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Command Block Format; Sdap Packets - Sony PVM-740 Interface Manual For Programmers

Professional video monitor.
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• When a communication error occurs, the monitor
discards the data it has received up to that point and
waits for a new command.
• When an SDCP packet has a problem:
Monitors are response-oriented. Sending return data
after the communication takes place inside the
monitor results in an error that delays the response.
Therefore, the monitor returns an SDCP packet
indicating that the command was successfully
processed as soon as it receives a command, even if
the data area of the SDCP packet has a problem. If the
SDCP packet has a problem in areas other than the
data area, an appropriate SDCP packet is returned.
For status sensing, normal operations are also
implemented as response-oriented operations.
Therefore, the monitor returns some data even if non-
existent data are status-sensed.

Command Block Format

SDAP Packets

This section describes the structure of SDAP packets.
As shown in the following diagram, various information
is bundled into a packet starting from the header. Each
field is described in the subsequent paragraphs.
Structure of an SDAP packet
Header (4)
SDAP packet version 4 includes all of the fields
comprising version 3, which is used for the SONY SRX
projector, plus Group ID and Unit ID.
The Header uses four bytes: two bytes for the 16-bit ID
and a byte each for the 8-bit Version and Category.
Structure of the SDAP header
Byte 0, 1
Byte 2
ID (2 bytes)
Version (1 byte)
ID: Fixed to "DA".
Product Name (12)
Connection IP (4)
Acceptable IP-1 (4)
Acceptable IP-4 (4)
Byte 3
Category (1 byte)
0Bh / 0Ch
• When broadcasting cursor or knob operations are
performed from the menu using UDP, make sure to
have an interval of 50 milliseconds between each
command (BKM-15R issues a command every 100
milliseconds.) Time-consuming operations such as
the white balance adjustment require longer intervals.
Commands received before the previous process
finishes are placed in a queue, but subsequent
commands are discarded once the queued commands
reach a certain number.
Wait time for return data
The wait time for the host to receive return data from the
monitor after it issued an SDCP packet is in the range of
4 to 8 milliseconds when using a 10base-T connection,
assuming that no communication failure occurs.
Serial No(4)
Power Status (2)
Acceptable IP-2 (4)
Error (2)
Region (24)
Group ID (1)
Version: Indicates the version number of the protocol.
It is fixed to 04h (version 4.)
Category: Indicates the category number of the display
device. For a monitor, it is fixed to 0Bh. For a monitor
controller, it s fixed to 0Ch.
Contains a 4-byte string indicating the community name
specified for the device. It is set to "SONY".
Device information
Product Name : Name of the device (up to 12
If the name is shorter than 12 characters, 00h is inserted
to fill in the space.
Serial No.: Serial number of the device (hexadecimal
Location (24)
Acceptable IP-3 (4)
Name (24)
Unit ID (1)
Command Block Format


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