons on the handset display Install Connect Main menu Call Phonebook Call log Redial list Other features Using the intercom Default settings Troubleshooting Informations Index...
  • Page 4: Important Information

    Instructions for use for the VOIP 321 The VOIP321 is a Skype ready USB / PSTN phone, capable of voice communication through Internet protocol as well as on a normal telephone line. For your safety Safety information This telephone is not designed for making emergency telephone calls when the power fails. An alternative should be made available for access to emergency calls.
  • Page 5: Help

    400 MHz processor • 128 MB RAM • Free USB slot on the PC • Internet Connection (boardband recommended) Need help For more information on troubleshooting and FAQ’s: Online help : Troubleshooting : see page 38 DFU update on :
  • Page 6: What's In The Box

    Enjoy Quick Start Guide Line Cord and line adaptor (if relevant) to plug the RJ11/RJ11 Line Cord (see below) in your wall plug A telephone line Charger Base station VOIP 321 1 power supply for base station and 1 power supply for charger •...
  • Page 7: Handset

    Your VOIP 321 Overview handset Earpiece Display, icons see page 9 Menu key & Softkey OK Use to enter menus. Use to select menu. Use to confirm an operation. Redial, Mute & Softkey Back Use to switch between call details. Use to enter dial list.
  • Page 8: Your Voip 321

    Main features Dual line phone • Able to receive calls from Skype as well as from regular telephone line. • User selectable melodies for each line for easy recognition. • Call waiting alert when there is another incoming call from another line.
  • Page 9: Icons On The Handset Display

    When being used for the first time, it is sometimes necessary to wait until the battery is sufficiently charged before the icons appear on the display. The display gives information about the operation of your telephone. Following icons can be shown in the headline of the display.
  • Page 10: Install

    Install How to install the software Before using your phone, please install the VOIP321 driver provided in the enclosed CD. To install the VOIP321 driver : Insert the installation CD into the PC's CD ROM (or DVDROM) drive. The installation program will start automatically.
  • Page 11 Click on Sound and Audio Devices. • Select the Audio tab. • To adjust the earpiece volume, select Philips VOIP321 from the Default device pulldown menu under Sound Playback; to adjust the microphone volume, select USB audio Device from the Default device under Sound Recording.
  • Page 12: Connect

    A click should be heard when the cord is properly connected to the base. Connect the USB plug directly to your PC's USB slot. Connect the telephone line cord to the phone socket on the back of the base unit and to the plug (optional and country dependent) then wall phone socket.
  • Page 13: Main Menu

    Your phone offers a variety of functions and features that are grouped in the menus. To access the main menu, press Press to exit the menus. Main menu SKYPE Contacts User Status Voicemail Credits CLOCK / ALARM Set Clock Set Alarm Alarm Tone Call records menu Missed...
  • Page 14: Call

    If you have two handsets, you can make a Skype call while another handset is on a Telephone call. To make a Skype call while the telephone line is in used, follow the instruction in “Make a Skype call”, page 14. If the Skype line is in used, UNAVAILABLE will be shown when you attempt to launch the contact list, or busy tone will be returned.
  • Page 15: Make A Skypeout Call

    Note : You will be able to receive second incoming call from the other line (i.e. receive a telephone call while on a Skype call). A special call waiting tone will be heard and the caller ID will be shown on the display.To pick up the call on the other line, end the current call and press...
  • Page 16: Reject A Skype Call

    Note : If you are using Skype, you will be able to make or receive second calls without extra charges. However if you are using the telephone line, you have to subscribe to the call waiting service from your local service provider to use this feature.
  • Page 17: Retrieving Voicemail

    To receive a second incoming call (note: this is a network dependent feature), When there is a second incoming call, a call-waiting alert will be heard; if the second incoming call is from the other line, a special call-waiting alert will be heard. If the second incoming call is from the other line, press Press to pick up the second call.
  • Page 18: Deleting A Voicemail

    Press UP / DOWN Note : While you are browsing the voicemail list, an asterisk (* ) is used on the second line to indicate that the voicemail is new. Press UP / DOWN Deleting a voicemail Press Press UP / DOWN Press UP / DOWN Press UP / DOWN Press UP / DOWN...
  • Page 19: Answer A Call

    If you have two handsets, you can make a Telephone call while another handset is on a Skype call. To make a telephone call while the Skype line is in used, follow the steps in “Make a telephone call”, page 19. If the telephone line is in used, busy tone will be returned.
  • Page 20: Call

    Call in progress Set the earpiece volume during a call You can increase or decrease the volume of a caller's voice during a call. There are 5 volume levels for selection. To adjust the volume, during a call : Press UP or DOWN Press UP or DOWN again Note : Besides adjusting the volume on the handset, you might also need to adjust the volume on your PC in order to set the speaker to the most comfortable volume.
  • Page 21: Phonebook

    Viewing phonebook To view your phonebook, Press , select PHONEBOOK and press OK. Select the phonebook to open, PRIVATE or SHARED and press OK. Press UP / DOWN to select VIEW and press OK. Add entry in phonebook Each record can store a name up to 10 characters and a number up to 20 digits. To add an entry to your phonebook, Press , select PHONEBOOK and press OK.
  • Page 22: Assign A Quick Dial Key

    Edit the name and number using the keypad. Press Press OK to save your changes. Delete phonebook entry Press , select PHONEBOOK and press OK. Press UP / DOWN OK to continue. Press UP / DOWN Press UP / DOWN Press OK to confirm.
  • Page 23: Change A Quick Dial Key

    Change a quick dial key Press , select PHONEBOOK and press OK. Press UP / DOWN to select the PRIVATE phonebook and press OK. Press UP / DOWN to select QUICK DIAL and press OK. The first quick dial key is displayed. Press OK.
  • Page 24: Call Log

    For missed and received calls, the call records will automatically be stored only if you have subscribed to caller ID service from your local Telephone line service provider, otherwise only Skype calls will be stored. If you have more than one handset, each handset has its own call list.
  • Page 25: Redial List

    Note : The call record saved into the phonebook is still in your call list but it will show the new name entered. Skype contacts, SkypeIn or SkypeOut numbers cannot be saved to the phonebook. Delete a call log entry You can delete each individual call record one at a time.
  • Page 26: Delete Last Numbers Dialled

    Record a number from redial into phonebook While you are viewing a dial record that you would like to save : Press to directly reach the redial list in idle mode. Browse Press To save the record to the private phonebook, select TO PRIVATE and press OK to save the record to the shared phonebook, select TO SHARED and press OK.
  • Page 27: Callerid First Ring Suppression

    Other features Lock keypad Keypad can be locked to prevent accidental key press. When the keypad is locked, you can still answer an incoming call by pressing During the call, the keypad is active. When the call is ended, the keypad will be locked again. In idle mode, long press Long press again to unlock the keypad.
  • Page 28: Other Features

    Personalizing your sounds You can assign different ringing melodies for each handset at different volume levels. You can select a different ringtone for Skype, Telephone and intercom calls. Selecting your handset's ringing melody In idle mode, press Select PERSONAL SET and press OK.
  • Page 29: Alarm Clock,set

    Other features Rename handset You can give your phone a different name. If you have more than one handset, you can give each handset its own name. The handset name can be up to 10 characters long and it can be composed of A-Z, 0-9, and space. In idle mode, press Select PERSONAL SET and press OK.
  • Page 30: Alarm Melody

    Selecting the alarm clock's ringing melody In idle mode, press Select CLOCK/ALARM and press OK. Select ALARM TONE and press OK. Select MELODY and press OK. The current setting is displayed. Select the desired melody and press OK to confirm. Setting the alarm volume In idle mode, press Select CLOCK/ALARM and press OK.
  • Page 31: Backlit On/off

    Other features Set dialling mode (Tone/Pulse) Dialling mode applies only when you are making a telephone call. Your phone is by default set to tone dialling. You can switch to pulse dialling if necessary. In idle mode, press Select ADVANCED SET and press OK.
  • Page 32: Baby Call On/off

    Enter the PIN and press OK to confirm. Set Baby call on/off Baby call allows you to dial out a programmed number via the telephone line by pressing any key on the handset (except the OFF key). In idle mode, press Select ADVANCED SET and press OK.
  • Page 33: Base Station, Select

    Select the base to use and press OK. Note : Bases your handset is registered to which is not Philips VOIP 321 base will be labelled as GAP BASE; your Philips VOIP 321 base will be labelled as BASE in Base Select.
  • Page 34: User Status

    User status User status display Skype status icons are used on the handset to represent different online status as well as each contact's online status on the Skype contact list. Please refer to the following table for the description of each status. Online / SKYPE ME Offline Away...
  • Page 35: Intercom

    Using the intercom Note : You need at least 2 handsets to carry out the functions mentioned in this chapter. Make an internal call You can call someone in the house by using the intercom function on your phone. To make an intercom call : Press Select the handset you want to call and press OK enter the number of the handset that you want to call.
  • Page 36: Using The Intercom

    Note : Any handset hangs up during a conference call will leave the other handset still connecting with the external call. Answer a call from the telephone line while on Skype call (Multi-handset) The other handsets will ring the telephone melody.
  • Page 37: Default Settings

    Baby call : Baby call number : Base select : CID first ring suppression : Message waiting indicator : System PIN : Keypad lock : Earpiece volume : PHILIPS 00:00 Party Dring Party Level 3 Party Level 3 100 ms...
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Problems No dial tone when pressing Signal icon is flashing. The phone does not ring. When the handset is placed on the charger, no beep is heard. The call waiting call cannot be answered. Battery icon remains empty although the handset has charged for 24 hours.
  • Page 39: Replace Handset Batteries

    Philips is committed to develop, produce and market products that cause no adverse health effects. Philips confirms that if its products are handled properly for their intended use, they are safe to use according to scientific evidence available today.
  • Page 40: Informations

    If you purchase a replacement product, hand your complete old product back to the retailer. He should accept it as required by the WEEE directive. Philips has marked the packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your eventual waste.
  • Page 41 Alarm clock,set 29 Alarm melody 30 Alarm volume 30 Answer a call 19 Answer a call from the telephone line while on Skype call 36 Answer a Skype call 15 Answer a Skype call while on a call on the...
  • Page 42: Index

    Sounds 28 Index Speaker 20 Speaker volume, adjust on PC 11 Status, phonebook 23 Switch on/off the handset 27 Telephone call 19 Time, set 29 Transfer an external call to another handset 35 Troubleshooting 38 Unregister 33 User status 34...
  • Page 44 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners. 2006 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. 3111 285 29702...

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