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This instruction manual is used to describe models listed below. Model availability and features (functions)
may differ depending on the country and sales area.
© 2015 JVC KENWOOD Corporation
B5A-0859-00 (MN/M2N/XN/NN/A9N)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DDX4016BT DDX316 DDX616WBTM MONITOR WITH DVD RECEIVER INSTRUCTION MANUAL This instruction manual is used to describe models listed below. Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area. © 2015 JVC KENWOOD Corporation B5A-0859-00 (MN/M2N/XN/NN/A9N)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The marking of products using lasers How to read this manual: • Illustrations of DDX6016BT Region 3 are mainly used for explanation. The displays and panels shown in this manual are examples used to provide clear explanations of the operations. For this reason, they may be different from the actual displays or panels.
  • Page 3: How To Reset Your Unit

    Eski elektrik ve elektronik ekipmanlar, English bu ürünleri ve ürün atıklarını Hereby, JVC KENWOOD declares that this unit ❏ How to reset your unit geri dönüştürebilecek bir tesiste “DDX6016BTM/DDX416BTM/DDX616WBTM ” is in değerlendirilmelidir. Yaşadığınız bölgeye...
  • Page 4: Initial Settings

    Display the <Security Code Set> screen. • Press [ ] repeatedly to change the page on the <System> menu screen. The Home screen is displayed. * Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM. <Demonstration> Activate or deactivate the (Page 55) display demonstration. Setting the security function <Language>...
  • Page 5: Clock Settings

    Display the Home screen. security code. Enter the correct security code, then On the monitor panel: press [Enter]. DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM ❏ Activating the security function (only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/ DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/ DDX416BTM/DDX316/ DDX316/DDX316M) DDX316M <NAV>*...
  • Page 6: Basics

    Adjusts the audio volume. (Page 9) * You can change the color of the buttons on the monitor panel. 5 AV/DISP OFF button (Page 50) DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM • Displays the current source control screen. (Press) – When the navigation box is connected, the screen is switched between the current source and the navigation screen.
  • Page 7 BASICS BASICS DDX4016BT 6 TEL/VOICE button 1 Reset button/Power indicator/Security indicator • Displays the phone control screen. (Press) • Resets the unit. (Page 3) (Page 41) • Lights up while the unit is turned on. • Activates voice dialing. (Hold) (Page 42) •...
  • Page 8 BASICS BASICS 4 Volume J/K buttons DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM 8 TEL/VOICE button Adjusts the audio volume. (Page 9) • Displays the phone control screen. (Press) 5 B HOME button (Page 41) • Displays the Home screen. (Press) (Page 11) • Activates voice dialing. (Hold) (Page 42) 9 M (Eject) button •...
  • Page 9: Common Operations

    BASICS BASICS ❏ Adjusting the volume ❏ Adjusting the panel angle (only Common operations for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/ To adjust the volume (00 to 35) ❏ Turning on the power DDX6016BT/ DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM) DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM DDX6016BTM Display the <Angle Adjust> screen. On the Home screen: DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/ •...
  • Page 10: Common Screen Operations

    Source control screen Performs source playback operations. • The operation buttons and information displayed On the monitor panel (only for DDX6016BT/ vary depending on the selected source. DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX316/DDX316M/ DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM): DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM...
  • Page 11 BASICS BASICS Home screen <Setup> screen ❏ Touch screen operations Displays the source control screen and settings Changes the detailed settings. (Page 54) screen. • You can arrange the items to display on the Home screen. (Page 51) 1 Displays the video control menu while playing a video.
  • Page 12: Selecting The Playback Source

    Selectable only when <iPod Setup> is set to [USB 1 iPod/AV-IN input terminal. Wire]. (Page 23) (Page 35) Only for DDX6016BT Region 4/DDX4016BT/DDX616WBT Region 4. [STANDBY] Puts the unit in standby. (Page 10) ❏ Selecting the playback source on the...
  • Page 13: Using Short-cut Buttons

    Display the pop-up short-cut menu. [Screen Displays the picture adjustment Adjustment] screen. (Page 49) DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM [Display OFF] Turns off the screen. (Page 10) [Camera] Displays the picture from the DDX4016BT connected camera. (Page 33) [SETUP] Displays the <Setup>...
  • Page 14: Discs

    1 Media type again into the loading slot to protect it from dust. 2 Playback status DDX616WBT/ 3 Current playback item information (title no./ Closing the monitor panel (only for DDX6016BT/ DDX616WBTM chapter no./folder no./file no./track no.) DDX6016BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM) 4 Playing time...
  • Page 15 DISCS DISCS Operation buttons For audio playback Operation buttons • Available buttons on the screen and operations • Available buttons on the screen and operations differ depending on the type of disc/file being differ depending on the type of disc/file being played back.
  • Page 16 DISCS DISCS ❏ Selecting a folder/track on the list ❏ Video menu operations Displays the disc menu (DVD). [ MENU] [T MENU] You can display the video menu screen during video Displays the disc menu (DVD). playback. [Highlight] Switches to the direct disc menu •...
  • Page 17 DISCS DISCS For VCD To select a track directly on a VCD To select Random playback mode • When playing a VCD with PBC activated, stop playback to deactivate the PBC function, then use the direct selecting buttons to select a track number.
  • Page 18 DISCS DISCS ❏ Setting items <Down Mix> When playing back a multi-channel Settings for disc playback—<DISC disc, this setting affects the signals Mode> <Menu Select the initial disc menu language. reproduced through the front and/or Language> (Initial: English ) (Page 69 ) rear speakers.
  • Page 19: Usb

    Displays the folder/track list. ❏ Indications and buttons on the source Connecting a USB device (Page 20) control screen [S] [T] • Selects a track. (Press) You can connect a USB mass storage class device • Reverse/forward search. (Hold) such as a USB memory, Digital Audio Player etc. to the unit.
  • Page 20 ❏ Settings for USB playback—<USB ❏ Selecting a folder/track on the list <File Type>* Select the playback file type when a Mode> disc contains different types of files. • Audio: Plays back audio files. • Still Image: Plays back picture files. •...
  • Page 21: Android

    • This unit supports the Android™ application Selects repeat playback mode. KENWOOD Music Play. • 1: Repeats the current track. • When you use KENWOOD Music Play, you can • All: Repeats all tracks. search for audio files by Genre, Artist, Album, •...
  • Page 22 Shows/hides artwork of the Android device—<Android Mode> device. <Android • BROWSE MODE : Controls from the Setup> unit (using the KENWOOD Music Play application). • HAND MODE : Controls other media player applications from the Android device (without using the KENWOOD Music Play application).
  • Page 23: Ipod/iphone

    iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone ❏ Selecting the connection method of ❏ Selecting preference settings for iPod/ Preparation iPod/iPhone iPhone playback—<iPod Mode> ❏ Connecting iPod/iPhone Putting the unit in standby. (page 10) • For details about connecting iPod/iPhone, see Display the <System> setting screen. page 64 .
  • Page 24: Control Screen

    iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone Operation buttons ❏ Selecting an audio/video file from the Playback operations Displays the other operation button menu window. When the operation buttons are • To hide the window, press [ not displayed on the screen, touch Displays the <Equalizer> screen. the area shown on the illustration.
  • Page 25: Apps

    DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/ instead of the unit. DDX616WBTM ): Connect the Android/ ❏ Operation buttons on the source * Appears only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ control screen For iPod touch/iPhone: Connect iPod touch/ – Be sure to select the appropriate connection method of iPod touch/iPhone on <iPod Setup>...
  • Page 26: Pandora

    Pandora® Pandora® (Only for (Only for DDX6016BT Region 4/DDX4016BT/DDX616WBT Region 4 DDX6016BT Region 4/DDX4016BT/DDX616WBT Region 4) ) Operation buttons Playback operations You can stream Pandora from iPod touch/iPhone, Displays the other operation button Android or BlackBerry devices. window. You can operate Pandora using the remote •...
  • Page 27 Pandora® Pandora® ❏ Selecting a station from the list Android™ • You can change the page to display more items by pressing [ • Visit Google play and search for “Pandora” to Display the list selection screen. • The indicator appears on the left of the install.
  • Page 28: Radio

    RADIO RADIO Operation buttons [S] [T] Searches for a station. Listening to the radio Displays the other operation button • The search method differs ❏ Indications and buttons on the source window. according to the selected seek • To hide the window, press [ mode.
  • Page 29: Presetting Stations

    RADIO RADIO ❏ Tuning in FM stations only with strong ❏ Setting the antenna control Presetting stations signals — Local Seek You can store the antenna automatically when the ❏ Storing stations in the memory source is changed from the radio to another source. Display the <Radio Mode>...
  • Page 30 RADIO RADIO ❏ Selecting a preset station ❏ Activating/deactivating TI/News FM Radio Data System features Standby Reception Select the band (1), then display the ❏ Searching for FM Radio Data System TI Standby Reception preset station window (2). programs—PTY Search You can search for your favorite programs being broadcast by selecting the PTY code.
  • Page 31 RADIO RADIO News Standby Reception ❏ Tracing the same program—Network- ❏ Automatic TI station seek—Auto TP Tracking Reception Seek Display the <Radio Mode> screen. (Page 29) When driving in an area where FM reception is not When traffic information station reception is poor, sufficient enough, this unit automatically tunes in to the unit automatically searches for another station another FM Radio Data System station of the same...
  • Page 32: Other External Components

    OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS Using camera • To connect a camera, see page  65. • To use a rear view camera, a REVERSE lead connection is required. (Pages 62 and 63) ❏ Settings for the camera Rear view camera setting Display the <Input>...
  • Page 33 To switch the screen between the front view On the monitor panel : camera manually camera and the rear view camera DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM • When <Front Camera> is set to [ON], the picture from the front view camera is displayed. When (Hold) <Front Camera>...
  • Page 34 OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS ❏ Using the parking guidelines on the Display the <Rear Camera> screen. (See rear view screen the far left column.) You can display parking guidelines to enable easier Display the parking guidelines adjustment parking when you shift the gear to the reverse (R) screen.
  • Page 35: Using External Audio/video Players-av-in

    OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS ❏ Changing the AV-IN name Select an AV-IN name. Using external audio/video You can change the AV-IN name displayed on the players—AV-IN “AV-IN” source control screen. Display the <VIDEO Mode> screen. When the operation buttons are not displayed on the screen, touch the area shown on the illustration.
  • Page 36: Using The External Navigation Unit

    ❏ Viewing the navigation screen On the Home screen: To exit the navigation screen On the monitor panel (only for DDX6016BT/ DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX316/DDX316M/ DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM): Press AV on the monitor panel. On the pop-up short-cut menu (Page 13): Display the pop-up short-cut menu by pressing <Guidance>...
  • Page 37: Bluetooth

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH (Only for (Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM ) ) Auto pairing Information for using Bluetooth® About mobile phones compatible with Phone When <Auto Pairing> is set to [ON], iOS devices book Access Profile (PBAP) devices (such as iPhone) are automatically paired when If your mobile phone supports PBAP, you can connected via USB.
  • Page 38 BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Pairing a Bluetooth device using a PIN code (for Change the PIN code. Select the unit (“DDX****” ) on your Bluetooth 2.0) • If you wish to skip changing the PIN code, go Bluetooth device. Display the <Bluetooth Setup> screen. to step 3.
  • Page 39 BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH ❏ Connecting/disconnecting a registered Select [ON] (to connect) or [OFF] (to • When a Bluetooth mobile phone is connected, the signal strength and battery level are displayed Bluetooth device disconnect) for the target (1), then display when the information is acquired from the device. the <Paired Device List>...
  • Page 40 BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH ❏ Ending a call ❏ Switching between handsfree mode Using a Bluetooth mobile phone and phone mode While talking... ❏ Receiving a call While talking... When a call comes in... ❏ Adjusting the volume of calls/earpiece/ • Call information is displayed if acquired. microphone Each time you press the button, the talking method •...
  • Page 41 BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH ❏ Sending text during a call ❏ Making a call * When the mobile phone is not compatible with Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP), the call history and the phone book are not You can send text during a call using the DTMF (Dual Display the phone control screen.
  • Page 42 BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH • To use the A to Z search in the phone book: • To display other phone numbers: Voice dialing When the phone book list is displayed, you can • Available only when the connected mobile phone switch between phone numbers if several phone has a voice recognition system.
  • Page 43: Using The Bluetooth Audio Player

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH ❏ Presetting phone numbers Operation buttons Using the Bluetooth audio player Displays the other operation button You can preset up to 5 phone numbers. window. Display the phone control screen. • To register a new device, see page 37. •...
  • Page 44 BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH ❏ Selecting an audio file from the menu <Device Shows the device address of the unit. Address> <Auto • ON (Initial): A connection is Connect> automatically established with the last connected Bluetooth device when the unit is turned on. Select a category (1), then a desired item •...
  • Page 45: Settings

    On the Home screen: (Bluetooth)] as the device type: Select the of iPod touch/iPhone/Android/ Android/BlackBerry device (1), then press BlackBerry (Only for DDX6016BT/ [OK] to connect (2). DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ Before using applications of iPod touch /iPhone/ Android/BlackBerry such as Pandora, select the device to use.
  • Page 46: Sound Adjustment

    SETTINGS SETTINGS Storing your own adjustments—Adjusting the Adjust the sound. Sound adjustment sound precisely ❏ Using the sound equalization Select a sound mode. (See the left column.) • The adjustments are memorized for each source Select a band and adjust the level of the until you adjust the sound again.
  • Page 47 SETTINGS SETTINGS ❏ Setting the speakers—car type, Select the speaker type (1), select the size <TW Gain (L)>/ Adjusts the output volume of <TW Gain (R)> speaker size and crossover frequency the tweeter (left/right).* of the selected speaker (2), then display <TW FREQ>...
  • Page 48 SETTINGS SETTINGS ❏ Adjusting the Digital Time Alignment Select an item to make an adjustment. Determining the value for <Position DTA> (DTA) adjustment If you specify the distance from the center of the Make fine adjustments to the delay time of currently set listening position to every speaker, the speaker output to create a more suitable the delay time will be automatically computed...
  • Page 49: Adjustment For Video Playback

    SETTINGS SETTINGS <Bright> Adjusts the brightness. (−15 Select the aspect ratio. Adjustment for video playback to +15) ❏ Adjusting the picture <Contrast> Adjusts the contrast. (−10 to +10) You can adjust the picture quality. <Black> Adjusts the blackness. (−10 to Display the picture adjustment screen.
  • Page 50: Changing The Display Design

    SETTINGS SETTINGS ❏ Zooming the picture Select a background/panel color . Changing the display design To select a background You can zoom the picture (<FULL>, <Zoom1> to You can change the background and panel color. <Zoom3>). Display the <User Customize> screen. •...
  • Page 51: Customizing The Home Screen

    SETTINGS SETTINGS ❏ Making your own color adjustment Display the image adjustment screen. Customizing the Home screen Select [Panel Color] on the <User You can arrange the items to display on the Home Customize> screen. (Page 50) screen. Display the <HOME Customize> screen. On the Home screen: •...
  • Page 52: Customizing The System Settings

    SETTINGS SETTINGS ❏ Updating the system Select an operation. Customizing the system settings You can update the system by connecting a USB ❏ Memorizing/recalling the settings device containing an update file. • You can memorize the settings changed in the •...
  • Page 53 SETTINGS SETTINGS ❏ Adjusting the touch position Touch the center of the marks at the upper left (1), the lower center (2), then the You can adjust the touch position on the touch panel if the position touched and the operation upper right (3) as instructed.
  • Page 54: Setting Menu Items

    • To clear the adjustment, press [Center]. system. Select the enhance level. – OFF (Initial)/Small/Medium/Large <Speaker/X’over> * Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ • Supreme * : Restores the sound lost due to audio Select the car type/speaker size and adjust the DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM.
  • Page 55 “Please Power Off” appears when the setting is changed. Turn off • ON: Displays the clock while a video source is the power, then turn on to enable the change. playing. Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM . • OFF (Initial): Cancels. <Demonstration> • ON (Initial): Activates the demonstration on the screen.
  • Page 56 “Please Power Off” appears when the setting is changed. Turn off Adjust the clock time. (Page 5 ) the power, then turn on to enable the change. <iPod Setup> Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ Specify the connection method of iPod/iPhone. DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM. (Page 23) Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ <APP Setup>*...
  • Page 57: Remote Controller

    “AUD Use two “AAA”/”R03”-size batteries. mode”. DDX6016BT Region 3/DDX6016BT Region 5/ Insert the batteries with the + and – poles aligned • When controlling a player that is not integrated in DDX6016BTM/DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/DDX316/ properly, following the illustration inside the case.
  • Page 58 REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER ❏ DVD/VCD (DVD mode) ❏ Music Disc/Audio file/Video file/Picture ❏ iPod/Android (AUD mode) file (AUD mode) Moves the cursor when displaying a Selects music/videos. J/K/H/I menu. AM –/FM + Selects a folder. Starts/pauses playback. Selects a track. Selects a track/file.
  • Page 59 REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER Display the <Steering Remote Control • The unit can register/change all of the buttons’ Using the steering remote functions at the same time. To do this, press each Setting> screen. controller button in turn and after pressing all of them, •...
  • Page 60: Connection/installation

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Before installing the unit V CAUTION V WARNING V Precautions on installation and connection · ª ·...
  • Page 61: Installing The Unit

    ❏ Installing the unit using the mounting · bracket removed from the car 4 or 5 Car Bracket Only for DDX6016BT Region 4/DDX4016BT. 4 or 5 Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM. ❏ Installing the trim plate (Only for DDX6016BT Region 4/DDX4016BT) ·...
  • Page 62 CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Connection ❏ Connecting wires to terminals (for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/DDX316/DDX316M) Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ USB terminal (1.0 m): See page 64. DDX416BTM. See page 65. If no connections are made, do not let the cable come out from the 10 A fuse tab. See page 65.
  • Page 63 CONNECTION/INSTALLATION ❏ Connecting wires to terminals for Toyota Cars (for DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM) Connector D USB terminal (1.0 m): See page 64. See page 65. 10 A fuse See page 65. See page 65. FRONT VIEW CAMERA See page 65. Purple with white stripe (Reverse sensor wire) Light green (Parking sensor wire) Blue with white stripe (Power control wire)
  • Page 64 CONNECTION/INSTALLATION ❏ Connecting a USB device ❏ Connecting an Android device ❏ Connecting iPod/iPhone USB device* Android device (commercially iPod/iPhone (Lightning iPod/iPhone (30-pin (commercially available) available) connector models) connector models) (commercially available) (commercially available) KCA-iP103 (optional 1.0 m accessory) USB 2.0 cable 0.8 m (commercially available) KCA-iP102 (optional...
  • Page 65 CONNECTION/INSTALLATION ❏ Connecting microphone for Bluetooth ❏ Connecting external components (only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/ DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/DDX416BTM/ DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM) When connecting the component to play on “AV-IN”, use the Audio and Video cable CA-C3AV (optional accessory). When connecting the external amplifier, connect its ground wire to the chassis of the car;...
  • Page 66: References

    REFERENCES ❏ To keep discs clean Maintenance More information Dirty discs may not play correctly. ❏ Caution on cleaning the unit ❏ If a disc does become dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth Playing DivX files Do not use any solvent (for example, thinner, in a straight line from the center to the edge.
  • Page 67 DVD Region code: This unit can play back files with the extension conditions below: For DDX6016BT/DDX416BT/DDX316/DDX616WBT: 3/4/5 (depending code <.mp3>, <.wma>, <.wav> or <.m4a> – Picture size: 32 x 32 to 1 232 x 672 resolution on the country and sales area) (regardless of the letter case—upper/lower).
  • Page 68 REFERENCES Unplayable discs ❏ About data stored in the connected The maximum number of characters (when the Unplayable disc types and formats are as follows: characters are 1 byte): USB device/iPod/iPhone/Android/ – DVD-Audio/DVD-ROM discs – Folder names: 50 characters BlackBerry –...
  • Page 69 • When operating an iPod/iPhone, some operations Bashkir Interlingua Burmese Telugu may not be performed correctly or as intended. In Byelorussian Interlingue Nauru Tajik this case, visit the following KENWOOD web site: Bulgarian Inupiak Nepali Thai <> Bihari Indonesian Norwegian Tigrinya •...
  • Page 70: Error Message List

    REFERENCES REFERENCES “Connection Error”: “Please check device.”: Error message list • The device is registered but the connection has • The Pandora application on your iPod touch/ failed. Connect the registered device. (Page 39) iPhone/Android/BlackBerry is not started up. If an error occurs while using the unit, a message •...
  • Page 71: Troubleshooting

    • Record the tracks using a compatible application on the appropriate discs. (Page 67) • Replace the battery. • Add appropriate extension codes to the file * For DDX6016BT Region 4/DDX4016BT/DDX616WBT Region 4: names. Purchase KNA-RCDV331 separately. Tracks on the Recordable/Rewritable discs are not played back as you have intended them to play.
  • Page 72 [BROWSE MODE]. track containing artwork. “Reading” does not disappear from the screen. • Make sure KENWOOD Music Play APP is installed • Operate the unit after the artwork has loaded. • Turn the power off and on again. on the Android device.
  • Page 73: Specifications

    TFT active matrix system target device. If the PIN code of the device is not * Only for DDX6016BT Region4/DDX4016BT/DDX616WBT Region 4. Number of Pixels 1 152 000 (800H × 480V × RGB) indicated in its instructions, try “0000” or “1234.”...
  • Page 74: Bluetooth Section

    PBAP (Phonebook Access Profile) Position Front/Rear/Subwoofer Delay SDP (Service Discovery Profile) 0 cm to 610 cm ( 2.0 cm Step) SPP (Serial Port Profile) 1.2 Gain –8 dB to 0 dB * Only for DDX6016BT/DDX6016BTM/DDX4016BT/DDX416BT/ Subwoofer Level –50 dB to +10 dB DDX416BTM/DDX616WBT/DDX616WBTM.
  • Page 75 REFERENCES ❏ FM radio section ❏ AM radio section (only for DDX6016BT ❏ General Region3/DDX6016BT Region 4/ Frequency Range (50 kHz) Operating Voltage DDX4016BT/DDX416BT Region 3/ 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz 14.4 V (10.5 V to 16 V allowable) DDX316/DDX616WBT Region 3/...
  • Page 76 Bluetooth SIG, Laboratories. OBTAINED FROM A VIDEO PROVIDER LICENSED Inc. and any use of such marks by JVC KENWOOD • Microsoft and Windows Media are either registered BY MPEG LA TO PROVIDE MPEG-4 VIDEO. NO Corporation is under license. Other trademarks...

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