Kenwood R-SG7 Instruction Manual

Fm/am receiver, cd player, cassette tape deck
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Before Applying Power

    Class 1. It means that the unit is utilizing laser beams that are of a weaker class. There is no danger of hazardous radiation outside the unit. Before applying power R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) CLASS 1...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Timer programming ... 46 Knowledge section Important items ... 49 Handling of discs and tapes ... 49 Maintenance ... 50 Reference ... 51 In case of difficulty ... 52 Specifications ... 55 carefully to ensure safe operation. Before applying power R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN)
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    14. Abnormal smell – If an abnormal smell or smoke is detected, immediately turn the power OFF and unplug the appliance from the wall outlet. Contact your dealer or nearest service center. Before applying power R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN)
  • Page 5 1. Item 3 is not required except for grounded or polarized (NEC SECTION 810-21) equipment. 2. Item 17 and 18 are not required except for units provided with antenna terminals. 3. Item 17 complies with UL in the U.S.A. Before applying power R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN)
  • Page 6: The High Grade Micro Component Series

    While some models of the High grade Micro component series have an instruction manual explaining the system operation for R-SG7 (receiver), DP-SG7 (CD player), and X-SG7 (cassette deck), other mod- els have only an operation manual for that model itself. This is done so that the system operation can be done easily even when optional equipment is purchased at a later date.
  • Page 7: Special Features

    When the High grade Micro component series is connected to the system control, input switching with the input selector (TAPE, TUNER, CD, MD) of the R-SG7 will start playback by the selected unit. Reversely, when playback is started from a unit, the input will be switched automatically to this unit.
  • Page 8: System Composition And Installation

    Seen from the front disc loading mechanism When the power of the R-SG7 (receiver) is switched on, the heat generated on the inside is CAUTION radiated to the outside. Always install the R-SG7 on top, and don't place any objects impairing heat radiation onto the top of the unit.
  • Page 9: System Connection

  • Page 10: Connection Of Audio Cord

    OPTICAL high CD sound quality. Remove the cap and connect an optical fiber cable. System connection R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Audio cord (Supplied with R-SG7) Optional record player with internal RIAA equalizer/amp (P-110) or videodeck (etc.). FM75 SYSTEM ANTENNA...
  • Page 11 Be sure to adhere followings. Or proper ventilation will be blocked causing damage or fire hazard. ÷ Install the R-SG7 on the top of the system. ÷ Do not place any objects impairing heat radia- tion onto the top of unit.
  • Page 12: Connection Of Speakers

    ( 6 - 16 ) SUPER WOOFER PRE OUT Super woofer (SW-500) (optional) Extremely low frequency sound is played back powerfully. This can be used with any type of playback. System connection R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ª · FM75 SYSTEM ANTENNA CONTROL PLAY...
  • Page 13: Connection Of System Control Cord

    2.Before plugging or unplugging a connection cord, be sure to unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet. Notes Notes If connection cords are plugged or unplugged with the power cord left plugged in, malfunction or damage may result. System control cord (Supplied with R-SG7) FM75 SYSTEM ANTENNA CONTROL PLAY...
  • Page 14: Controls And Indicators

    AUTO indicator MUTE indicator MUTE AUTO * * * * * * * * Frequency level display and Character information display Receiver R-SG7 stereo integrated amplifier/tuner phones on/standby Cassete deck X-SG7 (optional) stereo auto reverse cassette deck on/standby CD player DP-SG7...
  • Page 15 When the power is ON : The tuning mode is switched. When the power is OFF : Used for clock setting. @ Remote control sensor This is used with the R-SG7 system remote control (RC-R0713E). 6 Stop (7) key ™...
  • Page 16: Remote Control Unit

    (standby). At the time of system connection, the power is switched ON and OFF for the entire system. @ DISPLAY key ™ Switches the display on the AMP/TUNER (R-SG7) (between the clock display and the input display). # RANDOM key ¡¶...
  • Page 17: Operation Of Remote Control Unit

    In such a case, change the installation position to avoid malfunction. 2 Insert batteries. ÷ Insert two R6 (“AA”-size) batteries following the polarity indications. Operating range (approx.) Model: RC-R0713E Infrared ray system Operation of remote control unit R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) 3 Close the cover. Remote sensor 30° 30°...
  • Page 18: Hearing Sound

    ™ 3 TAPE 4 MD 5 AUX 3. Volume adjustment. Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ÷ The entire system can be switched ON and OFF. The (on/standby) key on the remote control has the same function. ÷ The display part becomes dark when the power is switched OFF.
  • Page 19: Listening Through Headphones

    R-SG7 Power Switch Standby When this system is in standby condition (time display for the R-SG7 , STANDBY indication for DP-SG7 , standby indicator lit for X-SG7), a slight current flows for memory protection. At this time also, the remote control can be used for power ON.
  • Page 20: Playback Of Cd

    When the power is ON and a disc has been set in ad- vance to the CD player, playback will start just by set- ting the input selection to CD. Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) To stop playback The label must be on top.
  • Page 21 MD player (DM-SG7) is connected, the disc title and track names appear in the display of the MD player. See the operating instructions for DM-SG7 for details. Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ¡ To forward time : 1 2 3...
  • Page 22: Playback Of Tape

    When the power is ON and a cassette has been set in advance to the cassette deck, playback will start just by setting the input selection to TAPE. Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) To stop playback Side where tape Top side...
  • Page 23 This direction is the direction stored in memory when the tape was last stopped. (To change the direction, press the key for the de- sired playback direction, and then press the 7 key.) Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) (Noise Reduction) Dolby NR Transport direction indicators...
  • Page 24 2 Goes off ... A tape side is played 8 times, ÷ When the 7 key is pressed, playback stops and the dash & play is canceled. Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ¡ : Press once. times, after which playback stops.
  • Page 25 ÷ The program being played will be repeated 16 times, after which normal playback resumes. ÷ When the 7 key is pressed, playback stops and the one- program repeat is canceled. During playback of reverse side (while 2 is lit) Press simultaneously. ¡ Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ¡...
  • Page 26: Receiving Broadcast Station

    : Manual tuning mode (monaural reception) 1 Select the auto or manual tuning mode. Each press alternates the mode. 1“AUTO” lit (Auto tuning) 2“AUTO” not lit (Manual tuning) ÷ Normally, use the AUTO (Auto tuning) mode. Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ¶...
  • Page 27: Collective Presetting Of Stations (Auto Preset)

    About display change during tuner reception (remote control only) The display will change each time the DISPLAY key is pressed. DISPLAY Hearing sound R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) AUTO M E M O “MEMO.” lights (for approx. 5 sec.) AUTO TUNED 8 9 ) )
  • Page 28: Recording

    3. Set the recording condition. 1 Select the reverse mode. 2 Select the DOLBY NR mode. Recording R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ÷ Differentiation between normal (TYPE I) and high (TYPE II) tape is set automati- cally. ÷ Remove tape slack before loading.
  • Page 29: Start Recording

    2 Start recording. ÷ The recording level is adjusted automatically when the CRLS function is used. ÷ Recording stops automatically when the tape side(s) to be recorded have been fully recorded. Recording R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) About 4 sec ¶ ¶ ¶...
  • Page 30 4 Start playback of the CD or MD. (Synchro recording will start.) ÷ The recording is stopped when the stop key of the playback unit is pressed. Recording R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Tune to be re-recorded Re-recording Blank of 4 sec. or more...
  • Page 31: Playback Of Cd

    ÷ When the 4 key is pressed once during playback, the play position returns to the beginning of the current track being played. Playback of CD R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) DP-SG7 TRACK NO. 0 : 0 0 Lights DP-SG7 TRACK NO.
  • Page 32 (which occurs with classical or live recording mu- sic), the spaces will be created if they have different track Nos. ÷ To cancel the creation of space, press the “space” key again. Playback of CD R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) DP-SG7 TRACK NO.
  • Page 33: Repeated Playback

    REPEAT To stop repeated playback Press the “repeat” key again. ÷ The “REPEAT” indicator goes off and the playback following the current mode of the CD player starts. Playback of CD R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) DP-SG7 Lights DP-SG7 REPEAT DP-SG7 0 : 0 0...
  • Page 34: (Random Playback)

    ÷ The random playback can also be repeated by pressing the “repeat” key. To cancel random playback RANDOM ÷ From the track being played at this time, playback will be in the normal order of tracks. Playback of CD R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) DP-SG7...
  • Page 35: Convenient Cd Recording

    One touch recording of an entire CD (ONE TOUCH EDIT...recording of all tracks) Press the O.T.E. (One Touch Edit) key when in the stop mode. The disc will start to be recorded. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) fl ‡ °...
  • Page 36: Giving Preference To The Tape Length

    Press the 7 key to return to the track number of the first track. ÷ The tape and CD stop automatically when recording has completed. Convenient CD recording R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) TRACK NO. TRACK NO. EDIT EDIT A TRACK NO.
  • Page 37: Recording Only Desired Tarcks

    ÷ Playback restarts from the beginning of the track being played and recording starts at the same time. To end recording in the middle º ÷ Both the cassette deck and CD player stop. Convenient CD recording R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) DP-SG7 1 : 0 7 DP-SG7 0 : 0 5...
  • Page 38: One-Touch Recording Of An Entire Cd

    When interruption of a track is to be avoided, restart recording from the very beginning of the reverse side according to “Recording”. To end recording in the middle ÷ Both the cassette deck and CD player stop. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) •...
  • Page 39: Radio Data System)

    If no PS data was sent, “NO PS” is dis played. B B C 2 Frequency Display : The frequency of the current station is displayed. R.D.S. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Lights TUNED AUTO TUNED AUTO TUNED 1 ) 2 5 ) ¶...
  • Page 40: Searching For A Desired Program Type (Pty Search)

    Next program type (¢) PTY SEARCH • The operations shown in A can also be performed with the TUNING keys on the front control. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) (PTY search) Program Type Name Display Pop Music POP M Rock Music ROCK M...
  • Page 41 • If the desired program type is found, that program is received. The program type display changes temporarily to the frequency display, and then to the station name display. R.D.S. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) R-SG7 R-SG7...
  • Page 42: To Be Able To Listen To The Desired Information At Any Time (Eon Reservation)

    EON func- tion, return will be made to the status directly before operation of the EON function. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) (EON reservation) This lights for stations where TP (Traffic Program) can be received.
  • Page 43: Listening With High Sound Quality (Pure A)

    ÷ The volume indication changes to an indication matching the low volume. ∞ ÷ When this is pressed again in pure A mode, normal mode will be obtained. (The pure A indicator goes out.) R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Lights pure R-SG7 R-SG7...
  • Page 44: Clock Adjustment

    ÷ The time display blinks after a power failure or when the power cord has been unplugged from the AC outlet and plugged again. In such a case, adjust the clock again. R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) R-SG7 1 2 ) ) R-SG7...
  • Page 45: Timer Operation

    90 minutes. 90=80=70...30=20=10=Cancel=90=80... SLEEP To cancel Turn the power OFF or press the SLEEP key until the sleep time is cancelled. Timer operation R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ON time display 7 ) ) Lights R-SG7 SLEEP Duration for sleep timer R-SG7 O.T.T.
  • Page 46: Timer Programming

    ÷ The “PROG.” indicator lights. band ÷ When a timer reservation already has been made, the contents will change to the new settings. enter Timer operation R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) ÷ Listening to MD ÷ For recording Set a disc into the Make prepa- MD recorder.
  • Page 47 ÷ If you commit a mistake, restart from step 4. increasing volume P L A Y PROG. T U N E R PROG. PROG. Timer operation R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) 7 ) ) 8 ) ) Timer recording of radio broadcasts 1 Select the mode. volume pure Select “REC”.
  • Page 48 1 ) ) : 5 ÷ The reservation contents are held in memory. 1 ) ) : 5 ÷ Also prepare the disc or tape and adjust the listening volume. Timer operation R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) R-SG7 PROG. Goes off R-SG7 R-SG7 PROG.
  • Page 49: Important Items

    In such a case, insert a pencil into the reel hole and wind the reel hub to remove the slack. 2. Endless tapes Do not use an endless tape, as this could damage the mechanism of the unit. Important Items R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN)
  • Page 50: Maintenance

    (Speakers excluded) to your dealer. Demagnetizing the head When the recording / playback head is magnetized, the sound quality will deteriorate. In such a case, demagnetize the head using a commercially available demagnetizer (head eraser). Important Items R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN)
  • Page 51: Reference

  • Page 52: In Case Of Difficulty

    ÷ Car ignition noise. ÷ Influence of an electric appliance. ÷ A TV set is installed near the sys- tem. In case of difficulty R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Remedy ÷ Connect properly referring to “System connection”. ÷ Adjust to an required volume.
  • Page 53 ÷ A tape recorded with Dolby NR ON is played with Dolby NR OFF. ÷ The capstans or pinch rollers are dirty. ÷ The tape is wound irregularly. In case of difficulty R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Remedy ÷ Preset stations with tunable fre- quencies. ÷ Preset stations again.
  • Page 54 ÷ An attempt is made to play the cas- sette deck which is recording some- thing. In case of difficulty R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) Remedy ÷ Use a cassette with an unbroken re- cording protect tab or block the hole. ÷ Select the source to be recorded with the input selector key.
  • Page 55: Specifications

    ... 0.18 V / 1 k General Power consumption ... 45 W Dimensions ... W: 200 mm Weight (net) ... 3.0 kg 1.KENWOOD follows a policy of continuous advancements in development. For this reason specifications may be changed without notice. Notes Notes Notes 2.Sufficient performance may not be possible at very low temperatures (under a water-freezing temperature).
  • Page 56 R-SG7/DP-SG7/X-SG7 (EN) For your records Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your dealer for information or service on this product.

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