How To Use; Getting Started; Using Steaming Baskets - Black & Decker hs1050 User Manual

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Available languages

Available languages

Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
† 1. Lid with handles (Part # HS1050-01)
2. Steam vents
† 3. Upper basket tray with built-in egg holders (Part # HS1050-02)
† 4. Upper steaming basket (Part # HS1050-03)
† 5. Lower basket tray with built-in egg holders (Part # HS1050-04)
† 6. Lower steaming basket (Part # HS1050-05)
† 7. Drip tray with built-in Flavor Scenter
8. External water-fill inlet
9. Heating element (not shown)
10. Water reservoir (not shown)
11. Water window with Min/Max level markings
12. 75-minute timer
13. Unit base
14. Power indicator light
† 15. 5-cup rice bowl (Part # HS1050-06) (not shown)
16. Cooking chart (behind base; not shown)
Note: † indicates consumer replaceable/removable parts
screen (Part # HS1050-07) (not shown)

How to Use

This appliance is for household use only.


• Remove packing materials and any stickers from the unit.
• Please go to to register your warranty.
• Wash all parts as instructed in the CARe And CleAnIng section of this manual.
• Select a location for the unit. do not place unit directly under cabinets or too close
to the wall to allow steam to escape without damaging counter space or cabinets.
1. Place the drip tray onto the base of the unit.
Important: To avoid water overflow, the drip tray must be in place before filling the
water reservoir.
2. Pour water into the water-fill inlet up to the Max marking on the water window. do
not overfill.
• Water should never go below the Min level on the water window.
• do not add any salt, pepper, seasoning, herbs, beer, wine or any other liquid to the
water reservoir.
• during the cooking cycle, check the water window. If water level is low, add cold
tap water to the water-fill inlet as needed. This will ensure continuous steaming.
3. Place herbs or spices in Flavor Scenter
Note: You can also use the drip tray without adding herbs to the Flavor Scenter


You can arrange your steaming baskets according to the amount of food you are
Caution: Use pot holders when removing the lid or lifting the steaming basket, drip
tray or rice bowl. Lift the lid away from your face and body to avoid escaping steam.
Cooking with One Steaming Basket
1. Place either basket onto the drip tray.
2. Place food in the steaming basket. You can also cook up to 6 eggs by inserting an
egg into each indentation on built-in egg holders.
3. Cover the steaming basket with the lid, making sure it fits securely in place.
Follow steps 4-6 on page 6.
Cooking with Two Steaming Baskets
1. Fill both baskets with desired foods. Always place more solid foods or foods that
take longer to cook in lower basket.
2. Place lower basket onto drip tray. Place upper basket on top of lower basket.
3. Cover the steaming basket so that the lid handles line up over the basket handles.
Make sure the lid tabs fit properly into the steaming basket openings.
4. Plug the power cord into wall outlet and set the timer for the desired cooking time,
up to 75 minutes. Power indicator light will illuminate. When the time is up, a bell
rings, the power indicator light goes out and the unit automatically shuts off.
5. When cooking is finished, unplug the unit and remove food immediately to avoid
6. Use inverted lid to hold hot steaming basket.
Caution: Use pot holders when removing the lid or lifting the steaming basket, drip
tray or rice bowl. Lift the lid away from your face and body to avoid escaping steam.
if you

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents