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Before Use; How To Use - Hitachi NC-5610 Instructions Manual

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Preparation before use
How to charge
Since this product is not fully charged initially, charge before the first use.
Make sure to use 100-240V AC and use the attached charger.
Do not insert or remove the power plug in/from an electric outlet
with wet hands. (Cause of an electric shock or short circuit)
Never use this product in places splashed with water or in damp places,
such as in a bathroom. (Cause of an electric shock or short circuit)
1. Turn off the power switch, and connect the charger to the main body and electric
outlet. (Fig. 3)
Charge lamp This lamp: lights in red during charge,
and turns off after completion of charge.
If the device plug of the charger is pushed in with force, or unnecessarily
slanted, the main body socket may break.
2. After the standard charging time (5 hours) has elapsed, pull out the charger from
the electric outlet and the main body. (Fig. 4)
During charge, the main body and the charger may become slightly hot, but
this is not an abnormality.
The standard charging time is 5 hours.
With one charge, this product can be used for about one month (when used for about
3 minutes per day).
(Depending on the level of care and the operating conditions, such that the ambient
temperature is low, the number of operating times may decrease.)
Time to charge
While the power switch is "ON"
If the charge lamp flashes and a warning sound is given, it is a signal to indicate
recharging. Charge as soon as possible. (Fig. 5)
In order to make full use of battery performance, observe the following.
(1) If you have not used this device for three months or longer, or charge it for every
use, the number of operating times may decrease even if you fully charge at
the next time. [This is due to deactivation of the batteries (slowdown in charge
reaction) and memory effect.]
How to activate the batteries
Use the batteries until a recharge sound is given.
Turn off the power switch and wait for 5 hours.
After pulling out the power plug from the electric outlet, plug in again and
charge for 5 hours.
a few times, and the batteries will be activated.
(2) For the first use:
If the number of operating times is less even after the batteries are charged for
5 hours, charge according to the above method to activate the batteries.
(3) Charge the batteries at an ambient temperature in the range of 5℃ to 35℃.

Before use

When sensing anything unusual with your skin or body during
use, immediately stop using this product and consult a
dermatologist. (Cause of an accident or poor physical condition)
Remove accessories and contact lenses.
(Cause of skin trouble or poor physical condition)
Use this product for skin care within 3 minutes once a day.
★ Do not use this product for more than 3 minutes continuously; otherwise it may cause
skin trouble.
1. Wash your face to remove dirt and make skin clean.
Use this product on bare skin without makeup.
2. Attach a cosmetic cotton puff to the main body.
(1) Open the cover and remove the protective cap. (Fig. 6)
Do not open the cover more than 90 degrees.
(Cause of detachment of the cover or breakage of the joint)
(2) Attach a cotton puff on the head and close the cover. (Fig. 7)
Set the cotton puff with care so that it does not slip the head. (Fig. 8)
(3) Firmly press the cover and fix the cotton puff. (Fig. 9)
Request Use a commercially available cosmetic cotton puff.
However, a small cotton puff, 5 cm or less on a side, may not be attachable.

How to use

Do not use this product around eyes and ears.
(Cause of an accident or poor physical condition)
Never use this product when your skin is injured or damaged.
(Cause of skin trouble or pain)
1. Apply toner on the cotton puff.
Use your regular toner or wiping toner with an exfoliating effect.
(Do not use a milky lotion or gel.)
Apply it until it seeps through the cotton puff to the rear side.
(Until the head can be seen through)
Some toners (made only of mineral spring water or water, etc.) may not show
effects sufficiently.
2. Press the power switch on the operation panel on the rear side of the main body. (Fig. 10)
An operating sound can be heard, the level indication lamp flashes, the vibration lamp
lights, and then the head vibrates.
When the vibration button is pressed, the vibration lamp goes out, and vibration
ON/OFF is switched.
3. Select the potential level by the select button on the operation panel.
A four-stage potential level can be selected from [1] to [4]. (After [4], [1] follows.)
The indication lamp of the selected level flashes, and the lower-level lamps lights.
90 degrees
Cotton puff



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