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AEG BSE774320M User Manual

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User Manual
Steam oven



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  • Page 1 BSE774320M User Manual BSK774320M Steam oven USER MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    14. ENERGY EFFICIENCY..................... 49 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.
  • Page 3: Children And Vulnerable People Safety

    ENGLISH manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries or damages that are the result of incorrect installation or usage. Always keep the instructions in a safe and accessible location for future reference. 1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 •...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Ensure that the appliance is switched off before • replacing the lamp to avoid the possibility of electric shock. Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance. • Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal •...
  • Page 5 ENGLISH • Always use a correctly installed • Be careful when you open the shockproof socket. appliance door while the appliance is • Do not use multi-plug adapters and in operation. Hot air can release. extension cables. • Do not operate the appliance with •...
  • Page 6 2.6 Pyrolytic cleaning subsequent damage to the appliance, the housing unit or the floor. Do not close the furniture panel until the Risk of Injury / Fires / appliance has cooled down Chemical Emissions (Fumes) completely after use. in Pyrolitic Mode.
  • Page 7: Product Description

    ENGLISH 2.8 Disposal • Fumes released from all Pyrolytic Ovens / Cooking Residues as described are not harmful to humans, WARNING! including infants or persons with Risk of injury or suffocation. medical conditions. • Disconnect the appliance from the 2.7 Internal light mains supply.
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    Grill- / Roasting pan Food Sensor To bake and roast or as a pan to collect To measure the temperature inside the fat. food. Trivet Telescopic runners For shelves and trays. For roasting and grilling. Use the trivet only with the Grill- / Roasting pan.
  • Page 9 ENGLISH Sensor Function Comment field Heating Functions Touch the sensor field once to choose a heating or VarioGuide function or the menu: VarioGuide. Touch the sen- sor field again to switch between the menus: Heating Functions, VarioGuide. To activate or de- activate the light, touch the field for 3 seconds.
  • Page 10: Before First Use

    Other indicators of the display: Symbol Function Minute Minder The function operates. Time of day The display shows the current time. Duration The display shows the necessary time for cooking. End Time The display shows when the cooking time is complete.
  • Page 11: Daily Use

    ENGLISH The table below explains the water Calcium deposit (mmol/l) and the quality hardness range with the corresponding of the water. Water hardness Calcium deposit Calcium deposit Water classi- (mmol/l) (mg/l) fication Class 0 - 7 0 - 1.3 0 - 50 Soft 7 - 14 1.3 - 2.5...
  • Page 12 Sym- Menu item Application VarioGuide Contains recommended oven settings for a wide choice of dishes. Select a dish and start the cook- ing process. The temperature and time are only guidelines for a better result and can be adjusted.
  • Page 13: Heating Functions

    ENGLISH Sym- Submenu Description Factory Settings Resets all settings to factory settings. 6.3 Submenu for: Cleaning Symbol Menu item Description Tank Emptying Procedure for removing the residual water from the water drawer after use of the steam functions. Pyrolytic Cleaning Procedure for cleaning the appliance.
  • Page 14 Heating function Application Moist Fan Baking To prepare baked goods in tin on one shelf posi- tion. To save energy during cooking. This function must be used in accordance with the cooking ta- bles in order to achieve the desired cooking re- sult.
  • Page 15 ENGLISH Heating function Application Steam Regenerating Food reheating with steam prevents surface dry- ing. Heat is distributed in a gentle and even way, which allows to recover taste and aroma of food as just prepared. This function can be used to re- heat food directly on a plate.
  • Page 16 Food Category: Oven Dishes Dish Dish Spare Ribs Lasagne Pork Knuckle, pre- Lasagne/Cannello- cooked ni, frozen Pork Joint Pasta Loin of Pork Potato Gratin Vegetables au Gra- Pork Loin of Pork Loin of Pork, smoked Sweet Dishes Pork Neck...
  • Page 17 ENGLISH Food Category: Bread/Rolls Dish Dish Madeira Cake Rolls Tarte Rolls Rolls, pre-baked Swiss Tarte, sweet Rolls, frozen Almond Cake Ciabatta Muffins Baguette, pre- baked Pastry Baguette Baguette, frozen Pastry Stripes Bread Crown Cream Puffs White Bread Puff Pastry Yeast Plait Eclairs Brown Bread Macaroons...
  • Page 18 4. Select a heating function. CAUTION! The appliance is hot. 5. Press to confirm. There is a risk of burns. 6. Set the temperature. 9. After Steam Cooking steam can 7. Press to confirm. condensate on the bottom of the cavity.
  • Page 19: Clock Functions

    ENGLISH 7. CLOCK FUNCTIONS 7.1 Clock functions table Clock function Application Minute Minder To set a countdown (max. 2 h 30 min). This function has no effect on the operation of the appliance. You can also activate it when the appliance is deactivated.
  • Page 20: Automatic Programmes

    The function stays on if you change the 1. When the cooking time ends, an heating functions. acoustic signal sounds. Press any symbol. 7.4 Time Extension The display shows the message. 2. Press to activate or to cancel. The function: Time Extension makes the 3.
  • Page 21 ENGLISH Food categories: meat, poultry WARNING! and fish There is a risk of burns as the food sensor becomes hot. 1. Activate the appliance. Be careful when you unplug 2. Insert the tip of the food sensor into it and remove it from the the centre of meat or fish, in the food.
  • Page 22 The display shows the food sensor symbol. 6. Press in less than 5 seconds to set the food core temperature. 7. Set a heating function and, if necessary, the oven temperature. 8. To change the food core temperature, press...
  • Page 23: Additional Functions

    ENGLISH 9.4 Trivet and Grill- / Roasting Put the wire shelf on the telescopic runners so that the feet point downwards. WARNING! The high rim around the wire Be careful when you remove shelf is a special device to the accessories from a hot prevent the cookware from appliance.
  • Page 24 Saving a programme 1. Touch to activate the display. 2. Touch at the same time 1. Activate the appliance. until the display shows a message. 2. Set a heating function or an To deactivate the Child Lock function automatic programme.
  • Page 25: Hints And Tips

    ENGLISH 10.6 Brightness of the display • Function Lock is on when There are two modes of display the heating function brightness: operates. • Night brightness - when the appliance • The menu: Basic Settings is deactivated, the brightness of the lets you activate and display is lower between 10 PM and 6 deactivate the function:...
  • Page 26 Dough Proving Defrost You can use this automatic function with Remove the food packaging and put the any recipe for yeast dough you like. It food on a plate. Do not cover the food gives you a good atmosphere for rising.
  • Page 27: Tips On Baking

    ENGLISH Food Temperature (°C) Time (min) Shelf position Ready-to-bake 25 - 35 baguettes, 40 - 50 g, frozen 11.4 Steam Regenerating Food Temperature (°C) Time (min) Shelf position One-plate dishes 120 - 130 15 - 20 Pasta 120 - 130 15 - 20 Rice 120 - 130...
  • Page 28: Baking On One Level

    Baking results Possible cause Remedy The cake is too dry. The oven temperature is too The next time you bake, set low. a higher oven temperature. The cake is too dry. The baking time is too long. The next time you bake, set a shorter baking time.
  • Page 29 ENGLISH Food Function Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Cheesecake Conventional 170 - 190 60 - 90 Cooking 1) Preheat the oven. Cakes / pastries / breads on baking trays Food Function Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Plaited bread / Conventional 170 - 190 30 - 40...
  • Page 30 Food Function Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Yeast cakes with Conventional 40 - 80 160 - 180 delicate top- Cooking pings (e.g. quark, cream, custard) 1) Preheat the oven. 2) Use a deep pan. Biscuits Food Function Temperature...
  • Page 31 ENGLISH Food Function Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Small cakes / Conventional 20 - 30 Small cakes (20 Cooking per tray) 1) Preheat the oven. 11.8 Bakes and gratins Food Function Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Pasta bake Conventional 180 - 200 45 - 60...
  • Page 32 Food Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Apple cake, made with 160 - 170 70 - 80 sponge mixture (round cake tin) White bread 190 - 200 55 - 70 11.10 Multilevel Baking Use the function: True Fan Cooking.
  • Page 33: Pizza Setting

    ENGLISH Food Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) 2 positions 3 positions Small cakes / 23 - 40 1 / 4 Small cakes (20 per tray) 1) Preheat the oven. 11.11 Pizza Setting Food Temperature (°C) Time (min) Shelf position Pizza (thin crust) 15 - 25 1)2)
  • Page 34: Roasting Tables

    – baste large roasts and poultry with their juices several times during roasting. 11.13 Roasting tables Beef Food Quantity Function Tempera- Time (min) Shelf posi- ture (°C) tion Pot roast 1 - 1.5 kg Convention- 120 - 150 al Cooking...
  • Page 35 ENGLISH Lamb Food Quantity Function Temperature Time (min) Shelf posi- (kg) (°C) tion Leg of lamb / 1 - 1.5 Turbo Grill- 150 - 170 100 - 120 Roast lamb Saddle of 1 - 1.5 Turbo Grill- 160 - 180 40 - 60 lamb Game...
  • Page 36: Frozen Foods

    11.14 Grilling • Grill only flat pieces of meat or fish. • Always preheat the empty oven with • Always grill with the maximum the grill functions for 5 minutes. temperature setting. CAUTION! • Set the shelf into the shelf position as Always grill with the oven recommended in the grilling table.
  • Page 37: Slow Cooking

    ENGLISH Food Temperature (°C) Time (min) Shelf position French Fries, thick 190 - 210 20 - 30 Wedges / Cro- 190 - 210 20 - 40 quettes Hash Browns 210 - 230 20 - 30 Lasagne / Cannello- 170 - 190 35 - 45 ni, fresh Lasagne / Cannello-...
  • Page 38 4. Select the function: Slow Cooking and set the correct end core temperature. Food Quantity (kg) Temperature Time (min) Shelf position (°C) Roast beef 1 - 1.5 120 - 150 Fillet of beef 1 - 1.5 90 - 150 Roast veal 1 - 1.5...
  • Page 39 ENGLISH oven or decrease the temperature to 100 °C (see the table). Soft fruit Food Temperature (°C) Cooking time until Continue to cook at simmering (min) 100 °C (min) Strawberries / Blue- 160 - 170 35 - 45 berries / Raspber- ries / Ripe gooseber- ries Stone fruit...
  • Page 40 Food Temperature Time (h) Shelf position (°C) 1 position 2 positions Herbs 40 - 50 2 - 3 1 / 4 Fruit Food Temperature Time (h) Shelf position (°C) 1 position 2 positions Plums 60 - 70 8 - 10...
  • Page 41 ENGLISH Pork Food core temperature (°C) Less Medium More Ham, Roast Chop (saddle), Smoked pork loin, Smoked loin poached Veal Food core temperature (°C) Less Medium More Roast veal Knuckle of veal Mutton / lamb Food core temperature (°C) Less Medium More Leg of mutton...
  • Page 42: Care And Cleaning

    Fish (salmon, trout, zander) Food core temperature (°C) Less Medium More Fish (whole / large / steamed), Fish (whole / large / roasted) Casseroles - Precooked vegeta- Food core temperature (°C) bles Less Medium More Zucchini Casserole, Broccoli Casserole,...
  • Page 43 ENGLISH You can buy our products at CAUTION! and at the best If there are other appliances retailer shops. installed in the same cabinet, do not use them 12.3 Removing the shelf when the function Cleaning supports operates. It can cause damage to the appliance.
  • Page 44: Cleaning Reminder

    The duration of this part is WARNING! around 1 hour 40 minutes. After the pyrolytic cleaning is finished, the appliance is 8. After the end of the first part, empty very hot. There is a risk of the grill- / roasting pan and put it on burns.
  • Page 45 ENGLISH Select the function from the menu: Cleaning. The user interface will guide you through the procedure. The duration of the function is around 30 minutes. The light in this function is off. 1. Put the baking tray on the first shelf position.
  • Page 46: Replacing The Lamp

    12.11 Replacing the lamp Put a cloth on the bottom of the interior of the appliance. It prevents damage to the lamp glass cover and the cavity. WARNING! Danger of electrocution! Disconnect the fuse before you replace the lamp.
  • Page 47: Troubleshooting

    ENGLISH 13. TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. 13.1 What to do if... Problem Possible cause Remedy You cannot activate or oper- The oven is not connected Check if the oven is correctly ate the oven. to an electrical supply or it is connected to the electrical connected incorrectly.
  • Page 48 Problem Possible cause Remedy Steam and condensation You left the dish in the oven Do not leave the dishes in settle on the food and in the for too long. the oven for longer than 15 - cavity of the oven.
  • Page 49: Energy Efficiency

    Product number (PNC) ......... Serial number (S.N.) ......... 14. ENERGY EFFICIENCY 14.1 Product Fiche and information according to EU 65-66/2014 Supplier's name BSE774320M Model identification BSK774320M Energy Efficiency Index 81.2 Energy efficiency class Energy consumption with a standard load, conven- 0.99 kWh/cycle...
  • Page 50: Environmental Concerns

    Residual heat Moist Fan Baking If a programme with the Duration or End Function designed to save energy during Time selection is activated and the cooking. It operates in such a way that cooking time is longer than 30 minutes,...
  • Page 51 ENGLISH...
  • Page 52