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Hitachi NC-5610 Instructions Manual page 7

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The potential level and "vibration ON/OFF" immediately before an automatic stop or
turning "OFF" the power switch are stored in the memory.
Select the level suitable for your skin (at a level where you do not feel a tingling
Use at [1] is recommended for people who use this product for the first time and who
have sensitive skin or sense something wrong.
4. Hold the main body by hand touching the side plate on either side. (Fig. 11)
Dirt on skin cannot be removed if the side plate of the main body is not touched by
★ Always hold the main body with your hand touching the side plate either on the
right or left side.
5. Lightly apply the cotton puff on skin and move it slowly.
Use the product for 3 minutes at maximum.
An automatic stop is made when 3 minutes have elapsed after the switch is turned on.
Do not keep the cotton puff on one part of your skin but always
keep it in motion. (Cause of skin trouble or poor physical condition)
Lightly apply it and slowly move as if sliding from the inside to the outside. (Fig. 12)
If the moisture in the cotton puff becomes insufficient or if it is hard to slide, replenish
the toner.
Do not use it on the same part of skin for more than 10 seconds.
★ If you feel a slight current stimulation (a tingling sensation) during use, replenish the
If you still feel a tingling sensation after replenishing the toner, press the select
button and lower the level.
Do not touch the operation panel on the rear side during use.
(The switch may turn off or the potential level or vibration may change over.)
6. An automatic stop is made when 3 minutes have elapsed after the switch is turned on.
When the sound cannot be heard, this means automatic stop has been made.
7. Open the cover and remove the cotton puff. (Fig. 13)
Do not open the cover more than 90 degrees.
(Cause of detachment of the cover or breakage of the joint)
Remove the cotton puff after use. Wipe away the toner attached to the main body
such as the head and the cover with tissue paper, etc.
★Avoid continuous use because it will strain the skin and cause skin trouble.
★Dispose of the cotton puff once it is used, and do not use it again.
(Cause of skin trouble)
★Always wipe away the toner attached to the main body.
(toner will get inside the main body and cause a malfunction.)
After use, take care of your skin with toner, milky lotion, etc., as usual.
How to attach the cover when it comes off.
Align the pins of the cover with the grooves in the main body, and push it in. (Fig. 14)
Fix the holes in the cover pins to the protrusions of the grooves.
How to use with AC
Never use this product in places splashed with water or in damp
places, such as in a bathroom.
(Cause of an electric shock or short circuit)
1. Connect the charger to the main body and outlet.
Use according to "How to use."
The charge lamp stays out during operation.
2. Make sure to pull out the charger from the outlet and the main body.
Care for the main body
Wipe dirt on the main body with a cloth moistened with water and firmly squeezed.
Do not wash the main body with water. And, do not soak in water
or splash water on it. (Cause of a failure)
Make sure to turn OFF the power switch. (Improperly turning on the
switch may cause irritation or a malfunction or short circuit.)
★Do not use alcohol, benzine, or thinner.
(Cause of deformation or discoloration)
How to preserve
Close the cover and preserve in an area with little humidity and dust.
Do not leave this product in places splashed with water or in damp
places, such as in a bathroom. (Cause of a short circuit or failure)
Do not tie the cord of the charger, or wind the cord around
the charger.
(If the cord breaks, a short circuit or disconnection may occur.)
★Do not leave this product in areas exposed to direct sunlight
(inside of a vehicle, etc.) or near heaters.
(Cause of deformation or discoloration)



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