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Kenwood DMX7017DABS Instruction Manual

Monitor with dvd receiver
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© 2017 JVC KENWOOD Corporation
• Updated information (the latest Instruction Manual, system updates, new
functions, etc.) is available from
B5A-1731-00 b (E)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MONITOR WITH DVD RECEIVER DDX9717BTS MONITOR WITH RECEIVER DMX7017DABS DMX7017BTS INSTRUCTION MANUAL • Updated information (the latest Instruction Manual, system updates, new functions, etc.) is available from <>. © 2017 JVC KENWOOD Corporation B5A-1731-00 b (E)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before Use Precautions ..............4 Connecting a USB device ........22 How to read this manual ......... 5 USB Basic Operation ..........22 Search Operation ............24 Basic Operations iPod/iPhone Functions of the Buttons on the Front Panel ... 6 Turning on the Unit ........... 7 Preparation ..............25 Initial Settings ..............
  • Page 3 Bluetooth Control Remote control Information for using Bluetooth® devices ..43 Battery Installation ...........71 Register from the Bluetooth unit ......44 Functions of the Remote control Buttons ..72 Bluetooth Setup ............45 Connection/Installation Playing Bluetooth Audio Device ......47 Using Hands-Free Unit ..........49 Before Installation ............75 Hands-Free Setup .............53 Installing the unit .............77 Other External Components...
  • Page 4: Before Use

    Called • When you purchase optional accessories, lens fogging, this condensation on the lens check with your KENWOOD dealer to make may not allow discs to play. In such a situation, sure that they work with your model and in remove the disc and wait for the condensation your area.
  • Page 5: How To Read This Manual

    Before Use How to read this manual • This unit can only play the CDs with • The screens and panels shown in this manual are • This unit may not correctly play discs which do examples used to provide clear explanations of the not have the mark.
  • Page 6: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Functions of the Buttons on the Front Panel DDX9717BTS DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS NOTE • The panels shown in this guide are examples used to provide clear explanations of the operations. For this reason, they may be different from the actual panels.
  • Page 7: Turning On The Unit

    Basic Operations Number Name Motion • Displays the Angle Adjust screen. – DISC EJECT: Ejects the disc. • When the panel is opened, pressing closes the panel. • To forcibly eject the disc, press it for 2 seconds and touch [Yes] after the message is displayed.
  • Page 8: Initial Settings

    Basic Operations Initial Settings Display ■ Set the button illumination color. If it is hard to see the image on the screen Initial setup even after adjusting the front panel angle, adjust the viewing angle. Perform this setup when you use this unit first 1 Touch [Display.
  • Page 9 Basic Operations Security Code Setup Enter the same code again and touch [Enter]. You can set up a security code to protect your Now, your security code is registered. receiver system against theft. When the Security Code function is activated, NOTE the code cannot be changed and the function •...
  • Page 10: Adjusting The Volume

    Basic Operations Set each item as follows. Scroll the page to show the item. Off Position ■ You can store the current monitor angle as the angle during power off. Touch [Memory] Clock ■ when the desired angle is selected. GPS-SYNC (Default): Synchronizes the clock time with the GPS.
  • Page 11: Home Screen Descriptions

    Basic Operations HOME screen descriptions Source selection screen descriptions Most functions can be performed from the HOME screen. You can display all playback sources and options on the source selection screen. • Displays the control screen of current source. • Changes the playback source. •...
  • Page 12: Source Control Screen

    Basic Operations To select the playback source on the • Plays an iPod/iPhone. (P.25) HOME screen • Plays files on a USB device. (P.22) • Switches to the Spotify. (P.32) • Plays a device connected to the HDMI/ (P.56) MHL input terminal.* •...
  • Page 13: Source Control Screen Descriptions

    Basic Operations Put the unit in standby Source control screen descriptions Touch [ ] on the HOME screen. There are some functions which can be Touch [STANDBY]. operated from most screens. Indicators Customize Short-cut buttons on HOME screen Short-cut buttons You can arrange the position of the source icons as you like.
  • Page 14: Popup Menu

    Basic Operations Popup menu Secondary screen • [ ] [ ] : The Secondary screen changes every time you touch it. You can also change the Press the [MENU] button. Secondary screen by flicking left or right on the screen. •...
  • Page 15: List Screen

    Basic Operations List screen There are some common function keys in the list screens of most sources. Displays list type selection window. Displays music/movie file list. Text scroll Scrolls the displayed text. etc. Keys with various functions are displayed here. •...
  • Page 16: Disc

    Disc Disc (DDX9717BTS) Playing a disc DVD/ VCD Basic Operation Ñ Most functions can be controlled from the Insert a disc source control screen and playback screen. Press the [G] button. NOTE • Set the remote control mode switch to DVD mode before starting operation for DVD and VCD, see Switch the operation mode (P.72).
  • Page 17 Disc • [ ] : Repeats the current content. Each time Searching area you touch the key, repeat mode switches in Touch to search the next/previous content. the following sequence; Key display area DVD: Title repeat ( ), Chapter repeat ), Repeat off ( Touch to display the control screen.
  • Page 18: Music Cd/ Disc Media Basic Operation

    Disc [PBC] (VCD only) random mode switches in the following sequence; Turn Playback control (PBC) on or off. Track random ( ) (Music CD only), Folder Audio] (VCD only) random ( ) (Disc media only), Random off Change the audio output channel. Track information Music CD/ Disc media Basic Displays the information of the current track/ file.
  • Page 19: Search Operation

    Disc Search Operation (Disc media Video screen only) You can search music or video files by the following operations. NOTE • If you use a remote control, you can jump directly to the desired track with entering the track number. For details, see Direct search mode Searching file area (Video file only) (P.72).
  • Page 20: Dvd Disc Menu Operation

    Disc DVD Disc Menu Operation Switches the picture angle ■ Touch [Angle]. Each time you touch this key, picture angle is switched. You can set up some items in the DVD-VIDEO disc menu. * These keys may not function depending on Touch illustrated area during playback.
  • Page 21: Dvd Setup

    Disc DVD Setup Screen Ratio ■ Sets the screen display mode. 16:9 (Default): Displays wide pictures. You can set up the DVD playback functions. 4:3 LB: Displays wide pictures in the Letter Touch illustrated area during playback. Box format (having black stripes at the top and bottom of screen).
  • Page 22: Usb

    Connecting a USB device USB Basic Operation Most functions can be controlled from the Connect the USB device with the USB source control screen and playback screen. cable. (P.82) NOTE • Set the remote controller mode switch to AUD mode before starting operation, see Switch the operation mode (P.72).
  • Page 23 Video screen [Function bar • 1] : Searches track/file. For details on search operation, see Search Operation (P.24). • E] [F] : Searches the previous/next track/ file. Touch and hold to fast forward or fast backward. (It will be cancelled automatically after about 50 seconds.) •...
  • Page 24: Search Operation

    Ñ Search Operation Link search You can search a file of same artist/album/ You can search music or video files by the genre as the current track. following operations. Touch [Link Search]. Touch [1]. Touch the desired tag type. You can select Touch [S].
  • Page 25: Ipod/Iphone

    Connect the iPod/iPhone using KCA- iP103. (P.82) NOTE • Latest compatible list of iPod/iPhone. For details, Press the [HOME] button. see Touch [ • By connecting your iPod/iPhone to this unit with an optional accessory iPod connection cable Touch [iPod]. (P.11) KCA-iP103, you can supply power to your iPod/ iPhone as well as charge it while playing music.
  • Page 26: Ipod/Iphone Basic Operation

    iPod/iPhone Touch [AV]. Track information h AV screen appears. • Displays the information of the current file. Touch [iPod Bluetooth Connection]. • Touch to display the category list screen. See Category search (P.27). Bluetooth (Default): Output sound using a Bluetooth device. [Function bar Bluetooth+HDMI: Output sound using an •...
  • Page 27: Search Operation

    iPod/iPhone Ñ Search Operation Link search You can search a file of same artist/album/ You can search music files by the following genre/composer as the current track. operations. Touch [Link Search]. Touch [1]. Touch the desired tag type. You can select Touch [S].
  • Page 28: Apps-Android Auto™/Apple Carplay/Mirroring

    Mirroring operating on Android. Touch [HDMI Mirroring]. (P.11) Preparation Touch [Agree]. • Install the latest version of the KENWOOD Smartphone Control application on your Android. Search for “KENWOOD Smartphone Control” in Google play to find and install the most current version.
  • Page 29: Apple Carplay Operation

    CarPlay takes the things Preparation you want to do with iPhone while driving and • Install the latest version of the KENWOOD Music displays them on the screen of the product. Control application on your Android.
  • Page 30 APPS—Android Auto™/Apple CarPlay/Mirroring Ñ Ñ Operation buttons and Use Siri available Apps on the home You can activate Siri. screen of CarPlay Press the [ ] button for 1 second. You can use the Apps of the connected iPhone. The items displayed and the language used Press for 1 second on the screen differ among the connected devices.
  • Page 31: Android Auto™ Operation

    APPS—Android Auto™/Apple CarPlay/Mirroring Android Auto™ Operation Android Auto enables you to use functions of your Android device convenient for driving. You can easily access route guidance, make calls, listen to music, and access convenient functions on the Android device while driving. For details about Android Auto, visit https:// and https://support.
  • Page 32: Spotify Operation

    APPS—Android Auto™/Apple CarPlay/Mirroring Spotify Operation Content information Displays the information of the current content You can listen to the Spotify on this unit by being played. controlling the application installed in the ] / [ ] / [ ] / [ iPhone or Android.
  • Page 33 APPS—Android Auto™/Apple CarPlay/Mirroring About Spotify® iPhone or iPod touch • Install the latest version of the Spotify application on your iPhone or iPod touch. (Search for “Spotify” in the Apple App Store to find and install the most recent version.) Android™...
  • Page 34: Radio

    Radio Radio Radio Basic Operation after another. • [MANUAL]: Switches to the next frequency manually. Most functions can be controlled from the source control screen. Function bar To enter Radio source, touch [Radio] icon in • [E] [F] : Tunes in a station. The method of the source selection screen.
  • Page 35: Memory Operation

    Radio Ñ Function panel Memory Operation Touch on the left side of the screen. Ñ Auto memory You can store stations with good reception in memory automatically. Touch desired band key. The functions of each key are as follows. Touch on the left side of the screen. TI] (FM only) Touch [AME].
  • Page 36: Selecting Operation

    Radio Selecting Operation Traffic Information (FM only) Ñ You can listen and watch the traffic Preset select information automatically when a traffic You can list and select memorized station. bulletin starts. However, this feature requires a Radio Broadcast Data System that includes the Touch on the right side of the screen.
  • Page 37: Tuner Setup

    Radio Tuner Setup You can set tuner related parameters. Touch on the left side of the screen. Touch [SETUP]. h Radio SETUP screen appears. Set each item as follows. NEWS ■ Sets a news bulletin interrupt time. Default is “OFF”. ■...
  • Page 38: Dab

    (DMX7017DABS) DAB Basic Operation • [AUTO1]: Tunes in a ensemble with good reception automatically. • [AUTO2]: Tunes in ensemble in memory one Most functions can be controlled from the after another. source control screen. • [MANUAL]: Switches to the next ensemble To enter DAB source, touch [DAB] icon in the manually.
  • Page 39: Storing Service In Preset Memory

    Ñ Function panel Storing Service in Preset Memory Touch on the left side of the screen. You can store the current receiving service in memory. Select a service you wish to store in memory. Touch on the right side of the screen. The functions of each key are as follows.
  • Page 40: Service Search

    Ñ Ñ Search by program type Service search You can tune to a station with a specific You can select a service from a list of all program type when listening to Digital Radio. services received. Touch on the left side of the screen. Touch [1].
  • Page 41: Traffic Information

    Traffic Information Replay You can listen and watch the traffic You can replay last 30 minutes of current information automatically when a traffic station. bulletin starts. However, this feature requires a Touch on the left side of the screen. Digital Radio that includes the TI information. Touch [Instant Replay].
  • Page 42: Dab Setup

    DAB Setup [Related Service] ■ When you select ON, the unit switches to a related service (if exists) when a DAB service You can set Digital Radio related parameters. network is not available. Touch on the left side of the screen. Default is “OFF”.
  • Page 43: Bluetooth Control

    • For the cell-phones verified for compatibility, unit depending on the Bluetooth version of the access the following URL: device. • This unit may not work for some Bluetooth • The units supporting the Bluetooth function have devices. been certified for conformity with the Bluetooth •...
  • Page 44: Register From The Bluetooth Unit

    Bluetooth Control Register from the Bluetooth Step 2: Connection settings unit • When the HFP profile is supported, Hands Free 1 or 2 is automatically selected for connection, proceeding to the next step. It is necessary to register the Bluetooth audio •...
  • Page 45: Bluetooth Setup

    Bluetooth Control Bluetooth Setup Step 3: Phonebook transfer Select if you want to transfer your phonebook data. Press the [MENU] button. This message appears if the device h Popup menu appears. supports PBAP. Touch [SETUP]. h SETUP Menu screen appears. Touch [Bluetooth].
  • Page 46 Bluetooth Control Ñ Connect the Bluetooth unit NOTE • If a device has been paired, the Bluetooth unit Touch [Select Device] in the Bluetooth cannot be connected from the paired device. SETUP screen. To delete the registered Bluetooth unit Touch [Delete]. Touch the device name you want to connect.
  • Page 47: Playing Bluetooth Audio Device

    Bluetooth Control Ñ Change the PIN code Playing Bluetooth Audio Device Touch [PIN Code] in the Bluetooth SETUP screen. Most function can be controlled from the h PIN Code Set screen appears. source control screen. To enter Bluetooth source, touch [Bluetooth] Input the PIN code.
  • Page 48: The Meanings Of Each Icon Are As Follows

    Bluetooth Control Touch the device name you want to Function panel connect. Touch on the left side of the screen to display the function panel. Touch again to close the panel. • BT DEVICE CHANGE] : Selects the device to connect via Bluetooth audio (A2DP) or APP (SPP).
  • Page 49: Using Hands-Free Unit

    Bluetooth Control Using Hands-Free Unit ● Select the cell-phone to use When you connect two cell-phones You can use telephone function by connecting 1) Touch [ ] to select the phone the Bluetooth telephone to this unit. you want to use. ●...
  • Page 50: Voice Recognition

    Bluetooth Control Call using the preset number Select the phone number from the list. Touch [ Touch the Name or phone number. NOTE • You can set the list to arrange in the order of last name or first name. For details, see Hands-Free Setup (P.53).
  • Page 51 Bluetooth Control Ñ Receive a call ● Adjust the receiver volume Press the [S] or [R] button. Touch [ ] to answer a phone call or ] to reject an incoming call. ● Mute your voice Touch [ ] to mute or not to mute your voice. ●...
  • Page 52: Phone Number Preset

    Bluetooth Control Ñ Ñ Phone number preset Phonebook transfer You can register frequently used phone You can transfer the phonebook in your numbers to this unit. Bluetooth smartphone via PBAP. Touch [ Touch [ Touch [Edit]. Touch [ h The phonebook data transmission starts. Phonebook deletion Select where to preset.
  • Page 53: Hands-Free Setup

    Bluetooth Control Hands-Free Setup Auto Response* ■ Sets an automatic response time to pick-up an incoming call. You can perform various setup about OFF (Default): Automatic response is not handsfree function. available. Press the [MENU] button. 1/ 5/ 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30: Set calling ring h Popup menu appears.
  • Page 54: Other External Components

    Other External Components Other External Components Ñ Camera Setup View Camera Press the [MENU] button. NOTE h Popup menu appears. • To connect a camera, see P.81. Touch [SETUP]. • To use a rear view camera, a REVERSE lead connection is required. (P.79) h SETUP Menu screen appears.
  • Page 55: Use Dashboard Camera

    Dashboard Camera ■ Use Dashboard Camera (DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS) ON: Select this when the dashboard camera is connected. A Dashboard Camera, DRV-N520 (optional OFF (Default): Select this when no camera is accessory), connected to this unit lets you play connected.
  • Page 56: External Audio/Video Players-Av-In

    Other External Components TV tuner (DDX9717BTS) Camera off Touch to exit the camera screen. You can connect the TV tuner (commercially Key display available) with this unit and watch TV. Touch to display the dashboard camera Preparation control buttons. • When you use TV control function, connect the TV tuner (commercially available) and set 3rd External audio/video players—...
  • Page 57: Setting Up

    Setting Up Setting Up Monitor Screen Setup System Setup You can adjust image quality in video, menu NOTE screen, etc. • Each operation in this section can be started from Press the [MENU] button. the multi function menu. h Popup menu appears. Press the [MENU] button.
  • Page 58: User Interface Setup

    Displays the vehicle information. Touch [Clock Adjust] in the User Interface This function requires a commercial adaptor. screen. Consult your KENWOOD dealer for details. Adjust the date, then adjust the time. Beep for Parking distance control* ■ Sets whether to generate a warning tone when the onboard proximity sensor detects a human or object.
  • Page 59: Special Setup

    Setting Up Ñ Touch panel adjustment SETUP Memory ■ Locks or unlocks the Audio SETUP Memory/ Touch [Touch Panel Adjust] on the User Recall/Clear. Interface screen. Audio SETUP Memory ■ h Touch Panel Adjust screen appears. Memorizes the current audio setting. •...
  • Page 60: Display Setup

    Setting Up Ñ Display Setup Customizing the key color You can set the button illumination color. Press the [MENU] button. Touch [Key Color] in the Display screen. h Popup menu appears. Touch the desired color. Touch [SETUP]. h SETUP screen appears. Touch [Display].
  • Page 61 Setting Up Ñ Change background image or To register original image color You can load an image from the connected USB device and set it for the background image. Touch [Background] in the Display screen. Before operating this procedure, it is necessary Select an image.
  • Page 62: Av Setup

    Setting Up AV Setup You can set AV parameters. Press the [MENU] button. h Popup menu appears. Touch [SETUP]. h SETUP screen appears. Touch [AV]. h AV screen appears. Set each item as follows. iPod Bluetooth Connection ■ (DDX9717BTS) See Select the method of making connections for outputting sound from the iPod source.
  • Page 63: Controlling Audio

    Controlling Audio Controlling Audio Speaker/ X’over setup NOTICE • Each operation in this section can be started from Press the [MENU] button. the multi function menu. h Popup menu appears. You can adjust the various settings such as Touch [Audio]. audio balance or subwoofer level.
  • Page 64 Controlling Audio Tweeter (Only for Front) ■ You can set the tweeter when you are selecting front speakers. None, Small, Medium, Large X’over ■ Displays the speaker crossover setup screen. You can adjust the crossover setup that was set automatically when you selected the speaker type.
  • Page 65: Controlling General Audio

    Controlling Audio FREQ (High Pass) Select the crossover network mode. ■ High Pass Filter adjustment. (When tweeter is selected on Speaker Select screen) HPF FREQ, LPF FREQ (Band Pass) ■ Band Pass Filter adjustment. (When mid range speaker is selected on Speaker Select screen) FREQ (Low Pass) ■...
  • Page 66: Equalizer Control

    Controlling Audio Fader / Balance ALL SRC ■ ■ Adjust the volume balance around the Apply the adjusted equalizer to all sources. Touch [ALL SRC] and then touch [OK] on the touched area. confirmation screen. [C] and [D] adjust the right and left volume balance.
  • Page 67: Volume Offset

    Controlling Audio Volume Offset Zone Control Finely adjust the volume of the current source You can select different sources for both front to minimize the difference in volume between and rear positions in the vehicle. different sources. Press the [MENU] button. Press the [MENU] button.
  • Page 68: Sound Effect

    Controlling Audio Sound Effect NOTE • When the rear speaker sound is switched, the You can set sound effects. audio source that is output at the AV OUTPUT terminal is also switched to the same source. Press the [MENU] button. •...
  • Page 69: Listening Position/ Dta

    Controlling Audio Realizer ■ Virtually makes the sound more realistic using the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) system. Select the level from “OFF”/ “1”/ “2”/ “3”. Stage EQ ■ You can adjust the height of speakers virtually to suit your listening position. “OFF”/ “Low”/ “Middle”/ “High”.
  • Page 70 Controlling Audio Ñ Ñ Front Focus Front Focus fine adjustment This is the function to focus the imaginary Touch [Adjust]. sound image in front of the selected seat. Touch [Delay]. Touch [Front Focus] in the Position/DTA screen. Set each item as follows. Select a front focus position.
  • Page 71: Remote Control

    Remote control Remote control This unit can be operated using the remote Battery Installation control KNA-RCDV331 (optional accessory). If the remote control operates only over # CAUTION shorter distances or does not operate at all, it is possible that the batteries are depleted. •...
  • Page 72: Functions Of The Remote Control Buttons

    Remote control Ñ Functions of the Remote Direct search mode control Buttons Using the remote control, you can jump directly to the desired file, track chapter, etc. with entering the number corresponding to Ñ Switch the operation mode the content. The functions operated from the remote NOTE control differ depending on the position of the...
  • Page 73 Remote control Mode Function Name switch Switches to the source to be played. In hands-free mode, hangs up the phone. − Switches between the navigation and the source screens. MENU Stops playing and memorizes the last point where the disc stopped. The last point is deleted by pressing twice.
  • Page 74 Remote control Mode Function Name switch AUD, DVD Selects the track or file to be played. During radio source in AUD mode, switches to broadcast stations received by the unit. Numeric Specifies the number to search in direct search. For details on the direct search mode, see Direct search mode (P.72). Keypad •...
  • Page 75: Connection/Installation

    Connection/Installation Connection/Installation Before Installation ignition key. If you connect the ignition wire to a power source with a constant voltage supply, such as with battery wires, the battery may be Before installation of this unit, please note the drained. following precautions. •...
  • Page 76: Installation Procedure

    Connection/Installation Ñ Installation procedure • Do not press hard on the panel surface when installing the unit to the vehicle. Otherwise 1) To prevent a short circuit, remove the key scars, damage, or failure may result. from the ignition and disconnect the ¤ •...
  • Page 77: Installing The Unit

    Connection/Installation Installing the unit Bend the tabs of the NOTE mounting sleeve • Depending on the type of car, reception of the with a screwdriver GPS satellite signals might not be possible with or similar utensil and an inside installation. attach it in place.
  • Page 78: Removing The Unit

    Connection/Installation Ñ Removing the trim plate 3) Lower the extraction key toward the bottom, and pull out the unit halfway while pressing 1) Engage the catch pins on the extraction key towards the inside. (accessory 5) and remove the two locks on the lower level.
  • Page 79: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    Connection/Installation Ñ Connecting wires to terminals A: Black (Ground wire) Fuse (15A) B: Yellow (Battery wire) C: Red (Ignition wire) Connector A Connector B Accessory 1 If no connections are made, do not let the cable come out from the tab. Light Blue/Yellow (Steering remote control wire) To steering remote...
  • Page 80 Connection/Installation Ñ Ñ 3 way speaker system setup Wiring harness (Accessory 1) connector function guide Color and function Yellow Battery Blue/White Power Control Orange/White Dimmer Ignition (ACC) Black Earth (Ground) Connection B-1/ B-2 Purple (+) / Purple/Black (–) Rear Right Subwoofer Preout B-3/ B-4 Gray (+) / Gray/Black (–) Front Right...
  • Page 81: External Components

    Accessory 4: Bluetooth Microphone HDMI/ MHL connector Connect to vehicle’s steering remote harness. DAB antenna CX-DAB1 (Optional accessory) Contact your KENWOOD dealer for details. (DMX7017DABS only) Rear view camera input (Yellow) Use of a CX-DAB1(optional accessory) as a DAB Front view camera/ Dashboard camera input antenna is recommended.
  • Page 82 Connection/Installation Ñ Ñ Connecting a USB device Connecting an iPod/iPhone Accessory 3 (Gray) (1 m) ● Lightning connector Accessory 2 (Black) (1 m) KCA-iP103 (0.8m) Lightning Digital AV USB device Adapter iPod/iPhone KCA-HD100 USB (Gray) terminal (1.8 m) (DDX9717BTS only) KCA-iP103 (0.8m) USB (Black) terminal Accessory 3 (Gray) (1 m)
  • Page 83 USB (Gray) terminal (White, Red) (DDX9717BTS only) USB (Black) terminal AV-IN/ Dashboard Dashboard camera camera input interface (DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS only) Optional accessory Android smartphone (with MHL) KCA-MH100 (1.8 m) KCA-HD100 (1.8 m) Android smartphone (with HDMI) Micro USB to USB cable...
  • Page 84: Troubleshooting

    The antenna control wire is not connected. † Eject the disc and try inserting it again. Contact the † Connect the wire correctly. See Connecting the KENWOOD dealer if this indicator continues blinking system and external components (P.81). or the disc cannot be ejected.
  • Page 85 † Turn the power off and on again. If the “Error 07−67” message does not disappear, see your nearest KENWOOD dealer. No Device (USB device) The USB device is selected as a source although no USB device is connected.
  • Page 86: Appendix

    Appendix Appendix Playable Media and Files You can play various kinds of media and files on this unit. Ñ List of playable discs (DDX9717BTS) Disc types / Standard Support Remark DVD Video DVD Audio × DVD-VR × DVD-R* • MP3/ WMA/ AAC/ WAV/ FLAC/ Vorbis/ MPEG1/ MPEG2/ MPEG4/ H.264/ WMV/ MKV playback •...
  • Page 87 Appendix Ñ About files The following audio, video, and picture files are supported. ■ Playable Audio files Format Bit rate Sampling frequency Bit count AAC-LC (.m4a) MPEG2/4 AAC LC 8 – 320kbps, VBR 16 – 48 kHz 16 bit HE-AAC(V1,V2) MP3 (.mp3) MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer 3 8 –...
  • Page 88: Region Codes In The World

    Appendix Region Codes in the World The DVD players are given a region code according to the country or area it is marketed, as shown in the following map. ■ DVD disc marks ■ Operation regulatory marks With this DVD, some functions of this unit such as the play function may be restricted depending on the location where the DVD is Indicates a region number.
  • Page 89: Dvd Language Codes

    Appendix DVD Language Codes Code Language Code Language Code Language Afar Interlingua Kirundi Abkhazian Interlingue Romanian Afrikaans Inupiak Russian Amharic Indonesian Kinyarwanda Arabic Icelandic Sanskrit Assamese Italian Sindhi Aymara Japanese Sangho Azerbaijani Javanese Serbo-Croatian Bashkir Georgian Singhalese Byelorussian Kazakh Slovak Bulgarian Greenlandic Slovenian...
  • Page 90: Specifications

    : 24/ 32 bit (DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS) : 0.0001 % (1 kHz) Audio Decoder : Linear PCM/ Dolby Digital/ MP3/ WMA/ AAC/ WAV/ S/N Ratio (dB) (DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS) FLAC/ Vorbis : 98.5 dB Video Decoder Dynamic Range (DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS) : MPEG1/ MPEG2/ MPEG4/ WMV/ H.264/ MKV : 89 dB Wow &...
  • Page 91 : 2.402 – 2.480 GHz Subwoofer level Output Power : -50 – +10 dB : +4dBm (MAX), 0dBm (AVE), Power Class2 ■ DAB section (DMX7017DABS) Maximum Communication range : Line of sight approx. 10m (32.8 ft) Frequency Range Audio Codec L-BAND: 1452.960 –...
  • Page 92: Video Section

    : 2 V/ 25 kΩ DDX9717BTS : 182 × 112 × 163 mm Video Input Level (RCA jacks) DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS : 1 Vp-p/ 75 Ω : 182 × 112 × 153 mm Video Output Level (RCA jacks) Operational Temperature Range : 1 Vp-p/ 75 Ω...
  • Page 93: About This Unit

    (“AVC VIDEO”) AND/OR (¡¡)DECODE AVC VIDEO trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any THAT WAS ENCODED BY A CONSUMER ENGAGED use of such marks by JVC KENWOOD Corporation is IN A PERSONAL ACTIVITY AND/OR WAS OBTAINED under license. Other trademarks and trade names are FROM A VIDEO PROVIDER LICENSED TO PROVIDE those of their respective owners.
  • Page 94 Appendix • libFLAC DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, Copyright (C) 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2 OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT 007,2008,2009 Josh Coalson NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR with or without modification, are permitted provided PROFITS;...
  • Page 95 Français Par la présente, JVC KENWOOD déclare que l’ é quipement radio Contact your local authority for details in locating a DDX9717BTS/ DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS est conforme à la recycle facility nearest to you.
  • Page 96 Härmed försäkrar JVC KENWOOD att radioutrustningen DDX9717BTS/ Burada, JVC KENWOOD DDX9717BTS/ DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS DMX7017DABS/ DMX7017BTS är i enlighet med direktiv 2014/53 / EU. radyo ekipmanının 2014/53/AB Direktifine uygun olduğunu bildirir. AB Den fullständiga texten av EU-försäkran om överensstämmelse finns på...