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Hitachi NC-5610 Instructions Manual page 5

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Never insert or remove the power plug in/from the outlet with wet hands.
(Cause of a failure or short circuit)
Use with wet
hands prohibited
Never wash this product with water.
And, never soak in water or splash water on this product.
(Cause of a failure or short circuit)
Use prohibited
Never use, charge or leave this product in places splashed with water or in
in wet areas
damp places, such as in a bathroom. (Cause of a failure or short circuit)
Never modify this product. Only a qualified technician may make repairs.
(Cause of a fire, electric shock, injury, or failure)
Check the head for any damage or deformation before use.
(Cause of skin damage)
Never use this product together with other beauty treatment devices at the
same time. (Cause of a failure or trouble)
Never use this product if there is some injury or wound to your skin.
(Cause of skin trouble or pain)
Do not drop this product, or give it a strong impact.
(Cause of injury or a failure)
Do not wipe with benzine, thinner or alcohol, and do not spray insecticide.
(Cause of cracking, an electric shock, or ignition)
Use only the attached charger. And, do not charge any other product
with the attached charger. (Possibility of an electric shock or ignition)
Remove accessories such as earrings and necklaces, and contact lenses for
use. (Cause of an accident or trouble)
If there is any severe skin disorder or irregularity on your skin surface, or due
Make sure
to downy hair, you may feel strong irritation in rare instances. In this case,
avoid using this product on that region. (Cause of an accident or trouble)
Do not keep the cotton puff on one part of your skin but always keep it in
motion. (Cause of skin trouble or poor physical condition)
Pull out the power plug and device plug without holding the cord.
(Cause of disconnection, an electric shock, short circuit, or ignition)
Make sure to pull out the power plug from the outlet unless used.
(Cause of an electric shock or fire by deterioration)
Names of parts and their functions (Fig.1)
Protective cap
For protection during transportation.
Make sure to remove protective cap
before use.
Keeps the cotton puff set on the head.
Main body socket
Set a cotton puff.
Batteries (built-in)
Two nickel-hydrogen batteries
Side plate
There is no effect unless either of
the right or left plate is touched.
Main body
Rear side
<Operation panel>
Level indication lamp (Orange)
This lamp flashes/lights in 4 stages
according to the potential level.
"LEVEL" Select button
Every time this button is pressed,
the potential "LEVEL" changes over.
What is ion cleansing?
By using the properties of electricity, dirt that is hard to remove by normal face washing
is drawn out from pores. Dirt in the air, dead skin cells, sebum, makeup components, etc.
Negatively charged fine dirt is drawn out by making the cleansing device side into a
positive potential. (Fig.2)
Positive potential
Negative potential
Image view
★Makeup cannot be removed.
About the memory function
This device is equipped with a memory function for storing the potential level
(1 - 4) and vibration ON/OFF in the memory.
The potential level (1 - 4) and vibration ON/OFF immediately before an automatic stop
or turning off the switch are stored in the memory.
The settings can be changed by button selection during use.
If the batteries weaken, the memory function may be reset.
Power switch ("
When this switch is pressed, it turns "ON"
and the indication lamp of the level stored
in the memory flashes. When this switch is
pressed again, it turns "OFF."
After an elapse of three minutes,
an automatic stop will be made.
Vibration button ("
Switches the ON-OFF state of vibration.
Charge lamp (Red)
This lamp:
lights during charge, turns off after
completion of charge, stays out during
operation, and flashes to indicate recharge.
Vibration lamp (Green)
This lamp lights when vibration is ON.
Charger (Model: KH-182B)
Power plug
Insert completely.
Device plug
Horny layer of skin



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