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Applicant: Motorola, Inc.
FCC ID: AZ489FT7006
Exhibit 8

User Manual

User Manual MW 800 Display
28 PDF pages total, 22 numbered pages
Please find the information required by Part 15.19, 15.21 & 15.105 on
page 4 of this PDF file.
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Exhibit 8


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   Summary of Contents for Motorola MW 800

  • Page 1: User Manual

    Applicant: Motorola, Inc. FCC ID: AZ489FT7006 Exhibit 8 User Manual User Manual MW 800 Display 28 PDF pages total, 22 numbered pages Please find the information required by Part 15.19, 15.21 & 15.105 on page 4 of this PDF file.

  • Page 2

    Owner’s Manual MW 800 Display 68P02969C35-O DRAFT March 06 2003 68P02969C35-O @6802969C35@...

  • Page 4

    Motorola, at its option, will at no charge either repair the Product (with new or reconditioned parts), replace it with the same or equivalent Product (using new or reconditioned Product), or refund the purchase price of the Product during the warranty period provided purchaser notifies Motorola according to the terms of this warranty.

  • Page 5

    B) that Motorola will have sole control of the defense of such suit and all negotiations for its settlement or compromise; C) should the Product or its parts become, or in Motorola's opinion be likely to become, the subject of a claim of infringe-...

  • Page 6

    Trademarks Motorola and the Motorola logo are registered trademarks of Motorola Inc. Microsoft, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Adobe and Acrobat are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

  • Page 7

    MW-800 Display Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Touchscreen ....................10 Display Connections ................. 11 Standard Display Cable Adaptor .............. 12 MW 800 Display Installation..............12 Operating the MW 800 Display ..........13 Powering On ................... 13 Powering Off................... 13 Adjusting the LCD Display ..............14 Powering On in Extreme Temperature Conditions......... 14 XGA Display Option ................

  • Page 9

    SVGA Display Option ................16 Screen Calibration ..............16 Maintenance ................17 Cleaning the MW 800 Display ............... 17 ........................17 Cleaning the Display................. 17 Tips for Using the MW 800 Display .......... 17 Appendix A: Approved Accessories .......... 20 INDEX..................21...

  • Page 10: Using This Manual

    Using this Manual Using this Manual Who Should Use this Manual This manual is intended for staff who operat the MW 800 Display MW 800 Display in a vehicle. What is in this Manual This manual lists the features of the MW 800 Display vehicle and provide description of the MW 800 Display hardware components and operating instructions.

  • Page 11: Operational Warnings

    Provided for your reference are several air bag deployment zone template from an automobile used in public safety roles (Figure 1 Please obtain the official documents for the automobile in which you are installing the MW 800 Display to ensure the safety of the operator. Figure 1...

  • Page 12

    Using the Manual...

  • Page 13

    MW 800 Display Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 14: Display Unit Overview

    Display Unit Overview Display Unit Overview Display Features Standard hardware features include: • 12.1", 1024 × 768, XGA color, high brightness (1200 nit) LCD or 12.1", 800 × 600, SVGA color, standard brightness (350 nit) LCD • Touch Screen with anti rflection and better transitivity •...

  • Page 15: Display Buttons

    Color Display Unit Display Buttons The display unit comprises the following buttons: Button Description Workstation Power To turn the MW 800 Display Workstation on or off Suspend/ To toggle the MW 800 Display between Resume Suspend and Resume modes. When in Suspend mode, the display and computer sections are turned off.

  • Page 16: Display Indicators

    (This key functionality depends on the definition given by each user system and the active application) Display Indicators The indicator LEDs located on the display unit show the MW 800 Display status, as described in the following table: Description Power System is on.

  • Page 17: Speakers

    MW 800 Display Owner’s Manual Description Suspend/ System is in Suspend mode Resume (green) Off: Normal operation Backlight LCD backlight is off (green) Blinking: Ignore this information Off: LCD backlight is on Valid RGB signal from CPU (green) Off: NO valid RGB signal from CPU...

  • Page 18: Display Connections

    Figure 6 Display - Connectors Connector Description Display Power DC connector for vehicle. Requires a standard Motorola power cable with 15 A fuse Display In RGB, USB and Sound from workstation USB 1 & USB 2 Ports USB 1 to Keyboard and USB 2 to any peripheral device.

  • Page 19: Standard Display Cable Adaptor

    Standard Display Cable Adaptor MW 800 Display Installation The MW 800 display is attached to any display mount by Phillips screws, supplied in the display shipping carton. The display cable from the workstation is routed through the mount and connected to the lower back side of the display.

  • Page 20: Operating The Mw 800 Display

    Note • Switch on the PC power switch . If the MW 800 Display is ignition-sensitive, insert the car key into the ignition switch and rotate it to ACC position, or start the engine, before powering on.

  • Page 21: Adjusting The Lcd Display

    Transistor (TFT). The screen provides the best possible readability in the lighting conditions typically found in the vehicle environment. The MW 800 Display is shipped with color palette settings that have been optimized for operation in the vehicle. The appearance of the screen can be changed by pressing the On Screen Display (OSD) button, on the display, and using the OSD application.

  • Page 22: Svga Display Option

    SVGA Display Option If the ambient temperature is in the +122 to +167°F (+50°C - +75°C) range, the temperature LED will blink and the MW 800 Display will power up, but the display brightness level will be approximately one third of the maximum level. If the temperature drops to the operating range the display brightness will be restored.

  • Page 23: Svga Display Option

    When the LCD temperature sensor approaches +167°F (+75°C), the MW 800 Display will automatically power off after 3 minutes. If the ambient temperature drops to the normal operating range, the display brightness will be automatically restored.

  • Page 24: Maintenance

    Maintenance Maintenance Cleaning the MW 800 Display The MW 800 Display is designed to operate well in typical field conditions. Simple routine maintenance can extend the life of the unit, ensuring continued dependability. Cleaning the Display The LCD has a polarized surface and can be damaged easily. To prevent damage: •...

  • Page 25

    MW 800 Display Owner’s Manual SVGA Size 12.1” 12.1” Resolution: 800 x 600 1024 x 768 Colors: 256,000 colors 256,000 colors Type: 5 wire resistive 5 wire resistive Brightness: Standard 350 nit High-bright 1200 nit Communications/Expansion 2 internal and 2 external...

  • Page 26

    Tips for Using the MW 800 Display...

  • Page 27: Appendix A: Approved Accessories

    MW 800 Display Owner’s Manual Appendix A: Approved Accessories Table 1 MW-800 Display Approved Accessories Accessory Part No. Remarks DISPLAY-CPU Cable FKN8068 4.5FT (1.5M) DISPLAY-CPU Cable FKN8069 9.6FT (3.2M) DISPLAY-CPU Cable FKN8070 17FT (5.6M) Display DC Cable FKN4711 DISPLAY Y CABLE...

  • Page 28: Index

    INDEX approved accessories 20 Backlight button 9 LED 10 BIOS 17 Brightness button 9 color display 8 Emergency button 9 extreme temperature conditions 14 ignition-sensitive 14 indicators 9 brightness 14 contrast 14 operating system 14 operating temperature range 14 Power button 8 Power LED 9 speaker 10 Suspend/Resume...

  • Page 29

    MW 800 Owner’s Manual updating the System BIOS 17 user-defined button 9 Volume button 9...

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